Mount Vernon City Councilwoman Delia Farquharson’s Conduct Was “Rude and Nasty” to Hon. Supreme Court Judge Mary Smith of Yonkers

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The I Let Myself Down! I Let Mount Vernon Down Hezitorial

“As your Mayor I promise that all of my actions will be guided by integrity, honesty and transparency. Mount Vernon deserves better. Let us do this together.” ~ Delia Farquharson

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MOUNT VERNON, NY and WHITE PLAINS, NY — May 6, 2019 — Mount Vernon City Councilwoman Delia Farquharson has presided for some 16 months since first being sworn to office. She believed she was ready for greater responsibility in an office commensurate with her skewed vision. Toward that end she sought to gain a  sufficient number of signatures to place her on the ballot for Mayor of Mount Vernon. As far as she was concerned, she had more than the required number of valid signatures to be a contender among those also vying to become Mayor. 

She rushed to the Westchester County Board of Elections (WCBoE) with reams of signatures ascribed in support of her effort. Beaming from ear to ear for beating all the other contenders to be first to enter the WCBoE office in White Plains, she handed the petitions to those who came to attend to her. She presented the papers, but was told it was premature to enter them and politely requested to return during the early days of April when they would be accepted. She informed the staffers she would do no such thing and the WCBoE attendees reluctantly accepted her paperwork and gave her a receipt for the papers. Upon receiving the receipt for tendering the petitions, she came to recognize that the WCBoE staffers may have been correct in asking her to conform to the written standards and timeline for submitting those papers. Ss she informed the staffers she had changed her mind and wanted the documents back, and that she would return as protocol demanded. She learned that the originals could not be returned as they were stamped and dated when they were demanded to be accepted by them in no uncertain terms. The staffers made copies of what Councilwoman Delia Farquharson forced them to accept in a derisive and threatening tone. Farquharson left in a huff. Days later, she learned that the signatures she forced the WCBoE to accept were invalid because they were foreably presented before they are allowed to be accepted.

Before anyone could catch a breath, Ms. Farquharson engaged a legal eagle revealing her ignorance of Election Law, as did the lawyer who accepted the task bringing a lawsuit against the ًWCBoE.

Mount Vernon Mayor Candidate Farquharson was informed before the Hon. Supreme Court Justice Mary Smith of Yonkers that the signatures presented to the WCBoE Staff were submitted too early to be considered in compliance with Election Law Protocol and her legal challenge did NOT win favor with the court.

Well, that just wasn’t good enough for Farquharson, she pouted and became verbally rude and nasty in language and tone to Hon. Justice Mary Smith. Farquharson was so verbally abusive she was placed in a holding cell. Had Administrative Court Judge Kathy Davidson not interceded upon Farquharson’s behalf, she would have spent the night behind bars.

Not only did Farquharson reveal that she could not comprehend the instructions clearly directing her to follow standards acceptable to all aspirants vying for elected office, but she also revealed that she is an embarrassment to all who expect more from a contender for the mayor of the City of Mount Vernon.  

There are many takeaways deduced by this telling. First, follow instructions as they are given; standards are present for a reason. Perhaps it behooves her to read up on such concerns. If one believes they are faulty they may be challenged in a court of law. Secondly, a rude and nasty tone is not tolerated by any court. The court will listen respectfully when addressed in kind. Thirdly, Farquharson’s conduct diminished her and besmirched the name of the City of Mount Vernon. Fourthly, were it not for the benevolence of Administrative Judge Kathy Davidson, Farquharson would be spending jail time when she may have instead been required to attend  a Mount Vernon City Council meeting that has not yet been convened, but if one were called to order, she could instead be languishing behind bars.

Indeed, so sad.

Ms. Farquharson lost her opportunity to to override Election Law Statutes and Precedents. Her name will not be one of those listed as a candidate for Mayor of Mount Vernon. It is unlikely anyone will even remember her name other than the name she will be called behind her back for being an angry contrarian as she daydreams about her faded vision of grandeur. 


eHeziMount Vernon City Councilwoman Delia Farquharson’s Conduct Was “Rude and Nasty” to Hon. Supreme Court Judge Mary Smith of Yonkers

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  1. ****** PRESS CONFERENCE ******
    Councilwoman Delia Farquharson
    Thursday, May 9, 2019 @ 6pm (2DAY)
    120 West 1st Street, Mount Vernon, NY

    Address recent developments in her campaign for mayor of Mount Vernon.

    For More Info:
    (646) 397-2590

  2. How can Kathy Davison intervene in a judge’s decision? This story does not sound credible. If the judge held her in contempt, Kathy cannot overrule that or that would be blatant impropriety.

  3. What a disgrace? However, this is fairly typical of Delia Farquharson. As a junior Mount Vernon City Council Member, she has regularly demonstrated a degree of bad manners, ignorance and belligerence not even seen in rowdy gatherings. That she is a mental health counselor is simply shocking. She has successfully made mockery of any advances women have made in the workplace and in politics. Yet, Mount Vernon must wait another two years to rid itself of this abhorrence.

    1. She avoided time behind bars only by the benevolence and insinuation of Administrative Judge Kathy Davidson.

      Kindly, Hezi

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