1199 SEIU United Healthcare Workers East Endorses Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano

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YONKERS, NY — June 22, 2019 — Democrat for Mayor Mike Spano continues to build momentum as today he announced the endorsement of 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East, the largest healthcare worker union in the nation.

“Mike Spano’s leadership and vision have truly helped to revitalize Yonkers,” said Gabby Seay, 1199SEIU Political Director. “He has focused on improving access to employment, while fighting to increase graduation rates for students, and ensuring that the city’s communities are safer and healthier for families. The hardworking members of 1199SEIU are proud to endorse him for a 3rd term, and we look forward to continuing to stand together to create change for the working women and men of Yonkers.

Mayor Spano’s leadership in the City of Yonkers truly represents everything our union stands for in terms of employment, economic justice, human rights, quality healthcare and protecting our planet. There is no better person to serve the 4th largest City in New York State than Mayor Mike Spano, which is why we proudly endorse him in his primary campaign to be the Democratic nominee for Mayor of Yonkers.

1199SEIU represents over 450,000 caregivers along the East Coast. The members of 1199SEIU work in hospitals, nursing homes, homecare programs, clinics and pharmacies, and are some of the most politically active residents in New York.
“It is truly an honor to receive this endorsement from 1199SEIU,” said Mayor Mike Spano. “To say it is humbling to have the support of the largest healthcare union in the United States is an understatement. The members of 1199SEIU go above and beyond to care for the residents, patients and senior citizens of New York on a daily basis and are heroes in my mind. The dedicated representatives of 1199SEIU motivate me every day to fight for the hardworking people of Yonkers.”

1199SEIU’s endorsement joins the list of high profile unions, political organizations, cultural associations and others that have endorsed Spano, the 42nd Mayor in the history of Yonkers.

Mike Spano’s campaign and accomplishments have been built on Progress, Principles and Pride:

• Education: School funding is at historic levels and graduation rates are the highest of any large City in New York State.

• Housing: Over $250 million has been dedicated to restoring nearly 2,000 housing units.

• Economic Growth: $3 billion in private investment has been secured, the Yonkers
Waterfront has been revitalized and thousands of jobs have been created.

• Safer Streets: Crime has been reduced by 40% since Mayor Spano took office and the FBI named Yonkers the safest City of its size in the United States.

• Environment: Yonkers has been at the forefront in Westchester County for green
initiatives and all streetlights in Yonkers have been converted to energy efficient LED.

For more information: visit www.MikeSpano.com 













SOURCE: Akeem Jamal | Campaign Manager | Democrat for Mayor Mike Spano

eHezi1199 SEIU United Healthcare Workers East Endorses Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano

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