TARGET MAYOR RICH: Threats, Prosecution Promises, Grand Jury
Mount Vernon Mayor RICHARD THOMAS

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Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas.

Mayor Rich Thomas has had a target on him since day one. The old guard assigned their figureheads to stay at the ready to destroy the millennial Mayor by any means necessary.

Enter André Wallace and the forces behind him that he and others have compromised for their own GREED, prepared to take Mayor Thomas out.

Whatever it takes to bring him down, at the expense of every city service and the people, Wallace will do.


Before I became Mayor, on the eve of my daughter being born, André Wallace came to me and said: “Now we can make some money and get rich!”.

I told him absolutely NO!


Wallace asked me to think about it and to simply direct all real estate deals to him and his crew. I told him that that was the problem with Mount Vernon and under my leadership, the city would go a different direction.


After that, WALLACE claimed that his network would see to it that I get prosecuted and removed from office and no one would know the difference. You have been a witness to what Wallace’s Network has done and is doing against and to me.


I told Wallace, God is in charge and will expose and deal with all involved.

Fast forward, Wallace is being sued by his business partners for not being able to deliver City-owned properties for nearly FREE.


According to Court documents, Wallace’s business plan was for him and his friends to:

  1. get the inside track on fixing and flipping city-owned property or seniors in tax arrears;

2) have the city create a grant program to fund the rehab of said homes;

3) use city kids in after-school programs to fix the properties for dirt cheap;

4) sell the properties to get at least $200,000 profit from the hustle.

I told Wallace that I would NEVER participate in such a scheme and that he should never approach me again with any illicit or illegal activity.


He vowed that his social media conglomerate of FAKE profiles and seasoned schemers would set me up to get me out of office by any means necessary.

After years of behind-the-scenes taunting by Wallace, at the April 16, 2019 Board of Estimate, he finally cracked and slipped when he said on a live microphone, “It’s okay because I save my talking because I set you up at the grand jury.” One month later, I confronted him at the May 14, 2019, BOE meeting, and I reminded him that God doesn’t like ugly. He responded, “How did you like your day before the grand jury?”


While we know that the Grand Jury declined to indict me, it’s because of what I said in the first place, “GOD is in charge and will expose the evil plots and deal with the enemy.”

GOD at Work

God is dealing with Wallace and a few other schemers around him. Right now Wallace’s building is in receivership and, based on Court documents, soon audio tapes of Wallace and other current and former city officials will become public for you all to hear the truth about their dirty deals to hide and steal public property before it goes to public auction.

GOD is Watching

While at Harvard Kennedy School Of Government, I was deeply encouraged by the faculty who expressed their support for me and urged that I continue to keep the faith and fight for the people. They said, they researched my issues and believe it is an organized criminal-like effort to get me out of office and that there is a bigger story behind my trial and tribulations that will overshadow all the deliberate dysfunction being choreographed by the old guard.

Keeping the Faith in the Lions Den

If anything, right now, I feel like Daniel in the Lions Den. Because of truth and faith, I survived one major attack. Had I had the chance to testify before the first grand jury, then I believe with all my heart that that grand jury too would have also voted no true bill.

GOD Got Me

Some criticize me for being so spiritual; however, I know that I gave all my issues to God when I ran for Mayor. What I continue to learn is that God is in charge. God knows I am not perfect, knows that I made mistakes, knows that I was literally set up by evil schemers, and God’s Plan is to expose all involved and deal with them… all of them.

As Nipsey Hussle said, “God got me!”

I will Keep the faith and keep going no matter what! You should too.


Original publication by Medium on May 25, 2019 and written by Mayor Richard Thomas

At 33, Richard Thomas is the youngest Mayor in Mount Vernon history! Facebook:


eHeziTARGET MAYOR RICH: Threats, Prosecution Promises, Grand Jury
Mount Vernon Mayor RICHARD THOMAS

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  1. Mayor Thomas, continue to keep putting God first and “we the people” will continue to have your back!!! Here’s to another victory in His Name!!!

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