Hon. NYS Assemblyman Nader Sayegh Honoring Richmond Community Services – Sunday, June 2, 2019 From 11am-12:30pm

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Hon. Nader J. Sayegh, NYS Assemblyman – 90th District.




For Exemplary Service to the yonkers community

SUNDAY, JUNE 2nd, 2019


11:00 – 12:30 PM



agency of the month

JUNE 2019

FOR MORE INFORMATION EMAIL sayeghn@nyassembly.gov


eHeziHon. NYS Assemblyman Nader Sayegh Honoring Richmond Community Services – Sunday, June 2, 2019 From 11am-12:30pm

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  1. Nader Sayegh is obliging the assembly because Nick Spain allowed it. Nick told Justin Tubiolo to put up the unemployed kid, Joe Pinion. The guy never had a job. It’s like running shoe salesman Mario DiGeoegio for mayor.

  2. It’s more like Nader was short changed for decades. Nader Sayegh should have been the Superintendent of the Yonkers Public Schools. Thief he is not! Naive he definitely was for believing in the Spano’s. He will have the last laugh when he becomes Mayor. The Spano family will be on their knees begging him for jobs.

      1. Post
      2. Nick Spano in a nutshell (Research has shown that sexual abusers and harassers, for instance, often feel unattractive and/or powerless, so they “prove” their power over others by mocking, harassing and abusing them). Nick Spano always felt threatened by Nader. No Spano put together has an iota of Nader’s wherewithal plus intelligence. Nader should have been made the Superintendent of Yonkers Public Schools but the Spano’s felt threatened. Let them all laugh (not sure John Khader laughs at Nader, it is more like him laughing with Nader because the Spano’s will be powerless sooner than they think). The Spano impotence is already showing. GO MAYOR NADER SAYEGH!

      3. John Hater Khader is jealous of Nader and his accomplishments. John is an ex-con drug dealer who can’t shine Nader’s shoes. John has all of the politicians fooled that he is someone important. Everyone knows who he really is.
        As for Nick, shame on him for abusing and using Nader all of these years. Nader will get the last laugh soon.

    1. If i am not mistaken Mr Sayegh was the Yonkers School Board President when there was a 55 million error-might be a nice guy but he was asleep at the wheel.

    1. Who ever you are it’s obvious you either fear him or are jealous of Nader. Nader is now a high ranking official and will be the next Mayor of Yonkers. He had all the Arab, Albanian, Indian, and Board of Education behind him. Nader had been an affluent and loving person that we the Jordanians adore. Nader for Mayor 2024!

      1. While Head of the Yonkers Board of Education, Nader Sayegh lost $56 million. Yes I am sure he is affluent. That’s why we call him Pickpockets Sayegh.

        1. you’re a hater who ever you are. Nader is not a thief and the BOE has been short changed with funding for decades.

          1. Your absolutely correct on the first part of your comment-but unfortunately you show that you are a mental reject by throwing out that worn out phrase “hater” simply because someone mentions a correct fact .

        2. The Spano’s have cornered the market on getting away with grand theft. A pickpocket Nader is not. That titles does not fit Nader. More like pick your brain, because the guy is brilliant.

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