A Rare Judicial Choice in Westchester: Melissa A. Loehr For Westchester County Court

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Judge Melissa A. Loehr

YONKERS, NY — May 6, 2019 — For the first time in a long time, Democratic voters in Westchester County will get the chance to choose the next nominee for county judge.

Judge Melissa  A. Loehr announced that supported by over 4000 signatures of Democratic voters filed with the Board of Elections, she is a candidate to represent the Democratic Party in the Primary Election  on June 25th.  Loehr, a lifelong active Democrat, is the first woman to serve on the Peekskill City Court. She is a trial lawyer with 19 years of experience in the New York City Criminal Courts and is well qualified by training and experience to preside at Westchester County Court.

The mother of four, native of Yonkers, and resident of Peekskill is proud to present her credentials at this important moment.

“I look forward to the Democratic voters of Westchester having the opportunity to choose their next County Court Judge in the June 25th Primary,” she said , “and I expect to carry the party banner in the general election this November.”

SOURCE: Lou Young, Communications Director.




eHeziA Rare Judicial Choice in Westchester: Melissa A. Loehr For Westchester County Court

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  1. The decision Melissa Lohr made to run a Primary because she was not nominated by neither her own local Peekskill Democratic committee nor the Westchester County Democratic committee speaks volumes about her lack of qualifications. Moreover her commentary to the entire Democratic Committee convention call into question her temperament, Judgement and basic understanding of the democratic process that selects Judicial candidates.
    Furthermore her campaign has broken federal election law by mailing out anonymous mailings, with no return address and no “Paid for by”- is this the type of justice we can expect? A judge who open breaks the law?
    The sheer audacity alone screams of impropriety , LACK OF JUDGMENT and basic civility. When you couple all of the aforementioned along with the conflicted interests of her father ( Judge Gerry Lohr) who is instructing his staff to twist the arms of attorneys as they leave the court house to support his daughter and hold misleading fundraisers that appear to be for him when in fact they are for his daughter. Many of the donors requested that they should receive a refund.
    To think that 2 Judges named Lohr will apparently go to any lengths to get there way is despicable and ruins whatever legacy they think they have.
    Melissa has spent a lot of time & effort bemoaning Republican party actions, and perceived ethics. Isn’t funny that she has engaged in the very same activity?
    On June 25th Vote for ANY Judicial candidate other than this pretender/charlatan and spoiled child Melissa Lohr.

  2. Many of the above comments are so fraught with bizarre inaccuracies they do not deserve a response. Judge Loehr is above reproach and her Republican hack critics in Peekskill have been swept from that political stage. She is not running against ANY other judicial candidate, she is running FOR one of the two open jobs. Her campaign has NOT engaged in negative advertising or any kind– (dissidents inside the Democratic organization seem to be dissatisfied with one of the other people on the ballot) Judge Loehr has vowed to support whoever the other Democratic nominee is, pending the decision of the Democratic voters of Westchester County. When I was a reporter I always cautioned the subjects of stories not to read the comment section because you often find yourself in strange company. If you are a rational person who has wandered down this far take that into consideration. electjudgeloehr.com #ElectJudgeLoehr

    1. Really Lou? Loehr got less than four percent of the vote at the convention and did not receive the support of her own city committee. Clearly, you are biased, as you are working on her campaign. But the truth is the truth. Yonkers City Democratic chairman Tom Meier’s email regarding her sense of entitlement was right on point. You should read it before making such a biased statement.

  3. Why did Judge Melissa Loehr not recuse herself on the case where her daughters boyfriend viciously attacked a Hispanic individual? Instead she ROR’d him and he committed another violent attack shortly there after.

  4. What do you think about Melissa Loehr releasing with no bail a defendant who robbed and brutally attacked a poor Hispanic man on his way home from work? The very next day, this same defendant attacked another Hispanic male. And all because the Judge’s daughter had a relationship with the defendant. This is NOT the type of judge who Democrats want on the County Court!







    1. They did not nominate her. Please do your research on her and don’t just vote for her because she is a woman. I’m a woman and I will not be voting for her, based upon her conduct as a Peekskill judge.

        1. The County Court actually has more women on the bench then men. County Court Judges Minihan, Capeci, Cacace and Blackwood are all women. There are two male County Court Judges (Fufidio and Zuckerman). County Court Judges should not be chosen based upon gender or politics. I am a woman and a proud feminist, but I choose who I’m voting for based upon their qualifications. Based upon what I have read about Melissa Loehr, I don’t believe she is the best candidate and I will not be voting for her.

  5. Why did Judge Melissa Loehr not recuse herself on the case where her daughters boyfriend viciously attacked a Hispanic individual? Instead she ROR’d him and he committed another violent attack very shortly there after.

    1. Your post was not accepted because your comment is unsubstantiated and you gave no proof other than your assertions that formed a basis for it being credible. Once your comment is captured by our system and placed in our SPAM folder, it remains there. If you care to substantiate your assertion, please direct your email to eHezi@hush.com It is conducted and respected as private. If it is proven credible, it will so noted. Kindly, Hezi

  6. Shouldn’t she be disqualified to be a County Court Judge based upon the fact that she and her Judge father have been violating election laws by anonymously sending out campaign hit pieces? Also, she is violating ethical rules for judicial campaigns with these mailers. She doesn’t seem like someone with the moral compass required to be a County Court Judge. Many in the Democratic Party agree with me.

  7. Is she Judge Gerald Loehr’s daughter? Still using maiden name even though she seems to be married with children??

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