BLUE TRUTH: Yonkers Police Department Too Embarrassed to Admit Opioid, Fentanyl, and Heroin Addiction is Rampant

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Cover-up Sustained Behind a Bastion of Silence for Years;  Permitted Corruption Abetted by Perjury and Continued Denial of Facts

The Holding Pattern of Silence Is the New Norm Since 2010

The Holding Pattern of Silence Blue Truth Hezitorial


The Blue Truth

Yonkers PBA shield.

YONKERS, NY — June 17, 2019 — Yonkers Police Officer Robert McDonough was found in his police car parked in the 3rd Police Precinct parking lot situated along Riverdale Avenue this Monday morning. He had completed the Early Shift, from 3-11pm Sunday, June 16th, and went on to work the Late Shift tour of duty, from 11pm Sunday, June 16th to 7am Monday, June 17th. An unidentified, on duty, uniformed Police Officer discovered McDonough in an unresponsive state slumped in the Police Car. Emergency Service Units were called to attend to McDonough. 

Naloxone also known by the trademark NARCAN, is an antidote for fentanyl overdoses. When properly administered it can restore normal breathing and consciousness to individuals experiencing an opiate overdose. Narcan or naloxone is an opiate antidote. Opioids include not only fentanyl but also heroin and prescription painkillers like morphine, codeine, methadone, and oxycodone. When someone overdoses on an opioid, their respiration slows down or stops altogether.

Because the depression of breathing caused by opioids can last longer than the action of Naloxone, further treatment in hospital is required. Three doses of Naloxone were reported by those in the know to have been administered to McDonough before he became responsive.

The incident described herein is one of a growing number of Yonkers Police Officers, who once found to suffer an alleged overdose of narcotics, such as induced by the use of fentanyl, opioids, heroin and prescription painkillers like morphine, codeine, methadone, and oxycodone are immediately transported for medical attention.

Under the care and attendance of medical attention, the Yonkers Police Benevolent Association directs the “patient” for rehabilitation which precludes further inquiry into the circumstances that took place. Even doctors may not be questioned!

Just imagine if you were assigned with such an officer. He drives and /or walks about under the influence of fentanyl, opioids, heroin, or some other drug. He is also carrying a gun. Such a Police Officer can neither protect himself, his partner, and certainly not the public he is entrusted to protect.

Once discovered to have suffered an overdose of any kind, the Yonkers PBA steps in to protect the Police Officer, sequestering him in a rehabilitation center operated by the City of Yonkers. Such an officer is forced into a regiment of rehabilitation that is intentioned to wean him off the addictive drug. In reality the rehabilitation process is a smoke screen which permits little scrutiny of the facts that transpired. It becomes instead an employment line for people earning a salary for which they can no longer perform. The paymaster is the Yonkers taxpayer who are totally unaware of what is happening In their name.

There are allegedly many Yonkers Police Officers who have succumbed to the demons of drug addictions.

The City of Yonkers can deny that which is herein described. Only one person has been outed. The window of opportunity to rid the YPD of this curse is now. Waiting a few weeks will continue their addiction and put in harms way other Police Officers and the Public.

One must ask why the Precinct Captains have not informed the Yonkers Police Commissioner? If as the Yonkers Tribune informs the reader of this circumstance as we allege it is, corroborated by people with knowledge of this incident and many others, will Police Commissioner Charles Gardner be permitted to ask for outside scrutiny to clean up the mess that has been a part of the Yonkers Police Department for many years? There must be a formal investigation of what is transpiring in Yonkers while perjurers continue to deny and deny and deny. 

Should there be nothing to hide, a Department of Justice investigation is called for now; not next year. How deep is the corruption? Why won’t Yonkers City Hall clean up the mess they have permitted to fester under their watch? 

If Yonkers City Hall is unaware of who the past addicts were, the Yonkers Tribune will inform them. We may not know them all, then again, we know most of them.

Has the 3rd Yonkers Police Precinct Captain written Police Commissioner Charles Gardner regarding Police Officer McDonough’s alleged waywardness? If not, why not? 

Who guards the bastions of silence and perjury in the City of Yonkers? 

Mayor Mike Spano must put a kabosh on this scam! 

The appropriate conduct is for the Yonkers Police Department to dismiss such a person from the force. They are unlikely to ever be rehabilitated. Yet such officers are allegedly hidden within the labyrinthine departments of the Yonkers Police Department. At issue is why and who is The Godfather that permits it?

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eHeziBLUE TRUTH: Yonkers Police Department Too Embarrassed to Admit Opioid, Fentanyl, and Heroin Addiction is Rampant

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  1. This is nothing, wait until the next academy class gets hired in July. Now that the spano’s secured another 4 years they are going to hire half the family as cops, even some that didn’t pass the physical and have sketchy backgrounds, but then again, when your uncle is in charge of doing the background checks what’s to worry about? Anyone that has been rejected from Yonkers police because of their application should get ready to sue the city because these guys definitely got preference despite the process that is not adhered, that’s corruption for you.

  2. Aren’t you assuming the same thing ? This is an incident that unfolded in real time with real people. In this case it just happened to be a public servant who apparently overdosed while on duty. Should the media not report any news ? The conspiracy is not from the reporting an unpleasant and an unfortunate incident. The Public has a right to know and knowing is no conspiracy.

    1. Ask the Captain of the 3rd precinct if he had any concerns about certain police officers in his precinct? Then ask other supervisors. Then you have it. The Yonkers Police Department should have a zero tolerance for drug use in the workplace. Or hire more social workers.

    2. Hope the District Attorney’s Office has it’s investigators on this. This way no parts of the DVD won’t get erased or equipment misplaced.

  3. This article and entire line of reasoning and speculation is simply classified as conspiracy theory. You are a conspiracy theorist and try to play to peoples intrigue and human nature of curiosity. Conspiracy theorists don’t need to produce facts they just live in rumor, speculations and inferences. Vast majority of time conspiracies are proven false. There is no journalism here and it’s sad that this will tarnish certain people even when proven false.

  4. The Captain of that precinct would rather go after guys that Olson and Mueller don’t like than actually reporting an internal problem. A shake up is in order. In any other city this would be done already.

  5. Nice try when dealing with the Yonkers PBA you don’t get facts you get misinformation. Now if this incident didn’t just happen to happen in the eye of the public this too would not have been mentioned by the City of Yonkers, or thePolice Department and certainly not the PBA. Maybe there should be another approach when investigating the police. No police department should have union officials impeding or interfering with any internal police investigations. We know what the Yonkers PBA leader and its trustees are capable of. Remember you want facts right!!! Then check yours

  6. No sir I plain and simple said use of Narcan was appropriate and is standard. You wrote this article and took several paragraphs to explain why Narcan is used and what it can be useful for but did not explain how it is given to any person not responsive. Your article plainly infers that since Narcan was given it had to be an overdose but there are no other supporting evidence to back up your claim except a “cover up”. Facts not insinuations and rumors are what the press, society and justice are based and founded upon

  7. This is just another example of the Spano’s running the Yonkers Police Department. The most corrupt City in the State. Come to Yonkers and either get sucker punched by Keith Olson or respond to jobs nodding out. Shameful

  8. Gentlemen, like any other newspaper this article is reporting news on police incident involving a police Officer. Plain and simple the public has a right to know and the public is not that naive to think this is the first incident involving Public Servants . So stop hating if your are a union official attempting to throw up another smoke screen.

  9. Hezi,
    Let me ask you this. Do you have a toxicology result from this incident? Do you have any “source” stating that there is any evidence of narcotics being found anywhere on scene or in the vicinity? Since you and your “sources” are so knowledgeable, do you know that administering Narcan to a person who is unconscious is common practice. Because of this drug epidemic (which everyone is living through and effected by), Narcan is given to people who are unconscious or not responding because it will have no ill effect on that person if he/she is suffering from another medical emergency, say a HEART ATTACK. This article is not only shameful and biased it is extraordinarily premature. In addition you should tell your readers in the article IF Narcan was given it is part of standard procedure Instead of insinuating that this officer has an issue with narcotics.

    1. Only you inferred that the use or NARCAN is inappropriate. I did not. Did you see the poster on Facebook regarding this incident that spoke to Fentanyl discovered in the police car by the YFD? Your effort to cover up is shameful. There are too many people who are addicted and yet carry a gun but no longer can carry out their responsibility to protect themselves, their partner, and public, and property. So if you want to await the toxicology report months after the fact and the M.E.’s report about Fernandez who crashed into a Rire truck in which he was killed, you go ahead. Deny and deny and deny the reality which I exposed months before any official announcement was ever divulged. How many P.O.’s are on light duty now because they suffer from an addiction? The takeaway is you will need to wait until all those involved will eventually recognize they can no longer keep this issue from being exposed by authorities who are not willing to play the game of denial that you and others believe with cap thi issu from ever making the light of day. I wish you health in order to at minimum learn the truth which you are likely already aware. Kindly, Hezi

  10. 3rd pct. Capt. Pat McCormack , the rat shit that he is should be transferred immediately . A total inept, incompetent rat garbage pail. Hey Pat, EH is no longer here, YOU WILL NEVER MAKE CHIEF.

  11. Wondering if Keith Olson and his union thugs were sympathetic when they tried to throw another cop out of HIS union who didn’t have a problem with drugs. Olson didn’t believe then that officers were entitled to freedom of speech so he set up a bunch of lies and had new cops sign it before they ate at their union bashing meetings.
    What the PBA needs is an adjustment of leadership. Banging on your chest, threatening and assaulting people in the police department has no place either.

  12. If your friend Robert tested positive for a controlled substance in his system-your absolutely correct that he deserves a second chance-except not in his current position-give him all the help he needs but he has to find another line of work.

    1. Nice for your union but can’t take second chances when you may have to make spit second decisions as any police office. The PD is a Para Military Organization. A success story will be after help and a new job. There is no rolling of the dice here pal.

  13. i know ROBERT GOOD little man he deserves a 2nd chance my union gave me 4 chances and then it finally clicked im sober a couple 24s life is good this is AMERICA WE LOVE A COMEBACK STORY

    1. If your friend Robert tested positive for a controlled substance in his system-your absolutely correct that he deserves a second chance-except not in his current position-give him all the help he needs but he has to find another line of work.

  14. Jeff, points well taken but we are talking about Yonkers PD and Yonkers PD has a habit of sweeping things like this under the rug. No hit piece just the news. So whether the information was dropped by pigeons it makes no difference. Maybe you need to get more information as to what has been occurring within the Yonkers PBA. You missed a couple of chapters. We wish you give your opinion when civilians we being targeted and yes Yonkers Police Officers too. What about that hit piece?

  15. To make a assertion, as articulated in the title, that heroin abuse in the YPD is rampant is quite a allegation. Doesn’t the YPD administer random drug testing for their Officers? How could such activity be “rampant”? If a Officer tests positive they are immediately suspended. This article comes across to me as a rather mean spirited hit piece. Not only is the YPD defamed in the title but a individual Officer has his character destroyed by a “source”. What if the source is incorrect? How does one recover from such a hit piece. If the Officer did violate departmental and/or applicable NYS law then prosecute him. However, shouldn’t there be a investigation to determine if these allegations have merit? To “out” this Officer by name is total bush league reporting. I hold the independent press in the highest regard as I hold the YPD in the highest regard. However, their must be responsible standards. This article is absent of said standards. Personally, I have files complaints against police departments. I have gone through the proper channels. Meaning the Westchester County DA Office. Has the YT files a complaint with the Westchester County DA Office? If not, then this is just a article seeking attention. I hope and pray that the Officer referred to in this article recovers fully. If the allegations submitted by the YT are true then hopefully he will receive appropriate treatment. Addiction is a disease and requires medical attention. In my humble opinion, by outing the Officer without verification of authenticity and using sensationalized headlines like “rampant drug use in the YPD” the article has absolutely no cred.
    Jeff Meyer Tuckahoe, NY

  16. If you want privacy, then go into the private sector. If you work in public agency and we, Joe Public, pay your salary, then what you do while you’re on the job is public information. If a Yonkers cop overdoses while in uniform in the parking lot of the 3rd precinct, then the public has the right to know. Imagine that, middle class white cops pulling in six figures are susceptible to addiction just like the poor minority communities that they police. Who woulda thunk?

    And instead of whining about how there should be more new hires on the police force, stop taking all of that overtime. You’re only taking away jobs from potential cops. Departments love it since they don’t have to hire someone else because one cop is willing to do the work of two.

    If you like don’t being a cop because the work is sh*t, then get another job. Let’s cut the bs – you signed up for it because of the fat salaries and even fatter pensions, not because you felt a burning desire to protect and serve the fine people of Yonkers. No sympathy from me when you start feeling the physical and mental side effects. You’re well paid. Deal with it. And if you can’t, then call your union rep or a doctor.

    1. Keith Olson you really should hold your comments because everyone on the Yonkers Police Department from the PC on down knows that you did every bit of what you Jon Mueller, and your Amsterdam file finder Brian Snoop Moran did. You three should pray it don’t go to discovery because then all the chips count.
      Losers and Liars bros. Your law suit is dead on arrival. Get that friend of yours some hair tonic will you.

  17. For someone that is smack in the middle of a defamation and libel suit, you sure do not have a problem dragging a person and a department through the mud without clarifying a single source. Even if your article holds true you are pushing your personal opinions on addiction and how the City should handle it. The CDC and NIH classified addiction to opiates a disease, not a choice. You also emphasize that doctors should be interviewed and violate HIPPA laws. Most people addicted to opiates were legally prescribed these “narcotics” with little to no warning of its dangers and a plethora of refills on hand. Using your logic, addiction to opiates is a choice and can be compared to someone that suffers from heart disease due to a poor lifestyle. If one were to agree with your smear campaign the City should trash all diseased employees. The City cannot sue the manufacturers responsible for contributing to the epidemic and profit on the backs of those patients and the families of the deceased, and at the same time just fire the victims that are suffering from the disease. There’s a lot of personal opinion and not enough corroborated facts in this article. I can see why the author ended up in court.

  18. I struggle with the high property taxes and ever growing water bills in this city, to hear that these cops (mostly Caucasian Italian /Irish mob) is the cause for our endless tax deficit is maddening. These guys make $150k+ with a high school degree and get to retire early with full pension, this is nowhere near sustainable. We need to really start questioning what’s going on.

    1. The bottom line is the Captain of that precinct should be held accountable like any other situation. Are there others? Police Departments must not tolerate any type of drug usage. The City of Yonkers Mayor should stop taking orders from his brothers and dismiss officers using narcotics while on duty. Bottom line the Mayor should stop running interference with the PC every time a rogue thug like Olson runs over with another suggestion on how to circumvent the law and policy.
      Eventually Yonkers will be dealt with by another agency. This is what is called another cover up by the Spano Administration.

  19. If it was an illegal drug the officer needs to be fired. He is suppose to uphold the law and he violated it when he purchased an illgal substance – same treatment a civilian would get!

  20. If the story is accurate to the point that an Officer had some form of alleged opioid overdose, then the circumstances of that overdose should be checked prior to the publishing of a story about it.
    The opioid epidemic is just that, an epidemic. If this Officer had been working a double shift in the Third precinct, there is no way of knowing at first glance, if the alleged overdose was intentional or not.
    First responders are extremely susceptible to issues from contact with opioids, while working. All should read,”Emergency Responders and Opioids Exposures: Protection in an Uncontrolled Environment.”
    I grew up in South Yonkers, and would have to believe opioid addicts are quite prevalent in the Third. I know of a few in the nicer neighborhoods in South Yonkers, so I am quite sure the areas already known for illegal drug use are a cesspool of potential contact highs.

      1. I grew up in South Yonkers. Spent most of my life in South Yonkers. I worked with residents of South Yonkers, in South Yonkers. I am still friendly enough with enough people from South Yonkers, to be able to paint South Yonkers in the very broad stokes of put down.
        When the politics of all of Yonkers get better, the conditions of South Yonkers will too. Until then, it is very much a lost cause.

  21. I have the most knowledgeable sources and as a matter of fact I know the facts- unlike you. Like I said, your facts are pure speculation and a disgrace. You put an officers full name in an article in an attempt to drag him through the mud. You are a piece of shit.

    1. No we see it another way. The public has a right to know what a public figure does. Especially a person who carry’s a gun and a shield. So stop the name calling .

  22. What a piece of trash you are. There are certain ways to get messages/opinions across and you took the low road, as always.

    You should go work with the mainstream media so you have others to play in the mud with. Is the sole purpose of your job to drag people down?

  23. This might be one of the most overly dramatic and inaccurate articles I’ve ever read. I hope the YPD brothers and sisters stick together and support rob with whatever happens.

  24. No need to print the officer’s full name here and what happened with the female recruit who tested positive for cocaine and was legally challenging her random drug test???

    1. The woman you speak of is one you have lost track of because she is unknown to you. If it was revealed a while back about her issues, perhaps we would not be speaking to the incident yesterday. Perhaps allowing Police Officers to work double shifts is the catalyst for some to seek the false support of drugs. Kindly, Hezi

    2. What about the female cop who is under investigation for missing narcotics at the police evidence building? Bottom line there is no place for drugs or users in any Police Department.

    3. Really??? But it is okay to put a person’s name on the police blotters for a DWI before even found guilty. Sounds fair to me!!! Keep it up Hezi…..expose them all!!

  25. This is a disease and certainly not the mayors fault or commissioner or Pba President. I know this kid, I’ve worked with him and never has he indicated anything being off. I would suggest you let the investigation unfold till such time as you cast shadow on this man.

    1. This is a disgrace of an article. This is pure speculation and not based on any facts whatsoever! You should be ashamed of yourself for putting something out there like this. As the person before me said, let the investigation unfold before jumping to conclusions.

      1. You can berate me for being the messenger of honest and truthful reporting. Perhaps you may wish to consider the advice you claim that I should adhere to yourself. But no matter. My facts are corroborated. Before you chastise me, perhaps you may wish to check with your “knowledgable” sources as to what is and what is not fact. The press release on this incident was a travesty and was purely a cover-up. I am not here to convince you. Time will prove what I have written to be correct. Kindly, Hezi

    2. The only problem is that the powers to be in Yonkers cover every-thing up and make it disappear-in other departments you test positive for narcotics you are history-you lose your pension.

  26. Addiction is rampant and knows no social, cultural or economic barrier. Very sad this is happening to our Police Officers. City Hall must investigate and do random drug testing for all first responders. Their lives and our lives depend on it.

    1. Listen, YPD has been struggling for a while with it’s officers using drugs and police misconduct for several years now.

  27. Dear Officer Robert McDonough, I do not know you, but wish I did to hug and help you. This article made me so sad. Sending you giant hugs and loving support your way. Do not know the motivation behind posting your name, but if it helps to get you better, then OK. There is no need to shame you (It only adds to a downward spiral). I am certain that was not the intention with this written article. It was more to bring light to a hidden problem that perhaps because of you will save the lives of other officers. I completely understand how
    Police officers risk their lives to protect our city/citizens. The pressure and stress associated with this job can lead some toward substance abuse. It is a known fact that some Officers become hooked on narcotic painkillers after illness or injury. Working a string of insane shifts can cause fatigue and other problems. Fatigue is responsible for numerous health problems, including anxiety and depression. Please know there are caring people in our city who want you to get better and succeed so that you may have a productive and awesome life. Hopefully, YPD has a supportive program implemented to help their officers. My warm wishes and sincere prayers to you Officer McDonough and to every Police officer (and their families) in our city who may be going through difficult moments. Praying for your recovery. Stay strong and brave! GIANT hugs!

    1. We all have sympathy for any person who works any job about the hazards of substance abuse ! It draws no boundaries and touches all families. However we are talking about a Police Officer who duties are to protect and serve. That protection and service also rolls over to his work colleagues. No Police Department should have any police personnel using any kind of Narcotics period.
      Answer this, if any police personnel is using drugs what does it do for other good men and women? Could they be put in harms way or compromise?Yes for sympathy but NO when you have a gun and a shield. Clean it up and quick. Maybe it was the wrong profession. Many questions need to answered but substance abuse has no place in any police department. As for the Yonkers Police Department they have had more than the “ norm” lately and keeping it from the public just may embolden others that Yonkers PD lets you keep your job under the cloth of rehabilitation. So get rehabilitated but find a less stressful job.

      1. How do we or anybody on here even know that this guy used anything illegal? Maybe he was prescribed narcotic pain killers for a medical issue. Maybe he took too many because after all he just worked 16 hours. Let the investigation go forward and then comment based on fact.

    2. Please stop with the sob stories-when you take a job as a first- responder you know the ramifications of the job-if the tests come back that narcotics in is in your system and it has not been prescribed by a competent medical authority you are gone-nothing to argue about.

      1. I was a first-responder for over two decades. I had some pretty severe on-the-job injuries. I had been prescribed numerous medications that one should not be permitted to drive, while taking. The department was well aware of my condition and medication.
        When the Chief ordered me, “Full Duty.” I presented copies of the prescriptions to the Chief. He advised me, “Full Duty.” I brought him a letter I typed up, saying, “I Chief M…., have ordered XXXX, back to “full duty,” with the understanding that he has been prescribed xxxx and will be under the influence of xxxx, while on duty. I Chief M…., take full responsibility for any consequences that may be related to this decision…..”
        I asked him to sign it and for make a copy for each of us.
        A week later, he called me into his office and handed me back the unsigned letter. He advised me that the municipality’s labor lawyer had advised him not to sign it. I asked if that meant he is rescinding the “full duty” order? He said, “No.”
        One evening, while not at work, I woke up in the middle of the night in such pain that I felt I needed to take more meds. Keep in mind, I was already pretty off kilter from the pain killers I was on. At that time, I took some more, which pushed me to the point of a near overdose. Luckily, my phone rang in the am, which caused me to wake up. It was my Sgt, and I had overslept for work. As I went to get out of bed, I fell to the floor. I literally crawled through my house, and finally gained enough stability to make it to my car. The short drive to work was surreal. I arrived, made myself to the desk, and advised the desk Sgt, put me out sick. I can’t work like this. I had a car take me home.
        Three hours later, when the Chief arrived, he called me at home. One of his rats had advised him of the morning at the desk, so the Chief asked, “Why couldn’t you have just worked the desk?”(Which is still full duty with a gun, and public and prisoner interaction.)
        The moral of the story. Don’t jump to conclusions, as to why someone is in the wrong place, at the wrong time, and under the influence. Wait to the whole story is known.

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