Yonkers Mayoral Hopeful Karen Beltran Endorsed By #Run For Something and Specifically By Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg and First Lady Hillary Clinton

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Yonkers Tribune Hezitorial Exclusive

YONKERS NY — May 1, 2019 — Rumblings of a Yonkers Mayoral hopeful has been spoken about in hushed tones and on the down low. Yet she has yet to make herself visible on the political landscape. Even so, Karen Beltran has been spoken about as a potentially strong and viable challenger  in the upcoming Yonker Democratic Primary challenge to be decided on June 25, 2019. Her opponent is incumbent Mayor Mike Spano who seeks his third term in office. Beltran has quietly engaged supporters who have kept her campaign effort very quiet. Even so, Yonkersites are always in the know, and those that knew of her intended campaign awaited her formally divulging her intentions. Anticipation and hope for a Latina to succeed in a primary battle royale and final supremacy over Mayor Mike Spano is a palpable taste among many Yonkersites, albeit on the “down low”. Retribution in Yonkers, real or imagined has kept Yonkersite in check over many administrations. The prospect for a woman, a Latina, a legal eagle, has long been spoken about, but never realized in the City of Hills.

Presidential aspirant Pete Buttigieg presents a new beginning rather than a continuation of the past for many Yonkersites long denied the opportunity to have say and sway on the political landscape known as Yonkers.

Pete Buttigieg’s has credible credentials as a candidate. Present demeanor is welcoming to a man who is comfortable with his sexual preference. Gays have been ostracized in America for many years and individually and collectively they have run out of patience hearing that they must wait their turn. They are not waiting; nor should they.

But there is more…

First Lady Hillary Clinton and 2016 Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton cracked part of the glass ceilings that kept women at bay and as second class citizens since the days of Adam and Eve. Women are tired of waiting their turn because they have been given short shrift and nothing more as they patiently waited their turn. They believed yet over time realized the intention to give then an opportunity to thrive in the political landscape was nothing more than a ruse. The are no longer waiting for permission; they are taking control of their destiny and have no anxiety in serving society in all its disparate permutations. Gender, ethnicity, sexual preference, adherence to religious dogma, are part of the fabric that women believe, and many will conjure, they, rather than men have to capacity to care for a city with a sense of empathy and respect to which men are said to oblivious.

However the City of Yonkers is defined by those who have the temerity to define “her”, Run for Something, is known to be backing each of the candidates noted on their website with a coffer of funds to afford Beltran and the other candidates noted a credible financial capacity to succeed in their respective campaign challenge.


Learn more at RunForSomethingRunForSomething


Karen Beltran is running for Mayor of Yonkers, NY. Karen is a public service attorney in the Family Court where she protects children from abuse and neglect. She is a long-time public school education advocate fighting for equitable funding, better academics, better school climate and needed services for all children. She is also an immigrant, union member and homeowner who understands the need for local good paying jobs to support our families. Karen Beltran wants to be the leading advocate for education, affordable housing, public safety, and responsible economic development.

eHeziYonkers Mayoral Hopeful Karen Beltran Endorsed By #Run For Something and Specifically By Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg and First Lady Hillary Clinton

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  1. Now he is so friendly to people of color its not working just look at 99% of pictures of Yonkers its colorless. Someone is looking for the votes.

    1. On Memorial Day these hypocrites will be at all the Memorial Day services with their name plates even though not one of them has attended these service in the past.

      1. How can you make such a broad based claim that these candidates have never attended Memorial Day events before? There are memorial services in Yonkers, various in the county, in NYC and across the state.

        I, for one, am a veteran and I attend events either locally or in NYC, depending on where my family is. Do you expect their participation at every single event?

        I, for one, hate when the politicians show up. Wish more of the general public attended, but in recent years participation has been improving.

        Think politicians should do more to legislate on the behalf of veterans and our goodwill rather than show up for a photo-op!

  2. Lots to cover re this story. Unfortunately, no new faces in this city running for anything. I know and like Ivy very much. But when you have a mayoral candidate of the 4th largest city in the state, thanking people on social media for helping her get on the ballot and the next thing out of her mouth is asking where she can get her ‘locks’ done is beyond laughable. Also, Khader and Latimer both won, in no small part, because of the CON-CON proposition on the ballot. It was a call for union employees, mostly Dems, to vote and they just went down the line. Liam made many mistakes but when Dems come out in droves, Dems win. Simply demographics. Would be nice if some rich millennials step up and run for office in Yonkers. Like it or not, Spano is the only viable candidate for mayor.

  3. Ivy declared before Karen. Spano put Karen in the race as a spoiler to ensure another win for the dynasty. Smart politics.

    1. Who the hell is Ivy? Why is it her turn? What has she done? No disrespect, but we need open forum debates between candidates and questions from voters!

      1. Ivy has been out working hard in the community for decades and has engaged with 1000s of yonkersites during that period. Ivy also has the right government experience and education to succeed. Ivy is the better woman for the job. Karen should get out of the race and support Ivy.

          1. You have a very short memory. Mike Spano knocked Fred Hernandez off the ballot four years ago. Spano deprived Hispanics of a choice for mayor at the ballot. Carmen Goldberg keeps prostituting herself with “Hispanics for Spano,” so her kids can continue to move up the food chain with Mike and Nick.

          2. Fred didn’t get on the ballot because he had a TWO THOUSAND s–t signatures on his petitions…ya know….people who didn’t live in Yonkers, people who weren’t registered to vote and people who just were not entitled to vote. There is a process. So we should just let anyone form anywhere have a say in who gets on the ballot in Yonkers? Got it.

            My understanding is that all of the people on his team were too busy fighting over who was going to get what position and what office rather than focusing getting Fred on the ballot. You reap what you sow. Both Karen and Ivy were both able to get on the ballot this year.

    2. Yea Ivy it’ your time to lose another one. Ivy apparently stays in one section of Yonkers to campaign and drum up support for her identity politics theme.

  4. Hezi, Is this the same woman you did a story on a few weeks ago disclosing her personal financial woes including her house being in foreclosure?

    1. Post

      Yes, the Yonkers Tribune broke the financial quagmire facing Ms. Beltran in an article which I was first to make known.

      kindly, Hezi

      1. The same way Spano was credible when the Schools blew $55 million under his watch.

        I will take Karen over 1000000 Spanos.

        1. Fake news!!! The school district was not under the City’s control when that occurred. It was because if that issue that the City took over the district. You are either ill informed or a liar.

          1. Sounds like City insider to me.

            All we know taxpayers are paying the price. Taxes are going up 10% in two years with a budget of $1.2 billion going to the Spanos!

            Crimes are on the rise and millions down the drain.

            Karen Beltran all the way.

          2. BOE is as corrupt now as it was then, but no one in City Hall will cut the purse strings, waste and corruption. Why? Because they are either vested, spineless or corrupt! We need decent, honest, credentialed candidates to represent us!

            I want that lady Scott from my district in the 4th to run again. She didn’t make false promises about taxes but she knew finances. I regret now not voting for her, I voted party lines, what a mistake!!!

      2. Cannot handle her home finances is beyond and understatement. She hasn’t paid her mortgage for a decade. I love her “#homeowner” on her web pages.

        1. Scott was an outsider, the insiders didn’t want her. She ran a strong campaign, scared the hell out of the so called “entitled’.

          I hope she runs again and if she does, she will kick ass and win by a landslide. Rubbo is a bought and paid for political tool/hack. He’s not out for us, he’s for himself!

        2. Didn’t the State say Spano is reckless in managing Yonkers?

          Spano sold half of Yonkers to developers and what did we get in return? Higher taxes, more crime, higher water rates.

          Spano is out of steam to manage the City for another 4 years. We gave him two chances.

          Yonkers needs fresh blood.

          1. A nobody family court attorney who hasn’t paid her mortgage in 10 years and Ivy. God help us.

  5. Oh no-trouble In Spano Land! Beltran gets big endorsements. Why don’t they just do what they always do with all of their political rivals-give her and her relatives 100K bogus no show jobs in City Hall. I’m sure that would take care of it.

  6. If the Spano family supported Liam McLaughlin he would be CCP today.
    Latimer is only County Executive because Spano did not run, that also applies to Shelly.
    Spano will crush Beltran

    1. Spano DID support Liam, but Liam lost because the Khader machine was so STRONG and Liam had disenfranchised many voters, groups and organizations across the city. He only garnered union support from YPD, while Khader had them all!

      Spano was not supported for the CE race by County and Albany powerbrokers so that is why he didn’t run. Spano backed out of Senate race because he realized he couldn’t beat Shelley and all the supporters she had across Yonkers and beyond.

      Spano’s desperate attempt to stay viable was to extend term limits, to 3 terms and he did so without voter consent. And that obstruction of democracy will ultimately lead to his downfall.

  7. is it true that Pete Buttigeg and Hillary Clinton plan on campaigning for karen in yonkers?

    It won’t be the first time Clinton campaigns against a spano aka 2006 Andrea v nick

    1. Post

      That has yet to be determined. we will have to await if either one of them, both or neither sill endorse anyone as the contest closed in near the time of the June 25 Primary vote. kindly, Hezi

  8. Before the June 25 primary, we, the people of Yonkers, need ALL the candidates in the race for Mayor to participate in at least one debate. Same for all the City Council candidates running for the open district seats.

    In the spirit of transparency and accessibility, these debates need to be held in a large venue and should be televised and also broadcast on Facebook.

    Voters have a right to know each candidates platform, their accomplishments and the vision they have for their district and the City.

    Has anyone heard about upcoming debates?

    1. Karen’s campaign is being super secretive. Why is the view of her campaign treasurer’s home blurred out on google maps? Why is her treasurer in new jersey? Look up her committee (www.elections.ny.gov:8080/plsql_browser/getfiler2_loaddates?filerid_in=C10797) and then google the New Brunswick address. Something doesn’t smell right here. She tried to hide her foreclosure and bankruptcy. What else is she hiding? The address of Mayor Spano’s treasurer is in Yonkers.

  9. Spano should of kept his word and not conspired with the City Council to abolish term limits, so he can seek a 3rd term.
    Rule number 1 in politics, don’t undo the will of the people.

    1. Post

      It was posted. Go to the Yonkers Tribune website. Find our search engine on the top of the page, right hand side, and put in the name Ivy Reeves, and the most recent article posted will come up.

      1. Sure she is….. That’s why Ivy is having a fundraiser on June 7th. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/prince-and-ivy-birthday-celebration-and-fundraiser-tickets-61016623363. Ivy was involved locally way before Karen even knew where Yonkers was. She has great experience having worked in the City Council’s office and has done tons of work in the community and for various groups over the last 30 years. Her educational background is just as fantastic. What has Karen done? I never heard anything about her before this year. I am supporting Ivy!!!

    1. Post
    1. Post
  10. Why should I give the same guy who raised my taxes a third term?

    I didn’t even agree to the third term for me to even consider him. The limousine guy was right- We need new blood. #allthewayup #2019newstart

  11. Beltran should be out there telling the voters how much the taxes were raised under Spano.

    And where the money is going? We are financing is family’s paychecks.

    1. Anyone can nominate anyone. The people who are nominated and garner the most votes win the support of the party. Meier is 1 person in this process.

  12. Editor’s Note: personal information conjectored by the commentator and unproven. Therefor, deleted by Hezi as speculation and not revealed as used in this comment. only the last sentence, albeit a comment, survives the diatribe preceding the sentence found below…

    Kindly, Hezi

    “Meier is a disgrace to the Democratic Party.”

  13. Spano has been making bad choices all along:

    County executive gone to Laitmer
    State Senate- he was dumped and Shelley stole it
    Supported Liam and lost
    Is supporting Robinson and they will both lose.

    Wait until Beltran gets in City Hall and digs up your dirt.

  14. Steve Levy will be picking up cans all over the City if Spano loses.

    I can’t wait to see that. I have a good spot for you Mr. Levy- lots of cans bud.

  15. Vinny Spano would be a bouncer in a club if it wasn’t for the Spano Corporation.

    Now he is the City Clerk! What a conflict of interest!!! He doesn’t even show up to work!

  16. Wasn’t Tom Meier a driver for the County?

    How can a guy like this lead? Mind you that he cheated on his wife! She is a great lady and she dumped him in a second. We should dump Tom Meier and his nominees

    1. Beltran will play the racial and identity politics line-her being a lawyer is no big thing because lawyers are a dime a dozen.

      1. A government lawyer who hasn’t paid her mortgage in 10 years. This has to be an ethical violation. She should be disbarred.

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