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Dr. Edwin M. Quezada, Superintendent of the Yonkers Public School District.


YONKERS, NY — May 22, 2019 — The Yonkers Public Schools merged football teams had a phenomenal inaugural year for the players in the District’s eight high schools. The season crescendo was the October Friday Night Lights game between the Brave and the Force attended by over 3,000 students, families and community members. For the first time, varsity football was played under lights in the City of Yonkers. The amazing opening ceremony featured a Police motorcycle escort and the Fire Pipes and Drums. The evening ended with the presentations of the Superintendent’s Trophy to the Force and the Police and Fire Department Trophies for the defense and offense most valuable players. The game galvanized the enthusiasm and support for the new Merged Yonkers Public Schools Football Varsity and Junior Varsity Teams.

Quality education must provide students with sports and club opportunities as well as academics. With the collaborative support for the Force and Brave from the City of Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano, Police and Fire Departments as well as the Yonkers Firefighters IAFF Local 628 and Yonkers PBA, Local 16 leadership, dynamic community engagement happened amongst the students, their families, the officers and the firefighters. We are facing a challenging budget for the next year. Be assured, we will endeavor to continue to support these opportunities. This momentum must continue.

As you know, 79% of our students are economically disadvantaged. Therefore, enriched sports opportunities may not be a reality for many of our players. An important component of the football program are the summer training camps selected by the head coaches. Our players are expected to cover the cost; the District provides the transportation.

However, many of our young people’s participation may not be possible without important partners like you. We are asking community members to sponsor Brave and/or Force players’ Summer Training Camp tuition. Would you consider sponsoring players? The Brave tuition is $120.00 per player and the Force tuition is $220.00, or a donation towards any player’s tuition.

We hope your answer is yes! To sponsor players, please complete the attached form and make your check playable to Yonkers Public Schools, Force & Brave Teams.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you to the entire Yonkers community for all the support for the Brave and Force in our inaugural year; we look forward to a spectacular second season.


Dr. Edwin M. Quezada
CC: President Rev. Steve Lopez, President and Members of the Board of Education
One Larkin Center
Yonkers, New York 10701
Tel. 914 376-8100
Fax 914 376-8584
Dr. Edwin M. Quezada
Superintendent of Schools

2019 Sponsorship for Football Players Summer Training Camp Yes, I would like to sponsor Brave and/or Force players Summer Training Camp Tuition

Name: _________________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________

Contact Information:

Phone: _________________________________

Email: _________________________________

Enclosed is a check made payable to the Yonkers Public Schools, Brave & Force, in the amount of $_________________.

My sponsorship should be used as follows:

______________ Brave Player(s) at $120.00 per player (number of players)

______________ Force Player(s) at $220.00 per player (number of players)

$_____________ donation to apply towards any players’ tuition (indicate the amount).

Please send this form and your check to:

Dr. Edwin M. Quezada, Superintendent of Schools Yonkers Public Schools, One Larkin Center, Yonkers, NY 10701

eHeziSupport the Yonkers Brave and Force Football Teams

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  1. Parent of YHS student-apparently you have been drinking too much of the Kool-Aid that the Yonkers BOE hands out-unfortunately you fall back on the now worn out retort of being a “Hater”-the Yonkers BOE selection is all about political contracts and favors. Rev Lopez took the job with the full understanding that it is a voluntary position and what the job of a trustee entails. I hope your child is college ready unlike a good majority of the graduating seniors.

    1. Thanks for enquiring about my children and yes 1 of them is starting college this August. The other is well on her way. I understand your point of view but I understand your frustrations however, when you compare Yonkers to the other big cities across NY we are doing just as good and if not better. I can’t speak for Lopez but he is always around and does more than any other BOE President. He deserves the 15k.
      The main point is lets help our children with this Football Sponsorship. We should help as much as we can if possible. Enjoy your day.

    1. I would like to think we are mature enough to promote our kids without these immature comments. Please refrain from these comments. Thanks

    2. As a “stakeholder” and a “taxpayer” when is Dr Q and the YBOE going to release the results of some of the state exams and when is he going to tell the taxpayers the number of college ready seniors has gone up from a horrendous 9.7%-the Yonkers BOE is anything but transparent.

  2. Hey disgusted Christian Taxpayer..why don’t you meet these fine young men of the Force and The Brave,and get to know them.They have so much pride and enthusiasm, knowing that the Police and Fire are on their side supporting them. Everyone can have their opinion of Dr.Q,but I support his efforts in trying to give these players a chance to be part of an amazing renaissance of high school football in Yonkers,and to be supported and mentored by the Yonkers police and firefighters. High school football is back in Yonkers, get on board and enjoy it..I am…..

    1. Youths are lucky Fire and Police are on their side!

      Why isn’t our BOE doing their job? Where are other extracurricular activities? Zippo!

      Who is going to fund art, gym, basketball, etc.? Squandering and mismanagement by Yonkers BOE that’s why they have Zippo credibility in Albany!

      Elected school board, these incumbents are failures!

      1. Hezi, Thank you for always being the light and truth for Yonkers. We are supposed to believe that an elected school board will do better. The Mayor and his crew run this city. The BOE weather elected or appointed have no say. The Governor screws Yonkers every chance he has. Vote this prick Coumo and Senator Cousins out and you will see a better funded Yonkers. Cousins had a chance to give Yonkers an extra 60 million last month and she wouldn’t do it. Cousins has bever forgotten her loss to Nick Spano and every chance she has to screw Yonkers she does. Mayor Mike is running for re-election and Cousins wants to punish Yonkers citizens by forcing the Mayor to raise taxes so that we the Yonkers citizens get upset at him and vote the Mayor out. Its all a game by these pricks and we the tax payers get screwed. The BOE Trustees are good hard working people that really have zero input on the budget. Don’t be fooled by these blogs and messages.I know most of the Trustees and they work hard across Yonkers helping many. Most people that blog here have an alternative agenda to try to ruin the BOE Trustees because they wanted to be on it.. Hezi knows the truth and who those people are. Hezi help me drain this swamp!

        1. Wait a minute-the BOE Trustees are appointed by the MAYOR and they all have some POLITICAL connection to the political parties in Yonkers-You explain why the “Rev” Lopez should all of a sudden be given a $15,000 stipend-they run around Yonkers like they are “players” .

          1. Rev. Lopez works over 20 hours a week at the minimum. The stipend is a small salary for all the work he does above and beyond what any other President of BOE does. Rev Lopez is at so many events during the week and he contributes with a collaborated effort with the other Trustees to help the community. Do not make this out to be some scam as you are blogging above. Stop being a hater and look at all the positive things our Trustees do. They were hand picked by the Mayor for the reason they are hard working honest community leaders. Give it a rest and be helpful and not nuisance. I donated to the Football fund because I played football when I was in high school and it helped me be the man I am today. I hope Superintendant Dr Quezada continues his solid effort to revive Yonkers Youth sports because this will help our children build stronger character in life. Every successful person has a competitive edge and sports help you build that edge.
            Rev Lopez continue your hard work along with the other fine BOE Trustees. Dr Q. you are the light at the end of a tunnel we have always needed. God Bless you all!
            A Proud Parent of YHS Students

  3. Eddie Quezada is a failed school leader. He is not willing to make the tough decisions. He is beholden to Anthony Niccodemo and Francine McCue. They prop him up so the UFT can rip off the taxpayer.

  4. Dr Q,
    You have a nerve asking taxpayers for more, it’s ridiculous! We are taxed beyond our means, as it is!

    You should be ashamed that under your leadership sports programs were eliminated to the point the FD and PD had to come to the rescue to sponsor these two football teams.

    Instead, you should do your job and trim some fat from administration BOE budget. Your management of 600 million budget is poor, at best. Furthermore, you should be working non-stop with the Mayor, Council and legislators to come up with an effective plan and strategy to secure more funding for YPS from Albany. Its also critical to collaborate with other large instate districts and build a strong partnership to develop a convincing business case that demonstrates the need and inequity in the current funding formula and specifically shows how additional funds would be used by each municipality and the resultant benefits.

    Stop the self serving PR and scrounging for pennies when tens of millions are at stake!

    A disgusted taxpayer!

    1. It wasn’t Dr Q’s idea. Coach Dematteo reached out to a few community members and asked if we could help raise money so that all the kids have a equal fair opportunity at playing. Usually the kids that attend the optional camp tend to have more playing time because of more practice. I felt it was unfair because some kids could not afford to attend the optional camp because of financial hardship. A few individuals raised enough money and did not want there name mentioned. We were able to pay for the football camps and Cheerleaders to attend their camps as well. Any donations we collect will be allocated and a fund will be setup for other sports as well. We are all trying to help in different ways. Stop hating on Dr Q. He is the hardest working Superintendent we have ever had. Thank you all for your concern and warm heartedness.
      An Optimistic Tax Payer
      and Christian.

      1. I’m a Christian too but what’s happening in Yonkers is corrupt and hypocritical. I have compassion for the students and want dollars to go to them, but there is considerable waste in Yonkers and at the top of the heap is double talking Dr Q.

        I’m not hating, I’m being completely honest, open your eyes! Optimistic be damned, for how long is the hoodwink going to go on!!! People are selling homes like wildfire in all the good sections of Yonkers. The exit is underway.

        Dr Q is a self serving appointed empty suit who is squandering my tax dollars. He was hand picked by the Mayor and reports to a board of trustees that are also hand picked. It’s our tax dollars and we should have an elected school board so that there is accountability.

        These folks just keep repeating the same sad story every year. Nothing changes, just more money, fewer services and less enrichment for students, with little transparency.

        A disgusted Christian taxpayer!

      2. Optimistic Taxpayer: it is not being a hater in regards to Dr Q-its being realistic and dealing with the facts-and the facts clearly validate the fact that Dr Q has been a failure.

      3. You are missing the point! Why does Yonkers PS not have sports programs? Simple: Chronic Mismanagement and waste of funds. Asshole Q is at the core of the problem!

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