Memorial Field Progress Still Stifles By Dysfunction; Mount Vernon Mayoral Candidate Clyde Isley Reiterates Simple Plan to Move Memorial Field To Completion

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Isley Calls For Westchester County To Complete Soil Remediation: “Let’s Get This Done”

Hon. Clyde Isley, the Democratic Party’s endorsed candidate for Mayor of Mount Vernon.

MOUNT VERNON, NY – May 11, 2019 — “It shouldn’t be so difficult,” noted Mayoral Candidate Clyde Isley. “The public outcry is overwhelming and the only step that’s been left for the City of Mount Vernon to finally move Memorial Field toward completion is to complete the remediation of the tons of contaminated soil at the facility.”

“A beacon of hope to Memorial Field was restored when Westchester County Executive George Latimer agreed to have the County take over the construction of the project and return a renovated field back to our great city,” advised Isley. “To get the ball rolling, the county requires the city to do one thing, perform the remediation.”

“However, month after month, the city’s elected leaders refuse, or are simply unable, to work together for the common good,” continued Isley. “A heavy lift is not required. The City has performed a similar process many times before. Yet, City Hall’s notorious dysfunction continues to stall the process.” 

Dating back to the administration of former County Executive Andrew Spano, Mount Vernon Democratic Mayoral candidate Clyde A. Isley has been an advocate for renovating the historic athletic facility and putting it back in use for the city’s youth, seniors, and all who wish to take advantage of its recreational offerings.

Since February, Isley has called for the city to allow Westchester County to take over the soil remediation effort and remove the final obstacle to the County beginning the field renovation.

“The paralysis of discord and petty squabbles between the Mayor, City Council President, and Comptroller have gridlocked progress on Memorial Field. A fundamental inability to work collaboratively has kept Memorial Field a dilapidated mess,” said Isley. “In a city already lacking recreational facilities, denying progress on the stadium is unforgivable.”

“It’s clear that the current dysfunction level inside of City Hall will only prevent progress. Here is my solution. Westchester County must take on the removal of the illegally dumped soil from Memorial Field. The County would obtain professional cost estimates and commence an honest procurement process to hire contractors to get the work done. This is an alternative to the game of political one-upmanship being played by these elected city officials.”

Isley calls upon the administration of the City of Mount Vernon and the City Council to take the necessary steps to allow Westchester County to perform the required remediation. “The County already has an effective working relationship with the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation and I am confident the work will be performed efficiently and in a timely manner,” continued Isley. “Framework for such an agreement should include holding Westchester County harmless, as well as advancement of monies claimed available by the Council President to be set aside for remediation. The City should also agree to compensate Westchester County for all related costs above the advanced monies, if necessary.”

“While debate raged at the county level back when project funding for Memorial Field was being considered, I was active in advocating for this project, speaking with and making presentations to key county officials explaining the many benefits our city and surrounding communities will enjoy from what will be a state-of-the-art recreational facility in southern Westchester. It is now time to drop the political football and place the soccer, lacrosse, cricket and football back into the hands of our youth at a new Memorial Field. Let’s give our senior citizens and others a new, modern facility where they can walk and exercise. Let’s get this done!”, concluded Clyde Isley.

Yonkers Tribune has been advised that Mount Vernon Mayoral candidate Clyde Isley attend this morning’s Memorial Field community forum held by County Legislator Lyndon Williams. Further information, when it is learned.


Clyde Isley is a former Mount Vernon Police Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner of the Westchester County Dept. of Corrections and Dean of Administration and Finance of Hostos Community College. He was the recipient of the FBI Director’s Award for Exceptional Public Service after assisting with their successful investigation to root out corruption within the Mount Vernon Police Department. Learn more at .

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SOURCE: Hank Miller, Communications Director, Clyde A. Isley for Mayor of Mount Vernon,


eHeziMemorial Field Progress Still Stifles By Dysfunction; Mount Vernon Mayoral Candidate Clyde Isley Reiterates Simple Plan to Move Memorial Field To Completion

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