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Joseph F. Spiezio, III

MAMARONECK, NY and MOUNT VERNON, NY — May 13, 2019 —  “It’s very clear your writing is targeted and is false and misleading. I suggest you discuss with your attorney cause when I sue you he can’t represent you and this is a final warning.

“ How dare you write an article full of knowing false information.

“When you want to write the truth let me know because I go back a long way with you and if you think you can just write this and get away it’s not going to happen

“You are now on notice your writing is false which is an important element.

“I guess your have been bought off!

“Enjoy your evening and this is the last time I will contact you about your actions.

“Your attorney who is one of our attorney is copied on this email.”


Joseph F. Spiezio, III



Waste Services Inc

444 East Boston Post Road

Suite 210

Mamaroneck, New York 10543


914-378-0100 Ext. 1851

914-992-8430  Direct Fax


Yonkers Tribune NOTE: Mr. Spiezio’s email letter  is evidently threatening and in response to the article “Why Does Mount Vernon Mayor Thomas Engage in One Travesty After Another? By HEZI ARIS” which was “posted 6:42PM • MAY 12, 2019.” The hyperlink to the article is: https://www.yonkerstribune.com/2019/05/why-does-mount-vernon-mayor-thomas-engage-in-one-travesty-after-another-by-hezi-aris 


eHeziFalse Article

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  1. Joe is your daughter single? I see she works with you now when we googled you, hon it up with some of us city of yonkers Dpw guys

  2. His writing indicates that of an ignorant moron. His behavior confirms the same.

    That anyone, especially a Mayor, would deal with him demonstrates that birds of a feather stick together.

    In other words they’re all ignorant morons.

    Include Spencer and Amicone in that club. They were pals with him too.

    Sock it to them Hezi. Maybe a follow up to remind us of how the two idiots from Yonkers kissed up to the bozo would be nice.

  3. “Your attorney who is one of our attorney is copied on this email.”

    Yup, Spiezio’s longtime friend and attorney Mike Khader is also representing Hezi.

  4. The garbage man speaks. There a lot of guys out there who get off on pretending to be a cop. There are not many who can afford to buy a potion, gun, badge and car. I am not saying this guy Spiezio did any of those things. I am just saying a lot of guys have a cop fixations. They join the auxiliary. Do you think Bill Bratton was ever a garbage man?

    1. Post

      Re you suggesting there is an issue, even an error? If so advise what you believe it is and advise how and what you know and with whom you checked. As an aside, I called the telephone number for Mount Vernon Comptroller DEBORAH Reynolds and the person that licked u my call advised that Ms. Reynolds was not at the office. That person kindly took down my name, which I spelled for her and the name of the the Yonkers Tribune and my telephone number. I never did receive a telephone call back in response to my request Ms. Reynolds do so.

      Casting aspersions nd not even bothering to to state what the issue may be is deceptive, fake, and leads to confusion which may be the intent.

      As far as I know, and I checked numerous sources, I have made no errors and this telling is “Not a story”, it is fact. If it is less so in anyone’s mind, what needs to be corrected?

      Kindly, Hezi

      1. nonsense Hezi call Joe you know his cell its the same one the past 20 years,you do print some good truthful stories but not all the time a good reporter always calls and gets a comment from the subjects.

        1. Post

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