White Plains Common Council Candidate Kat Brezler Announces Victory in Petition Appeal

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Appeals court rules the campaign collected a sufficient number of signatures

Kat Brezler, White Plains Common Council Democratic candidate

WHITE PLAINS, NY – May 30, 2019 — Democrat Kat Brezler announced a decision in her favor on Wednesday, May 29th from the Supreme Court Appellate Division in Brooklyn, establishing that her campaign collected the required number of signatures to appear on the Democratic line in the June Primary Election.

“This is not just a victory for my campaign, but for the voters who the establishment attempted to disenfranchise. We are sending a message that business as usual will not be accepted. Voters should have a choice and thanks to today’s decision, they will,” said Kat Brezler.

The campaign’s petitions were challenged on claims that signatures did not match voter registration cards, some of which were over 40 years old. A Westchester County Judge originally ruled that these signatures were invalid, however the Appellate Division found that the Brezler campaign was not given sufficient notice on the nature of the signature challenges. Because this would not allow sufficient time to prepare a defense, the decision was overturned.

One of the opponent’s chief arguments rested on the fact that a subscribing witness, Kimberly Cooley, did not reside at the address she wrote in her witness statement. However, that address, affected by Superstorm Sandy, is currently under construction and resulted in her staying at multiple places while she intends to return to her permanent address. The court ruled that the address was her residence because she has not established a fixed residence elsewhere and the signatures should not have been invalidated.

“I want to thank my incredible legal team for fighting so vigorously and to all of my supporters who never gave up the fight and helped ensure we had the resources to fight this. Now we can put all of our energy towards speaking with voters and winning in June,” added Brezler.

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SOURCE: Friends of Katherine Brezler Communications Director Tom Musich


eHeziWhite Plains Common Council Candidate Kat Brezler Announces Victory in Petition Appeal

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  1. Kat Brezler crashed and burned in a spectacular fire ball, as predicted. Hey toots, keep teaching the kiddies and stay out of the fast lane.

  2. I met Kat when she was a young seedling in Yonkers. She is prone to temper tantrums. I don’t understand how she teaches first graders, with such a disposition.

  3. She had fake signatures. Its okay … she won’t even make it past the primary. She is not assertive. She’s a shrew with a drinking problem.

  4. When a woman is assertive, speaks up for what she believes in, stands up for change…everyone tries to knock her down with name calling. Trouble maker she is not, BADASS FIGHTER she is! She beat the corrupt Board of Elections. Reginald Laffayette and Douglas Colety are unindicted crooks who have consistently undermined the election process with corruption. Bottom line, Katherine Brezler has exposed the shenanigans. The entire nation is aware what goes on in Westchester County, and money is rolling in to help her. When she wins, they will be consistently genuflecting. GO TEAM KAT BREZLER!!!

    1. The board of elections found her petitions valid, you ignorant moron. They were on her side. With supporters as stupid as you it’s a miracle she made it through the appeal.

      1. She’s a faker. She claims to be an underpaid school teacher. She makes $75k a year from NYC, while only working 180 days per year. She also make a couple of grand as an adjunct for Empire State College.

        1. If a person is living in Westchester she had better be making $75,000 per year. That’s what it would take to afford a $1600 studio. Forget a one bedroom which goes for $1750 and up.

          1. You can buy a house at those rates. White Plains deserves her. I am just glad we threw her out of Yonkers. I know she wanted to move closer to the bars. She can’t afford another DUI.

      2. No you are the MORON LOSER. Kat had the Board of Elections number. She was not deceived by the deceivers. Binder is one in the same with Douglas Colety and Reginald Lafayette. They had to show face, because KAT has strength in the entire USA. Money is rolling in, and Lafayette and Colety are squirming. Kat and all of us were not deceived. Please genuflect when she wins! Win she will!

    2. Brezzler is a problem searching for an issue. She tried to take on Shelley Mayer for the 37th. Her issue was education. Now it’s housing. She earns $75k a year as a NYC Public School teacher, only working 180 days. A year. She is also an adjunct at Empire State College. Stick to teaching 1st graders.

      1. Trump should love Kat, because like him, she will trounce the establishment, and give them the finger for all of us who are anti establishment. Keep squirming and perspiring Lafayette and Colety and other political losers! Go Kat Brezler!

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