BLUE TRUTH: Yonkers Pension Padding Abuse – Proof of Political Subterfuge

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The Bells Of “Extortion” and “Blackmail” Ring Their Toll In Spite of Thee Hezitorial

The Blue Truth

The Preamble: The political landscape in Yonkers has for years been strewn with one opportunist after another. The historical perspective reveals opportunists who created a platform of support among associates in support of those vying for political office. Their intention was to obtain financial gain under false pretense, that is, claiming to serve the public good, when in reality it was to serve themselves. In time, even those without sufficient support  to win election to office, realized that an option similar in capacity, was to some extent plausible in their ability to obtain that which was not earned. It was not “right” and yet was often hidden from those who paid little attention to those who held offices of governance. 

Initially, elected office seemed be, the be all and end all. It also required the heavy lifting of engaging in service to the public interest. Cognizant residents recognized over time that what was respected, and adhered to by aspirants seeking public office was morphing into self-serving interests and dismissive of the public interest. No admittance of failure was required. Public service was littered with benefits bequeathed upon their elected elite out of initial respect and adulation. In time these “benefits” were codified as “given” and complementary to a growing number of office holders. Time would transform the costs and concerns over a growing list of largesse for elected office holders with a complacent electorate weary of maintaining their contempt.

Over time, some, serving in ancillary roles to those elected, envied the clout and capacity they recognized was wielded by those elected by and over the constituents they claimed to “serve”. Juxtaposed to those holding elected office, those in ancillary roles representing “other” interests, devised passive aggressive and effective conduct and capacity to wield power and influence by engaging in “extortion” and “blackmail” of those “above their station”.

Conceptualizing the introduction above is not a stretch by any means. especially for those who recognize that reported.

Let’s review.

The Proof: The Yonkers Police Benevolent (PBA) Association, its PBA President Det. Keith Olson, and then Yonkers Police Commissioner Edmund Hartnett, since 2010, mutually agreed to cede over-time management authority from the Yonkers Police Commissioner to the PBA President. It was that very acquiescence by Hartnett to Olson that has revealed itself to be the basis for an excessive financial over-time burden that has plagued the Yonkers Police Department and the City of Yonkers  capacity to balance its yearly budget ever since. 

Last year, during an introspection and review of Mayor Mike Spano’s Proposed FY 2019-2020 Yonkers City Budget, Police Commissioner Charles Gardner informed that cost overruns and excessive pension padding abuse standards permitted before he took the helm on January 1, 2012 were going to be reduced to a maximum of 40-hours overtime every two weeks. Commissioner Gardner correctly recognized that the issue of overtime was a managerial concern. Yet Gardner fought an uphill battle that may at last mitigate the excessive abuse and pension padding schemes that had grown to 60-hours of overtime every two weeks despite his knowing it was deleterious to managerial expertise and morale. Gardner was outmaneuvered by Olson who would storm out of the PBA Office situated on the ground floor of the Cacace Justice Center, and then crossed the walkway bridge to Yonkers City Hall. He was often seen scowling in anticipation of exacting what he wanted from Mayor Mike Spano, who reluctantly capitulated to the threats of “extortion” and “blackmail”. Olson would exact a cost. He instructed YPD Officers not to give tickets to those drivers who did not abide by the law, such as traffic infractions, thereby slowing traffic needlessly and costing the city thousands in lost revenue to force Mayor Spano to his knees. Olson also threatened to withhold PBA endorsement of Mayor Spano’s re-election effort if he did not endorse returning the 60-hours of overtime per month. Pouting with disdain, Olson brought the issue to the New York State Public Employment Relations Board (PERB), which was created by the Public Employees’ Fair Employment Act of 1967, commonly referred to as the Taylor Law. PERB was intended to promote the harmonious and cooperative relationships between public employers and their represented employees by enforcing the State’s collective bargaining laws. PERB concurred with the PBA assertion that the 60-hours of overtime should be re-instated. However the reader must appreciate that PERB can, does, and may espouse their perspective and opinion, but that it need not be accepted or engaged.

When the 60-hours every two weeks overtime allowance was reduced to 40-hours maximum every two weeks above the weekly 35-hours, many senior Police Officers, mostly PBA Board of Trustees members retired in order to maintain their pension padded abuse pay. In other words their continued overtime work would have reduced their pension padding abuse effort so they chose to retire. 

The savings for having those Police Officers retire was an impetus for future Police Officers to be hired at a starting point of $78,000 per annum. Yonkers Police Officers are assigned a 35-hours work week. In other words a 140-hours per month workload. Add an additional 120-hours per month in overtime, tabulated as time-and-a-half, and the sum total of 140-hours plus the additional 120-hours overtime is equal to 260-hours per month or 66-hours a week, that is 13.2 hours every day. It is that work cycle that places Police Officers in an unhealthy physical and mental situation, creates a highly strung, sleep deprived mental capacity, and robs them of any home life. And that is why Yonkersites often speak in hushed tones when learning of Police Officers sleeping in their cars, even sleeping while standing while engaged in traffic duty assignments, and getting their sugar and coffee highs at the Dunkin Donuts.

Westchester County Police have resolved this issue. It is not in the hands of any human interference and a system that Commissioner Gardner is intentioned to adopt. It is computer generated. When overtime is recognized to be necessary the computer will call the officer next eligible to work overtime. The computer system informs the Police Officer that they have a small window of opportunity to respond to their being able to accept the overtime assignment. If they do not return the call within 3 hours, their name drops to the bottom of the list and the process continues until the number of OT assignments are allocated. No one can insinuate their overriding the system by doing any officer a favor for whatever reason. It is automated and unadulterated by human intervention. It permits equal access to every Police Officer and avoids the abusive pension padding accumulation of OT to benefits the PBA Board of Trustees members who were most often the predominant recipients of OT. 

When the Mayor’s FY 2018-2019 Budget was approved the 60-hours every two-weeks OT allocation was reduced to 40-hours every two-week’s in OT for the “chosen” mostly PBA Board of Trustees members were earning in excess of $150,000 per annum, $200,000 per annum, some as high as $300,00 per annum salary. Half of the sums noted would be their padded pension. So when 60-hours every two weeks was reduced to 40-hours every two weeks, many Police Officers chose to retire.

With no OT available specifically designated for the chosen few, expect many to retire. With less PBA Board of Directors employed and the beneficiaries of OT, guided as they were for almost a decade by PBA Pres. Det Olson,  Olson’s capacity to passive / aggressive “extortion” and/or “blackmail” of Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano will cease. 

The pension padding abuse that was engaged by Olson and tolerated by Mayor Spano cost the taxpayer plenty because of the specific bloated OT abuse practice.

One should not forget that for the last 20 years, perhaps even as far back as 30 years the Yonkers Police Department has maintained a consistent staff of 485 Police Officers. By managing overtime using the Westchester County Police computer system Commissioner Gardner will be able to increase the Yonker Police Department by 150 to 200 Police Officers without the exorbitant and outrageous sums accrued by insiders who commanded so much OT that fell on the back of the taxpayer. From FY2020-2021 the Yonkers taxpayer will be relieved of the “extortion” / “blackmail” and those of the officers who were permitted to and facilitated to engage in pension padding.

This assault on the Yonkers taxpayer speaks to the OT pension padding abuse that was instituted by maligning a system was sustained without the taxpayer fully understanding why the City of Yonkers was consistently in need of financial support.

The Yonkers Tribune has learned from people with knowledge who inform us that Mayor Mike Spano was rightfully insulted by Olson’s threat to deny Mayor Spano the PBA endorsement this election cycle.

The Takeaway: It is high time Yonkers City Hall learn to govern with transparency. If they cannot do so, they should step down from seeking another term. For Mayor Mike Spano to maintain his silence regarding Olson’s threat reveals that Olson must be dismissed, that he has been arrogantly biased and irresponsible in carrying out his responsibilities to the entire membership, and has been an insult to the elected Mayor of Yonkers, and financially irresponsible to the entire PBA membership on issues other than those mentioned herein.

Likewise, Yonkers City Hall must learn to celebrate that which is worthy of celebration. When the City of Yonkers has something worthy to celebrate why share it only among the select few? Where is the logic in that? Above all it is arrogant and dismissive and must end. 

It is high time Yonkers City Hall contend with informing the Public the issues in all their complexity. Serving the Public interest trumps serving a renegade like Olson. The benefits he has accrued are outrageous and have cost the taxpayer plenty. When will Olson be dismissed? 

eHeziBLUE TRUTH: Yonkers Pension Padding Abuse – Proof of Political Subterfuge

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  1. Pension padding isn’t enough! Now the Spano Enterprise is going to stuff the police Dept with family members that couldn’t handle actually passing the physical or that can’t seem to find jobs because they get fired for stealing and then get to lie on their paperwork since it’s their uncle doing the background checks! Steroid abuse, burglary investigations in multiple municipalities have no bearing when it’s the mayor’s family getting a badge and a gun!! How is the mayor’s going to handle all the lawsuits from people that got disqualified for not disclosing details in their background when it comes out his nephews barely filled out their packets! How many MOS’s are gonna flip when they realize a guy they had under investigation for multiple robberies in sleepy hollow and Tarrytown is now a fellow officer? Thanks for giving all your trash to the YPD sir!

    1. Very harsh accusations to make, I’m sure they are vetted the same as any other candidate would be. Regardless of their name

      Must be a spano hater who couldn’t pass the test.

      1. If you fraudulently fail to disclose the last 6 employers on your application because you were fired for stealing, then it would be easier to be vetted as long as the person doing the vetting is instructed by the mayor and his detective brother that runs the unit doing the background checks then it all works out! I’m sure he will fit right in with Keith and his PBA cronies, after all I’m sure Keith will get something for helping push the nephews thru

  2. the bottom line is simple…no government employee of any type police fire or any one else should be able to retire at the taxpayers expense on a multiple of his salary because of the practice of counting overtime in the last three years toward the computation of the pension…This is not rocket science..the practice is legalized theft and it’s been going on in Yonkers for a long long time….It has to stop

  3. If it is as bad as Blue Truth says.
    Where is the City of Yonkers, The State of New York, or The Federal Government ?
    How come there is no oversight if it is pay to play corruption ?
    Basically ;
    ” Whose Policing the Police ?”
    Something has got to be extremely wrong here.

  4. Question you must be obsessed with him. No need, but at least he doesn’t threaten, punch and set up others like Keith Olson and his boys did. Need proof? Ask around or do some reading. So if anyone wants to befriend ANY department or show respect or support don’t be a hater like that bully Yonkers PBA President that did more damage to the image of the Yonkers Police Department than your obsession with anyone who wants to show they care.

    Maybe you would like it better if the Yonkers PBA President and his swearing trustees can target you, your friends and family.

    Go get educated and take that large union rat 12th grader with you. Just don’t turn your back on him.

    1. There are more respectable cops at his functions than the ones that show up at Olson’s monthly small meetings. I don’t think Khader took the ride with Olson when he went to Greenburgh or didn’t see him cut a deal for himself and his family with the 207c Olson contract.

  5. Honest question: Can someone tell me why John K. is constantly sucking off YPD? And does YPD actually take that guy seriously?

    Sure, support the force, but coming from John Khader, it seems super fake. Makes me think he has something to hide. (He does.)

  6. One thing is for certain Keith Olson, Brian Moran & John Mueller are all Public figures that targeted civilians and threatened and set up other CLSA and PBA members. Now if that wasn’t enough, they all have the same Yonkers PBA Lawyer Andrew Quinn. Now is that not colluding?

    1. Post

      When did John K defeat Nick? And even if he did, how is he going to defeat Mayor Mike? P.S. I have noticed your using the word “P***k” before. It would be wiser to tell it like it is rather than timidly berate without explanation. And your previous comment, using the same language, that is how I know it is you, please don’t even suggest that you are not who you claim you are. Kindly, Hezi

    2. When exactly did john beat Nicky. And how exactly will he beat mike. Lol.

      His own brother is even keeping his distance from him. Shows you what a liability he is!!! Legend in his own limo lololollol

  7. Nick is there anyway you can get me into the Traffic Unit like you did for the other union trustees?
    Thanks Nick then we don’t need a Police Commissioner. P.S. I will ask Keith Olson to increase your lobbying fee! Lol

    1. Nick can you ask Lenny if I could get a spot in traffic Narcotics. I will get Olson to donate another 30, ooo.
      Anonymous PBA board member

  8. heard from the grapevines that nick the prick spano wants to make the Joker next commish??? really nick multiple lawsuits,beer bash at his pct,aiding and abetting illegal,criminal activities with KO the rat you really think this is what the department needs now????i got news for you DOJ is in receipt of a few complaints filed against them think twice you dumb ass your brother is not yet convicted like you……………

    1. Hey Johnnylimo accept the fact that John Mueller is going to be the next Police Commissioner, bashing the spano’s won’t help.

      1. hahaha in your wildest dreams that will be the spanos political obituary,for every action there will be a reaction ………..

        this aint johnnlimo even though he is a friend of mine.

      2. lil G stop thinking every comment is johnnielimo you know 75% of the job hates you cause you lick the rats balls,another reason why you dropped out when you wanted to run against him you had zero support……lol

    2. Don’t know why Mike Spano’s is running again for Mayor since he is just a puppet for Nick. Nick and his brothers have been dressing Mike since he got in. Must be more money than the Olson cash cow.
      The Spano’s need to keep Mike or they will lose a lot of cash and deals besides getting their friends and family jobs, jobs, and jobs.
      Now we know why Nick hangs around the likes of that singing beer drinking fool Mueller and that cheese eating large union rat Keith , who do you want me to target now Olson.
      Higher taxes, more Spanos, failing school district, and a questionable police department. Now if you want a more dysfunctional PD just add the two men that have been backstabbing real professionals like Gardner for years. Imagine Mueller and Olson making up their own rules like Neil Vera and others.

    3. Yeah, only in Yonkers can a dirtbag like Jonny Mumbles make it. The Spano Bros. Incorporated are an insult to the people of color in the City. Mike Spano won’t get the same numbers he received in 2012. As for the Mayor’s brothers making a nut job like Mueller, go ahead if you want to make the thug who threw a beer festival in the precinct the next PC. Don’t blame anyone for a nut job who enticed another to fire his weapon indoors and a nut who was behind Olson’s treacherous ways.

      Yup, the Spano’s need someone to thwart investigations and target the community with frivolous arrests. Mueller was watching as his fat farm friend wrote parking summons against a stand up community person. So I say give that nut job the job but when the Feds come please have them bring lollipops. He doesn’t like windows anymore.

  9. Just heard that the Union President KO is on the Committee for that overtime fiend Marvin Oakley’s retirement bash. Give the family man a pen so he can sign another petition against another member.
    Another Yonkers PBA union trustee who got preference. Just a loser like his friend Olson.

  10. If the Yonkers Police Pad their pensions. Which i believe is illegal.
    What about the rest of the civil service jobs in Yonkers ?
    I hear the Yonkers Fire has their own games.
    Then the D.P.W gamester’s for sure.
    Hezi, please see what you can dig up.
    It has to be similar .
    I bet you the Y.F.D is part of this rip off !
    Same pension system as Police

  11. We also remember when Mueller the Joker was handing out overtime like Hotcakes. The PC wanted Mueller transfered then but the fat man sprung into action. He started an online petition, send out uniform members to go to business and urged everyone and the sun to call the Spano Clan. He also told his members not to write summons that would give the City money. That cost the City Hundreds of Thousands. So does the PC get blame for that too !

    1. It was the Joker Mueller who started the Hot Spots Initiative generating members of the department to make arrests on overtime in certain areas. Now they want to whisper to the Spano Clan that it was the PC. The main issue is that the Yonkers Duo Mueller and Olson have their sled dogs to feed and if you’re not a lying husky, your not pulling in on the overtime.

  12. Nice try but your post really sounds like a rat that got caught in a trap. So answer this Mr. NYS, Olson’s Union trustees got to work (traffic overtime) for 3-6 years, and no 32-year veterans like Ken Davis who put in for it, ever got to do his 3 year build. Mike Spano is to blame because he would bounce the fat man on his lap and as soon as the PC tried to make changes KO went to the Mayor to change it the the Friends and family gang of insiders. So KO, or whoever you are, go tell your story walking and pop a nipple in your mouth you storyteller. Go check. Pull all of the PBA trustees’ salaries. It sure was like watching prisoners.

    1. Hey you forgot they worked traffic at 60 hours biweekly. Where was the prisoners in the back seat while they were sleeping?

      1. Not talking about unforeseen circumstances and not talking about unforeseen random uniform officers getting emergency overtime. We are pointing out the abuse of the union officials who got preference because they were Olson’s mouth breathers. Who would say and do anything for their “ so called union”. Neil Vera said and did anything for the Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson.

  13. The only problem I have with this entire editorial is the fact that the police department does not spread the overtime around to the entire force, they give most of the overtime to a select chosen few. That is the shame of what’s going on. As far as the overtime itself, someone has to work it Mr. Hezi. It’s not made up overtime, it’s actual hours that someone has to be there directing traffic at construction site projects that last for weeks or months, filling in for officers that are out injured, filling in for officers taking their duly earned and deserved vacations, watching prisoners in hospitals like Jacobi or Medical Center in Valhalla, working to cover special events like parades, testifying in court when the court orders them by subpoena to come in on their day they are supposed to be off, etc, etc, etc. These are all tasks that have to be done no matter what. In a city this huge with only 400 or so actual officers not including the supervisors, it’s no wonder that these mandatory tasks would incur overtime. In a city this size the force should be double what it is now, that would cut down on overtime for sure. Until then, someone has to fill in and work the overtime.

    As far as the “pension padding” allegation inferred; I’m sure you know that all police officers are part of the NYS Police Retirement system, there is no Yonkers or Town or Village Retirement system, it’s NYS. The NYS Police Retirement system is funded by all Municipalities in the state, contributions are made into each officers pension for every year of service, most Municipalities take the contributions right out from their bi-weekly checks. Officers earn their pensions after 20 years of service/contributions; that is now changed to a minimum 25 years of service. The contributions into the NYS Retirement system are invested throughout the officers 25 to 40 year career and as such, generates much more funds into the system. Do you know that there is a huge surplus in the NYS Police Retirement system right now? Please fact check this for yourself. Officers work on average between 25 to 40 years to earn a pension and retire, and get this… most of them only live long enough to enjoy a small fraction of what was put into the retirement system. So the fact is that the alleged pension padding does not effect the tax payer in any way at all. Police pensions are paid for strictly from the pension fund that they themselves worked many years for, the money in the fund has been handled properly by the Comptroller, it gets invested and earns hundreds of millions of dollars from investments not tax payers.

    The Anti-police notion that somehow officers are fleecing the system is simply not true. For the work they do risking their lives for 25 to 40 years keeping us all safe, the least we could do is let them enjoy their retirement that they’ve earned. Especially since the contributions into the Retirement system throughout their 20 to 40 year careers has accumulated more interest and returns than they will ever receive after they retire, it’s a simple mathematical fact. Let’s stop demonizing the men and women that keep us safe.

    As stated in my first line above, the only real issue here is the way the overtime is given to some and not others.

    May God Bless us all,

    Brother in Blue

    1. Post

      With all due respect “Brother in Blue”, the only issue to which I wrote is about the select PBA board of Trustees being given preference beyond their fellow brothers in blue with respect to overtime when it was necessary. That is, therefore that everyone get the opportunity to participate in getting an overtime assignment, as opposed to people not getting equal access when it is necessary to engage officers in police work.

      Pension padding is as it was described as the “chosen few” get the OT to the most often excluded others on the force who are not regarded as “insiders”. Offering OT to some is pension padding and it is a formula intentioned win loyalty from some, ripping off the system by having “special” officers permitted OT for years, thereby allowing them to retire having earned 200,000 to 300,000 per annum and getting ½ of that as their pension. Who are they to get all this overtime. While it may have gone on as “abuse” and permitted as such all these years, it is what it is. It will be found “illegal” conduct and it may likely be clawed back as not to be permitted to be counted toward one’s pension when disbursed as it has in CoY. It is coming down the pike sooner than you can even imagine. It is time to correct this scam on the New York State taxpayer. The bill will come due even though suggest all is on the up and up. If you are a “Brother in Blue” then you must recognize it is not. And please do not even suggest that anyone, including me, would demonize the Yonkers Police Department in any way. I have called a spade a spade, that is not demonizing the YPD. Kindly, Hezi

    2. Brother in Blue-your first two paragraphs were excellent-you ruined the whole thing with your worn-out rhetoric in the last paragraph.

    3. Why do we use cops to direct traffic at construction sites? Most other municipalities have the construction companies provide their own traffic control personnel. Why only in yonkers?

  14. the practice of permitting 80,000 a year public service employees to enhance their pensions by allowing overtime in the last three years to be counted toward the computation of the final pension is legalized theft of taxpayer money….And to make matters worse the younger members of the force would regularly throw their overtime to those senior members about to retire for the sole purpose of getting the last three years salary as high as possible with the full expectation that when they were in the same position they would similarly benefit…In order to collect 150,000 a year in interest income one would have to have saved in excesss of three million dollars at 4% per year in a safe investment. There is simply no way to justify that kind of payout for employees of any police fire or any other municipal department

    1. Great point, according to this story it seems that the Yonkers PBA Union Trustes suck up the available overtime specially getting preference over any other uniform personnel. Olson used his position to endure control of his trustees who in turn carried out his orders.
      For the purposes of the Yonkers PBA an in-depth investigation will no doubt prove that the Olsonettes walked away with padded pensions giving other cops crumbs. Welcome to Yonkers

  15. Welcome to Generation Yonkers where your high rise is only minutes from an overnight homicide and you can cop any type of drug you want just within walking distance to your lobby. Now if that’s not enough, don’t expect any help from the PD because they are exhausted from all that overtime padding.

    1. 2500 to 3500 a month to have the privlage of paying some chink in the peoples republic of china to live in getty square in an apt with no tax deduction and no equity growth. ask yourself the honest question , would I be comfortable with my wife walking down main st at bueana vista ave 10 pm a because she worked late and now has to navigate the homeless vagrants and general filth of the neighborhood ? they must be some really good drugs their selling there. after the big party is the big hangover in ten years when the sheen of those freshly minted buildings fades one giant Jackie robinson just like on trashburton ave. section 8 to follow

        1. Post

          Interesting response that is intention to substantiate anything but cast aspersions using the term “bigot”. How so? You are simply an empty suit playing a game intended to demonize. Your grade is “f” for failure. Kindly, Hezi

          1. No, I disagree Hezi. “Paying some chink” is now respectable? The gist of his argument wasn’t what I was driving at…that’s why I asked if he needed to be told…chink? Really?

          2. Post

            I don’t comprehend the meaning behind, “Paying some chink”. Is that an insult intended to diminish people of Oriental descent? I don’t how those two issues intertwine. Either way, You fully understand what I wrote and how the system apportion overtime in a fair and equitable manner was not permitted. It kept every one from having the opportunity to get OT when there was a need to personnel, and was used to pad the earnings of people who were approaching retirement age and gave nothing or very little to everyone else. Give it time and reality will eventually set it. You will then recognize there is nothing to disagree about. Kindly, Hezi.

          3. Hezi, regarding your question of “paying some chink”….yes, it insults Asian people…and also others, including me, are offended. That was why I made my comment. On this issue of pension padding, I believe you are quite accurate in your assessment of what goes on.

          4. Post
        2. Yes, I was aware of that, and I probably am a racist, too. The fact that I married, an african, may be a point of thought for you. We’re still happily married and I do the yard work.


    2. The Yonkers PBA should welcome an independent investigation into who was fed 60 hours of biweekly overtime for three to six years straight. While they are at it the Yonkers PBA members should also request in writing a Forensic Audit of the financials by the Westchester District Attorney’ Office.

  16. Now if you want to dump most rules and make coin coin and coin, then Olson is your man because he is the Joker’s best push. Who knows Mueller might have another beer festival and serve cheese while you guys are comparing overtime slips.

  17. A job is a job and no where on the job application did it say you will be able to work overtime and that you can get 60 hours of it for three to five years straight making 245 thousand plus. So agreed if you apply simple math and some good life skills you will not starve. The issue for these cowboy cops is that they are already driving high end vehicles and count on overtime to pay for it.

  18. sounds like a bunch of alkies at a keg party cant leave until the keg spits foam. a very basic course in finance at the end of your academy would serve you well . 125 pay plus 20 percent plus 20 percent is 180 /2 is ninety k at twenty . base is 125 k minus fica fed tax state and union dues also 457 plan .if you work through it no fica no union dues no clothing cleaning no travel expense no state no more k plan your way ahead and if you got by on base before plus some then in real terms you will have more to spend. trust me not too many if ever reinvent themselves in retirement ie. if you drove a honda your not going to start driving range rovers now good luck you want some cheese with that whine ?

  19. Yonkers police officers must clean up their own union. Don’t sit there and be mute because some union trustees tell you who to vote for. Don’t believe anything that comes out of the mouth of the Yonkers PBA Union President who has a track record of misinformation, and certainly do not allow another loser under Olson who gave away 207c rights to take over. The Yonkers Uniforms should be represented by the uniform.

  20. Question: Keith did you ever put those personnel files back that you said you had in one of your monthly fairytales meetings. We remember the one you bragged about with Rui. That is almost as good of that bedtime fairytale you wrote to the DOJ about Santobello.

  21. When you sit down at meetings and before you begin your rat on the Captains, or other Chiefs do you really think politicians or people believe your made up stories like the one you wrote to the DOJ blaming another cops and civilians for your savage behavior?
    Yonkers is done with a thug like you. So we get it, invite people to your meetings to white wash your lies and your dreams and then two weeks from now make up another poison cocktail for them. Lol that’s the low life moves everyone comes to expect from Keith “ Sugar Licking” Olson from Moquette Row.

  22. KO no one believes you any longer. Just about everyone in the County knows who you are and what you have done. So do yourself a favor and retire while you are still eligible to get your pension. On the way out take that window licking fool with you. Hopefully the DOJ won’t reread your lying letter blaming another police officer for your vicious attack. Then again that should be expected since Neil Vera is your good friend. Guess you guys hang around the same hole.

    1. KO you guys did a lot of grimy stuff to cops and civilians and now your crying about the Tribune. Laughable big biscuit. The Public needs to know when Public figures commit misconduct. So clam down and have another chunk of free cheese.

  23. The Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson is no doubt the worst President in the entire History of the Yonkers Police Department. He is so illiterate that he couldn’t even throw another member out with all of his lies.
    Congrats to a lying union field rat.

  24. Yonkers is a very corrupt City. Seems like if you give or donate money to one party or another you are buying protection from prosecution. Allowing dirtbag union leaders like Keith Olson to target civilians with summonses, punch out others and pen lies on internal reports is insulting to any law enforcement agency. Now we ask Mike Spano or Nicky Boy, who wants to move into a two block area of thugs and crime, where you walk into a luxury Section 8 building and smell marijuana besides walking into a possible stash house.
    Guessing Keith Olson and his family got the inside price and choices. This City is will never attract people who won’t feel safe.

  25. Maaaaa, my best friend the Chief with the painted smile had to counsel me over not punching out other members especially when they are not looking. Maaaaaa, are you listening? Don’t make me punch the wall again before the PBA Hamburger flippers get together. Mama, I don’t think I will be threatening anyone anymore because Of the DOJ letter. Maaaaaa, I totally told a different version as to what actually happened. I hope I don’t punch my domestic friend Marvin at his party. He got plenty of overtime, too. Not bad for being a petition signing fat bastard.

  26. Just heard the Joker was taken out of the Cacace building. They said when they threw him in the bus he was licking the windows of the bus. Meanwhile, KO was threatening the politicians with tickets and a job slow down if the pension padding was not reinstated.

  27. Keith can you endorse my friend who is thinking about running a district race. He promises to return the overtime to 60 hours per check and says he will serve all the union trustees first. He also promises to make sure you keep your SUV and increase the budget to cover that expense. The only thing he said that he would not do is grant you your Five Wishes for Police Commissioner! He said you repeated the same stupid name five times. He said you would know the guy because apparently he looks like the Joker.
    I think he can still get that endorsement if he lets you threaten a couple of more civilians?

  28. Hope someone compares all the PBA union trustees earnings in overtime. Good men like Ken Davis got nothing because he didn’t lie for the PBA

  29. We remember when Jonny Mumbles went to the Housing Unit and told them not to give overtime to certain individuals. Mr Chef what was that about? We also remember when you sat in your precinct crying about the men and women who refused to sign your Olson petition against a person who outright said “ your not Commissioner material, nor will you ever be”. Why don’t you go down to Chinatown and see if you can get a clone PC shield and pin it on your photo! That’s the closest you will ever get. Yeah and the numbers should be zeros.

    1. Just wondering if Jonn the Joker Mueller wrote down the comments about how he lied on Pete Fazio or when he told others to prevent certain personnel from getting overtime???? Think not , oh Andy my reputation was damaged because people make comments! Don’t put down that I am a public figure, Andy

  30. What are the chances that the DOJ looks into inaccuracies that Keith Olson penned to the DOJ about his sneak attack of another member.

    1. Post

      It is difficult for me to understand, BUT, i recognize there are many concerns that encumber the DoJ and they are likely also understaffed and that investigations take time. I have faith in the DoJ. Much that went wrong in the past may at one last be mitigated by the fact that Olson is neutered by the Police Commissioner Gardner so that he will no longer be able to undermine the directives issued by the PC. Kindly, Hezi

  31. Another exposing article of what has been going on for the greedy cops who became union trustees who had first call preferences over other cops. Ask Olson why he is ratting on other bosses now? Maybe it is because the abuse has been exposed like the PBA.

  32. Keith, you should have stayed for the entire budget hearing, but you left right after your nap. It reminded me about an old fable about a “ sleeping rat who missed his cheese”

  33. Yonkers needs new fresh leaders, not old guard politicians who do not reflect its diverse population. Then maybe the rule of law will apply.

  34. The PBA is bringing in a 207c lawyer who specializes in 207c. What happened to Olson and Quinn? Anyway, can the PBA get me 60 hours of overtime again if I swear to lie for the Yonkers PBA President? I just want 2 years straight not like your other union trustees, Pataki, Vera, Mahoney, Joe R, Joe M, Baker, Marvin, Ski. The PBA rat list is long.
    I will also swear that you didn’t give anyone a ticket

    1. Just rode passed Joey R. and he was sleep walking on Yonkers Ave. Bye Joey your 60 hour run is over. How many years did you do of traffic overtime? You flipped hamburgers for KO and got boku overtime. Greedy bastard got a nice fat pension and others got zero.

    2. Maybe the PBA should have stood their ground like Local 628 did and not have given 207 away? The Fire Fighters still have a great 207a policy thanks to Barry and our whole negotiating team.

  35. Hey Keith why did you tell Ben that the Toughman doesn’t take cash, when I saw and heard you ask Ben to pay cash. Don’t you remember the cash boxes? Don’t confuse them with the PBA broken down voting boxes. Just another example of your illness and willingness to lie

  36. Now put your big boy pants on KO. You hide behind your scumbag friends. As for that Joker Chief friend of yours you really should check his medication. The guy twitches, rocks back and forth, and should have the men in white coats standing outside his Wingdale Office

  37. Gentlemen do not lose sight that Keith Olson was permitted to threaten civilians, punch people, call bosses rats, and have police personnel written up, denied overtime, and / or transferred with the dirty hands of the Spano’s. As for the continuing progress with Mike Spano, it should be said keep the Spano’s fed with cash and property.

  38. Agreed that Olson is the worse sellout to the men and women of the Yonkers Police Department he was “supposed“ to represent. First off anyone who would conjure up lies and have a friendly supervisor support those lies should be charged with official misconduct to say the least. Any person who knowingly misleads any police agency or targets individuals whether civilians or police personnel should be charged for that misconduct. Here in the City of Yonkers money is the “get out of jail card” with Keith Olson. Two quick points here.

    As for the selling or purchasing overtime for the sole purposes of building up ones pension plan may not be illegal but certainly does cost the taxpayers more money using your formula at “paying a senior officer at a higher rate”. Whichever way one may look at this issue, someone is paying for the cost.

    The other issue is that new Yonkers recruits, some with only with a High School Education start off at $72,000 plus benefits. Not bad for a 21-year-old person just starting off. So taking into consideration the average salaries for most Americans is about $56,000 Yonkers recruits do pretty well, so much so that thousands of people sign up for the exam. As for expansion or increasing the work force is debatable. One thing is for certain new personnel get paid less, pay more for their medical and are in Tier 6 which curtails the building up of high pensions. Again allowing only the select few to work 3 to 5 years straight at 60 hours of overtime with the intent of retiring is an overtime issue and certainly abuse. Now others who wanted to work but were intentionally dismissed or blocked because of their affiliation with certain individuals is also troubling for any outsider to comprehend.

    Lastly, it is certainly agreed that Olson and some others should be investigated for their intentional conduct as police personnel.

    1. As for- “The other issue is that new Yonkers recruits, some with only with a High School Education start off at $72,000 plus benefits.”
      Next time an entry level coder gets executed for nothing more than being employed by a software company, you are free to question the amount a kid makes for carrying a gun and wearing a target, while trying to prevent your spouse or child from being abducted and raped.
      I would not take that job for less than six figures, and then would still transfer to the FD.

  39. I am not a fan of Olsen. He is a big fat bully, and deserves to be forced to resign from his position for all he has done to the members of the YPBA. The 207-c issue alone, should have been cause to bounce the fat bastard out.
    With that out of the way, I think some observations in the story and posts are either erroneous or inadequately explained.
    First, if an officer “sells” his/her OT for $300, does this mean the seller is still working the time, and only replacing their name with that of the purchaser, or is the $300 a “gift” to entice the officer to let the purchaser work the time? If it is $300, free and clear, and the seller does not have to show up for the tour, then that is within reason. However, should the person be selling the slot on paper only, but still working it, then Yonkers PD must be horribly underpaid, because they are risking their lives for less than $40 per hour.
    Second, it is not illegal to “pad” one’s pension by working excessive amounts of overtime, and it does not cost the tax payers any additional funds, except in the difference between OT rates. If a senior officer takes the OT from a junior officer, the city is paying the difference in a higher hourly rate. Although, the “you get what you pay for,” concept applies. A seasoned officer is more valuable to a community than a junior officer, just as an extensively trained partner in a law firm bills at a higher rate than a junior associate, just out of law school.
    Finally, the concept of lowering the amount of OT hours made available is not the decision of a police association, nor the officers. It is the decision of the municipality. A city, like Yonkers may consider cutting out overtime and hiring new recruits to fill those hours. Historically, municipalities have chosen to pay existing officers overtime, rather than expanding the ranks of a department. This is because increasing a workforce, by any percentage, has many ancillary costs, which are not taken into consideration by those critical of such a rationale. An expanded workforce requires increased incidental costs, such as medical benefits, equipment, HR needs, or the expansion of facilities, to mention a few.
    Once more, to reiterate my initial statement, Olsen should be put out on the street for a laundry list of underhanded and allegedly illegal actions, but not all the issues in YPD should be pinned on him, and some stated are not really issues at all.

    1. You make many good points in your comments-the only bad one is putting Olsen back on the streets-the physical condition of Olsen is an absolute disgrace to someone wearing a uniform. The YPD has to do some quick and necessary house cleaning from top to bottom which starts with the P.C. and on down.

      1. House cleaning starts when the Feds investigate the Yonkers PBA Union leader and we don’t mean the perjury letter he wrote blaming Santobello for the attack that was started by Keith Olson. We would have thought that Andy Quinn would have not committed your actions to paper.

      2. Sorry, I should have clarified my use of “Olsen should be put out on the street.” Obviously, it means one thing in the LE community and something else to a layperson. What I should have stated was, “Kick his fat- stained vest wearing- ass to the curb,” because I meant to communicate that he should be off the board and off the job.
        I would not want to see deli after deli and DD after DD shaken down to the point of bankruptcy, nor the Broadway McD’s drive through held to a standstill, should YPD find it necessary to stuff him into a cruiser. I believe it would also require an old Fury III to be put back into service, bc I doubt anything smaller would suffice.

        1. Someone said you can count the number of felony collars Olsen has made in his career on your hand and still have five fingers left over.

  40. What has happened in the Police Department was not a managerial issue. It was Mayor Spano and his brothers attempting to appease Olson. Unfortunately a tanker full rottening fish can never satisfy the appetite of a pathological liar like Olson.
    Perhaps more letters to the Department of Justice should have been written. Or perhaps the DOJ is investigating!

  41. Office of the Yonkers PBA :
    The Yonkers PBA President and his lap nut Johnny Mumbles is no longer in charge of giving out overtime to union trustees or their union pit bulls who were sworn to secrecy to lie and deceit against all that exposed them. The herd of Buffalos have moved on for cover until after the elections. Welcome to one of the most corrupt Cities in the State of New York.

    1. Laughable, but heard Keith Olson was or is to be counseled by his best friend Johnny they hurt my reputation too!!! Forget about what we did but I did not get the County spot because of the Tribune.
      Please don’t tell anyone how the alcohol got into the precinct or how I urge another cop to shoot a file cabinet. Shhhhhh

  42. Now what? Another one of Keith’s model trustees is set to jump ship with a nice fat pension. Not bad for signing a petition against another officer who fought against giving away 207c and exposed the real face of the Yonkers PBA

  43. Mike Spano doesn’t care because it is not his cash and you can certainly count on getting another tax hike. If the voters do not vote him out then the likes of Keith Olson and his nut job Chief Mueller will sure keep a DIRTY Police Department. One lies and the other one swears to it. Two of the YPD Sleeping rats.

    1. Post

      That is another truism. Those people who were working but approaching retirement age, learning who was receiving OT on a specific day, would approach such an officer, and offer them $300 to replace them to the assigned OT. In so making the exchange, the P.O. Who got the overtime received the value of the OT in cash, and undeclared at that, and the PO> approaching retirement was pension padding his salary by earning the OT on the books which would count toward his pension. It has been working that way for many years. Another managerial issue. If you accept OT then you must attend to the OT assign and not accept the OT and then assign it to another person without making the PC aware or someone that must ascribe their name to the permission granted and state the basis for the change. All managerial concerns, all manageable, and ultimately equitable and fair to all. Kindly, Hezi

  44. It is about time that the PC took the overtime out of the PBA hands. Most of the Yonkers PBA Union trustees left with big fat pensions. Not bad for misleading their members.

  45. Mike Spano is a Joke, he let Olson run buck while threatening and punching out others.
    You real Democrats need to boot them both out or face more tax hikes for FAT pensions

  46. Yeah, the Olsonettes got fat and others that the Joker Mueller and the Sleeping Rat suspected of being vocal got the short hairs. There certainly should be an investigation into who, what , when and how.

  47. So glad that the YPD Commissioner has finally said NO to that thug Keith Olson. The Yonkers PBA Leader put his foot in his fat trap.

  48. What PERB said is that on paper the cap is 60 hours of pure overtime biweekly. I don’t believe it is written anywhere that the City must guarantee any overtime. It sure is overtime abuse when any person can work up to three to five years straight at that pace.

  49. Two mistakes you made: YPD work a 40 hour, not 35, hour week ( 24 hrs in a day divided by three 8 hr shifts).

    YPD was highest level was about 640 officers, not 485.

    1. 6 plus is throwing the do nothing CLSA on top of the greedy PBA trustees. Number of personnel in any given unit give or take is about the same for the past 30 years. That still doesn’t mean one PBA Olsonette should work steady overtime for up to five years in a row. Sure sounds like Pension Abuse or Raping the Taxpayers

    2. Post

      Dividing the number of hours per tour by 8 would be logical if that was the way it was done, but as far as I know, it is 35 hour per week per officer, should you be correct, then I stand corrected.

      Where you are wrong is suggesting there are 640 officers, that is because you are counting the CLSA membership. The 485 number I mention can fluctuate as it has over the years to a low of 420-440 or at the high end at 485. The point is that for the last 30 years the number of police officers has barely moved up. It only moved due to attrition of one kind or another. The issue is that pension padding abuse has cost the city millions in overtime afforded people connected to one powerful person or another because they had the clout to offer a favor to one of their buddies which was also detrimental to others who never received any overtime because they were ostracized for one reason or another but never for a legitimate reason. The PBA exhibited bias and bigotry against some and not others. Besides, we need more Police Officers so foot patrols and neighborhood policing can be re-instituted. Police will advise that it is best practice and also an excellent way to get intelligence of what is happening in a community.

      I suggest you look at the entire issue, not attempt to undermine the gist of the Blue Truth Hezitorial which is on the mark. Ask any who is involved with the YPD in confidence I you will be able to fully comprehend the entire issue.

      Morale at the YPD sucks because some of the members were favored and others were never considered worthy of getting overtime. The Pension padding abuse has and will cost the Yonkers Taxpayer a pretty penny for years to come and all because of an agreement worked out between former Police Commissioner Hartnett ceding OT responsibility to PBA Pres. Det. Olson.

      That should be the takeaway challenging me on superfluous numbers to prove a point which is way off the mark speaks to your carrying water for someone that is disgruntled for losing their relevance and prowess.

      I am personally proud of Commissioner Gardner’s fiscal conduct, his ability to raise the financial debacle issue that the insiders were able to create for themselves, and in so doing they reduce morale throughout the department. This outcome speaks well of Commissioner Gardner and I don’t believe there is any credible reason to cast a vote of confidence for Mayor Mike Spano if he accepts endorsement from the PBA and its president. Their collective conduct for years past are a known atrocity and dismissive of the taxpayers. Public service is just that service to the public not self service as has been realized by the pension padding abuse of those who engaged in it to the detriment of the taxpayer. That is the takeaway. Your issues are frivolous and off the mark and you must know that. Now you know that I know that and so do many Yonkersites. Kindly, Hezi

      1. Hezi I have 1 problem with your synopsis-that being that the P.C. has been in-command since January 2012& has been slow to react-in many other Police Departments he would have been launched a long time ago.

        1. Post

          You make an excellent observation. And I cannot refute it. Perhaps I am too often cognizant of the internal pressure and forces that often override people’s effort to accomplish best practice because people like Olson had devised a network of support for himself and his friends which marginalized the PC and the PBA was paying $48,000 per annum for Nick Spano to represent them as a lobbyist when the PBA had and still retains the lobbyist that preceded Nick Spano. I understood the pressure exacted to undermine PC Gardner. Could he have been quicker to engage in contending with the pension padding abuse? Likely so, but speaking out, even in private would have been his last act. He remained and his time to correct the inequities of the past and present have now come to a screeching halt. Why, because the PC di what needed to be done, the mayor can no longer need to be extorted, because Olson is no longer necessary for any reason, and most importantly, the public knows the facts as the are. The story can no longer be edited in order to re-write history. Yonkers would do better if the public spoke up to reveal what is really happening. If you trust media, share it with them and you will be righting what has long been wrong. It is up to each of us to reveal the dysfunction so that it can be corrected and a new chapter be written. Whether you share it with the Yonkers Tribune, or other media, do it. Social media does not have the bang. Remember that it is better to share the facts that you wait for other people to correct when it is you who can be the catalyst to force the telling of dysfunction to be corrected.

          Note again, that while I can write, some suggest only by writing run-on sentences, and too many spelling errors, that the little I do, the telling, has instead been shouldered by many people in the know who advise the YT so that corrections can be made. My hat is removed to honor their strength, it is not a reflection of me as it is a reflection of fellow Yonkersites who force the CoY to function in incrementally today so as to eclipse the dysfunction of yesterday. That my friends is Yonkers strength; its residents. Kindly, Hezi

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