Mount Vernon Mayor Thomas Arrived in Massachusetts Today, Sunday, May 19, 2019

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The Massachusetts Hezitorial That Traces Its Inception and Illegal Conduct to Mount Vernon, NY

The First Exclusive of the Mount Vernon Tribune

Charicature of a younger, better looking Mount Vernon Tribune Editor-at-Large / Westchester On the Level internet Radio Host Hezi Aris.

MOUNT VERNON, NY and BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS — May 19, 2019 —The Mount Vernon City Council was last week informed that Mayor Thomas would not be in residence in Mount Vernon for some days this coming week so as to attend course of some sort. All well and good. Yet whether he intended to be in Massachusetts on Monday or not, he advised no one that he was not in Mount Vernon today. Whether intentioned or because of forgetfulness, Mayor Richard Thomas has yet to learn over his 3½ years incumbency in office that the Mount Vernon City Charter demands notification before he departs for another locale, not after. In forming after the fact is of no value and is illegal conduct. The rationale is that in age of an emergency, there is no legal means by which to respond. While the prospect of an emergency revealing itself and requiring the person next in line to initiate a response, that is Mount Vernon City Council President André Wallace, is demanded by the Mount Vernon City Charter, it seems ludicrous to presume that Mayor Thomas is unaware of his responsibilities. 

Mayor Thomas seems to know what everyone else is responsible to do. He berates Governor Andrew Cuomo for not dismissing Mount Vernon Comptroller Deborah Reynolds, when Thomas should know that the governor is not legally permitted to do so. In juxtaposition to what Governor Andrew Cuomo cannot do, is what Governor Andrew Cuomo can do, that is, dismiss Mayor Richard Thomas for disregarding instruction and direction of the Mount Vernon City Council. A prudent move that would be pertinent for every aspirant vying to become the next Mayor of Mount Vernon to notify Governor Cuomo of the delinquent Mayor Thomas. In so doing, perhaps Mount Vernon can coalesce around the misconduct of Mayor Thomas disregarding the law as defined by the Mount Vernon City Charter and getting on with electing a successor that abides by the Mount Vernon City Charter, State and Federal laws and statutes.

They must also collectively and in unison demand who paid for what and what the purpose was of his attending an event in recent memory in Dubai? Where is the report? What did it cost and who paid for it? And why?

Has the admitted and convicted felon Fraida Hickson been dismissed from her employ? Must the taxpayer pay $40,000 from the time she pleaded guilty to the date in September when Hon. Supreme Court Judge Karras’ court sentences her?

And why is Joe Spiezio, III still still wearing a Mount Vernon Police Department jacket when he was supposedly dismissed. Has Spiezio been re-instated? If so, why?

Is this telling the basis for what Mayor Thomas means when he advises without shame that he is fighting for the good people of Mount Vernon? What does that mean? Can Thomas explain himself? How so? Everyone is waiting? I won’t be holding my breath for a litany of vacuous words stitched together to express another excuse to which there is no validity whatsoever.


eHeziMount Vernon Mayor Thomas Arrived in Massachusetts Today, Sunday, May 19, 2019

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