Isley: “Enough is enough. Illegality and corruption must not be tolerated…”

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Clyde A. Isley is the Mount Vernon Democratic Committee designee for Mayor of Mount Vernon.

MOUNT VERNON, NY – May 17, 2019 — The disclosure of what appears to be illegal acts involving wire transfers made by Mayor Richard Thomas from the City of Mount Vernon’s checking account are alarming and just as concerning is the silence since the allegations were made. The controversy stems from an allegedly unauthorized $91,000 wire transfer, not countersigned by the city’s comptroller, made by Thomas to an Ohio company from which the city leases sanitation trucks.

Not only should the potential illegality of the transfer be investigated but questions about the leasing arrangement must be answered. Such an agreement would require approval of the City Council and the Board of Estimate and Contract. Without approval from both bodies, it’s neither possible nor legal for the city to enter into a contractual agreement with the vendor.

Such activities would come as no surprise to observers of Mount Vernon City Hall since the beginning of Thomas’ Administration. There has been a continued pattern of irresponsible behavior and not governing according to the rules set out by the city’s charter.

“The malfeasance exhibited by the Thomas Administration has not only brought great embarrassment to city residents but has placed a great burden on our taxpayers,” said Clyde A. Isley, the Democratic Party endorsed candidate for Mayor. “Enough is enough. Illegality and corruption must not be tolerated and must be met with a unified stand by all elected officials on the local, state and federal levels. It’s time for legal authorities to step in and investigate not only this instance but also Thomas’ ongoing pattern of behavior.”

Isley is no stranger to addressing corruption and as the city’s Police Commissioner was recognized by former FBI Director Louis Freeh for his role in that bureau’s investigation that ended with a successful prosecution of corrupt Mount Vernon police officers.

“Public trust in elected officials and public officers is sacrosanct,” Isley continued. “Whether as a private citizen, or if fortunate enough to be elected Mayor, I will always take a stand against corrupt and improper behavior. That is a promise I make to Mount Vernon.”

“Just as disconcerting is the fact that Mount Vernon’s City Council President, André Wallace, has not stepped forward to address this issue. His silence on this apparently illegal payment and improper leasing arrangement is deafening and leads one to wonder why he has yet to speak out. As the leader of a co-equal branch of city government, his voice has been disappointingly absent,” Isley added.


Clyde Isley is a former Mount Vernon Police Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner of the Westchester County Dept. of Corrections and Dean of Administration and Finance of Hostos Community College. On February 19, he was the choice of the Mount Vernon Democratic City Committee, decisively earning the party’s nomination after just the first round of voting in a crowded field of five declared candidates.

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SOURCE: Hank Miller, Communications Director, Clyde A. Isley for Mayor of Mount Vernon.

eHeziIsley: “Enough is enough. Illegality and corruption must not be tolerated…”

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