Mount Vernon Mayoral Candidate Clyde A. Isley Asks: “Can Richard Thomas Set the Bar Any Lower?”

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Another Embarrassing Episode Brought To You By Mount Vernon’s Mayor

Hon. Clyde Isley, the Democratic Party’s endorsed candidate for Mayor of Mount Vernon.

MOUNT VERNON, NY — May 2, 2019 — The latest episode in Richard Thomas’ ongoing saga of embarrassment can best be described as a train wreck. A week that began with Mount Vernon’s Mayor turning a legitimate bank security concern into a failed public relations attempt in order to distract from his criminal indictment, continued two days later with news of criminal charges against yet another appointed member of his administration.

Political patronage and favors owed are now the primary criteria necessary when filling administrative positions and it’s crippling our city, not only in terms of operations, but also reputation. While the headliners in this tragic production are Thomas and Joe Spiezio, other bad actors include a Buildings Commissioner who crashed his city-owned vehicle while allegedly driving under the influence and now, a Deputy Police Commissioner who this week reportedly pled guilty to federal charges of credit fraud.

“It’s become difficult to keep track of the criminal and civil legal issues resulting from the Thomas administration,” said Democratic Mayoral candidate Clyde A. Isley. “Professionalism has been replaced by political patronage. As I walk the city, Mount Vernonites wonder, can Richard Thomas set the bar any lower?”

The absence of integrity and ethics are a stain not only on City Hall, but our entire city and they particularly rankle Isley, a former Mount Vernon Police Commissioner honored personally by former United States Attorney General Louis Freeh for assisting in rooting out corruption within his own department.

“Despite the unethical behavior among many of the mayor’s appointees, there are outstanding, competent department heads who for many years have honorably served our city. They deserve experienced and professional leadership,” added Isley.

Isley’s platform includes a commitment to staff his administration with professionals who are accomplished in their field and possess budgetary and workforce management experience.


Clyde Isley is a former Mount Vernon Police Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner of the Westchester County Dept. of Corrections and Dean of Administration and Finance of Hostos Community College. On February 19, he was the choice of the Mount Vernon Democratic City Committee, decisively earning the party’s nomination after just the first round of voting in a crowded field of five declared candidates. Visit to learn more.

SOURCE: Hank Miller, Communications Director Clyde A. Isley for Mayor of Mount Vernon,


eHeziMount Vernon Mayoral Candidate Clyde A. Isley Asks: “Can Richard Thomas Set the Bar Any Lower?”

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  1. I moved to Mt. Vernon 17 years ago, seeing it’s potential, and felt a strong attachment to the area, but have been deeply disappointed under three administrations, and will continue with my positive thoughts that someone will come along and make this a place I am proud to call my home.
    So far, I have made my choice for the next mayor, but I will follow you closely and possibly change my mind.

    All the best.

    NOTE FROM HEZI: You posted your name but it is not required. I deleted it. If you wanted it re-instated, I can appended to the last sentence as you had it initially, I will need to know it as I expunged it and I keep no records of people who comment. I hope you understand it is not personal.

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