What Would Make the City of Yonkers a Better City; Let’s Start Here

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Ivy Reeves is vying to represent Yonkersites as the Mayor of Yonkers in the Democratic Primary Elections to be held on June 25, 2019.

YONKERS, NY  – May 15, 2019 — The City of Yonkers is a lovely city. It has access to public transportation that is within 20 minutes to both Manhattan and White Plains. Yonkers has beautiful view corridors of New York City, the fabulous Hudson River, and the breath-taking Palisades Mountains.

So, what could make this city of gracious living any better?

As a person who has run for an elected office to help the City of Yonkers three times I strongly believe in fighting to keep our children off the streets, especially during the summer by having a state-of-the-art Community/Student Center. The Center would include many things including my IVY Programs (Important Values for Youth) which teaches manners, respect, etiquette and life skills. We would need programs to help teenagers acquire summer jobs. We also need to have programs to prepare our Yonkers Public School children for the Olympics in track and field, skating, swimming, and or gymnastics, but most importantly how to be kind and considerate of others.

We would need all development to be have an 80/20 affordable housing equation. It would be important to make people understand the difference between low income, senior and affordable housing. Each new developer would be asked to contribute to the funding of these programs.

I have developed programs and seminars to educate and suggest housing for the homeless population. One thing I would suggest in assisting those without a home would be more:

  1. Funding for mental health, drug counseling,  and teaching budgets to heads of homeless families. Also, we need to build special neighborhoods for homeless veterans like what so many other cities are doing; such as Syracuse and New York.
  2. Our seniors need to have better services, and other services restored. Services such as blood pressure and diabetes testing each month should be restored or implemented to seniors in centers. I would also provide two to three days a week physical fitness instruction to keep their bodies moving, as well as a nutritionist.
  3. Public schools need to be repaired every year not when it begins to fall apart. Maintenance and custodial staff would need to be employed year-round so that when the children return to school in September, desks, chairs, bathrooms, walls, auditorium, plumbing, and ceilings would be repaired.
  4. Cable television and property taxes need to be lower for seniors, and those who are retired; especially those who have lived and raised their families in their homes for over 30 years. The same should be extended to veterans and the disabled.
  5. Nepotism and cronyism must go and everyone who is qualified for jobs in the city of Yonkers should have the opportunity to be hired, receive a pension, and contribute to their Social Security through the city of Yonkers. 
  6. Some positions are not worthily of the salaries received while other salaries should be increased. Garbage and pollution of our land, air, and water needs to be carefully examined and legislation put in place to clean up the city.
  7. The election processes should be fair and equal for those seeking candidacy. Elected officials should not use their positions to bully, harass, threaten, intimidate, or force those who work for the city, county, to coerce people to elect those people for whom they work of or those people they are instructed and told to support. We need to elect brave, mature and secure public servants with good character traits to be our leaders.
  8. We need to understand Yonkers’ past; take a good look at what is presently occurring and prepare for a better future for all citizens living in our “City of Gracious Living”.

Ivy Reeves has entered the Yonkers City Democratic Committee Primary vying to win voter support for her candidacy to become Mayor of Yonkers.


SOURCE: Ivy Reeves


eHeziWhat Would Make the City of Yonkers a Better City; Let’s Start Here

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  1. Majority Leader Cousins
    Yonkers is counting on you to end the Spano Dynasty. Please support the people who always supported you.


  2. The sooner Beltran & Reeves can come up with an agreement on which one should step down, they would be doing the city of Yonkers a good deed.

    Don’t they realize the voter turnout is typically low in a primary, especially taking place in June for the first time. Three candidates on the ballot will only help keep the current mayor in office, which is exactly what they want. I can’t confirm this but heard their petitions weren’t challenged in hope that it will favor a victory of Spano.

    These two ladies need a stronger message in order to be heard and have a chance at winning.

    They need to do their homework , if they plan to debate.

    Same thing with the 3 district , stronger message needed

  3. Karen is the most unfriendly, unengaging candidate Spano could possibly find. Karen only says hello to people now because she wants people to vote for her.

    1. Go Ivy! You’ve been here, been involved and worked hard for all those struggling in yonkers for 20 years. Where was Karen? #Wegotyourback #goivy

    2. Karen Beltran is calling up Yonkers Veterans Posts to ask if she could attend their May 27th services despite the fact that she has never attended a veterans service in Yonkers in her life -what a hypocrite -she is not going to honor veterans-she is going because she is running for election-what a piece of garbage.

    1. Vote for any ethnicity but black-when it is convenient for blacks the Hispanic’s in Yonkers are their best friends-now that Hispanic’s have flexed their new found power- the black’s in Yonkers are resorting to their worn out blame game line.

  4. Spano can continue to raise millions of dollars from people doing business with the City.
    It didn’t work for Crowley or Klein and it won’t work for Spano.

    Vote Beltran

    1. How can you compare the two to mike? Klein was a traitor who worked with the republican to keep the senate in republican hands and Crowley was running in a predominately Latino district neither of which is the case here. As for Beltran, she is neither an AOC or a biaggi. She a flunky family court attorney who hasn’t paid her mortgage in 10 years and had 10 people show up at her campaign kickoff. “#homeowner” all over your Facebook page Karen? Give it a rest.

      1. Spano employs more Republicans than Democrats. His Deputy Mayor is the former Republican County Chairman, his wife who was Pataki’s secretary is the Planning Commissioner. Klein is much more a Democrat than Spano.

        1. So now the litmus test for working for the City is that you have to have ALWAYS been a Democrat. Nothing else matters. Check. Note that your buddy Latimer has kept the 99% of Astorino’s republican lackeys and Karen worked for Rob for 8 years. Where was Karen when Rob was sh-tting all over the party and attacking the childcare funding of children in need in Yonkers? Taking a check (but apparently not paying her mortgage).

    2. Funny. Karen’s original fundraiser notice specifically excluded people working for or doing business with the city. That exclusion was noticeably removed a day or two later. Hypocrite. A lot of good that did. How many people showed up?

  5. This Op-Ed demonstrates how little Ivy actually knows about government, public schools social services, or life in general. Hopefully there will be debates, so we can get some comedy.

  6. Sounds good except point#5-Ms Reeves you worked in City Hall yet not a peep from you about all the nepotism and cronyism that took place while you were working there-you have also written an article in the Yonkers Rising several years back where you voiced anti-Hispanic sentiments.

    1. Ivy, just stop, you should have been off the ballot which is really bad this year. Anyone could get on this year. Karen, you have the personality of a mop

    1. I have to give Ivy credit for at least laying out her vision unlike her opponent Karen who has laid out absolutely nothing. That’s probably because Ivy has at least been engaged in the city at many levels for a few decades unlike Karen who thinks she can just show up and say, “me, me, me!” Go Ivy!

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