Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas’ Litany of Fake News and Falsehoods Litter Mount Vernon’s Sensibility With Mounting Ire

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MOUNT VERNON, NY — May 7, 2019 — It was on April 30, 2019 that the Yonkers Tribune learned that Fraida Hickson had on April 24, 2019 pled guilty to one count of credit card fraud before Westchester County Supreme Court Judge Kenneth M. Karas. Mount Vernon Deputy Police Commissioner Fraida Hickson admitted creating and using another person’s name to pay for plastic surgery.

The credit card fraud became evident back in 2017 when a woman noticed that her credit score had dropped precipitously due to an unpaid balance of $20,465. The charges accrued were charged by a New York City plastic surgeon. The surgery was performed on Fraida Hickson. Tomorrow, May 8, 2019 with be exactly two weeks since Fraida Hickson pled guilty before Judge Karas’ court.

Fraida Hickson awaits sentencing toward the latter part of September 2019. Five months salary on the taxpayer’s teat. Is this how Mayor Thomas is fighting for The People? 

Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas is not permitted to employ a felon yet he does despite protocol informing him he cannot. He does anyway. 

Thomas scoffs at the law.

Thomas asserts ad nauseum on a daily basis that he does and continues to fight for The People of Mount Vernon. He advises that Mount Vernon Comptroller Deborah Reynolds is not bonded. The reality is that she is bonded. But if she were not, it behooves him to beseech the City Council to vote to bond her. It is the responsibility and purview of the Mount Vernon City Council to do just that.

Then there is Mayor Thomas’ tale that New York State Governor Andrew M. Cuomo can dismiss Comptroller Reynolds. The fact is that the New York State Governor does not have that capacity. He does however have the capacity to dismiss Mount Vernon Mayor Thomas. 

In hushed tones, some New Yorkers advise that Governor Cuomo can be a vindictive man. Juxtaposed to such opinion, it seems in the case of Mount Vernon, no one has asked to dismiss Mayor Thomas for cause. One has to wonder why that is. Perhaps Governor Cuomo is a benevolent soul after all.

One of the biggest issues Mount Vernonites in the know grapple with is that Comptroller Reynolds seemingly continues not to pay recurring monthly bills. She claims she does not have corroborating invoices for the bills being presented to her office. One has to wonder who is at fault here. Can Reynolds not appreciate the recurring monthly bill to pay for toilet paper needed at the Dole’s Senior Center?

Recently, Mayor Thomas was able to wire $91,000 to an account from which DPW trucks were rented. Non-payment would have meant they would repossess the vehicles. So in order to satisfy payment, Mayor Thomas illegally wired the funds. He did so by only having one signature as opposed to the required two demanded by the Mount Vernon City Charter.

While Mayor Thomas castigates Comptroller Reynolds as the villainess, it can be said that since being elected when she did indeed issue  check payment, each were ascribed with her signature and were  countersigned by Mayor Thomas. So while some of the fingerprinting theatrics may have taken place, many were paid by being countersigned by the two people authorized to do so. But Comptroller Reynolds was not asked to countersigned the check for &91,000 that was fraudulently tendered.

Which leaves us with the troubling conclusion that questions Mayor Thomas’ intent and also questions why every member of Mount Vernon government, to some degree or another had and continues to have a hand in undermining the City of Mount Vernon as they demean and diminish its citizenry. 

What is the end game? Will Mayor Thomas be locked behind bars? Will the City Council membership undertake their fiduciary responsibility to reveal the issues that undermine Mount Vernon? When will those elected to office do The People’s bidding? What is Mount Vernon waiting for? 

Does anyone have a lucid and comprehensive telling of exactly what is underfoot?

Lastly, but just as importantly, when will all those still vying for elected office stand up and tell Mount Vernonites like it really is? 


eHeziMount Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas’ Litany of Fake News and Falsehoods Litter Mount Vernon’s Sensibility With Mounting Ire

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  1. Finally someone telling the whole truth. Fraida should’ve been fired or resigned when she entered the plea.

    They have to request for Cuomo to step in which they have not, that’s on city council and Comptroller no confidence. All this as the AG sit and waiting.

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