Chuck Lesnick to Succeed Lawrence Porcari as Next Mount Vernon Corporation Council

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The Lesnick / Porcari Hezitorial

Breaking News Exclusive

Albany Source Update Verify That Lesnick Was Fired From New York State Homes & Community Renewal (HCR), He did NOT Resign!

Charicature of a younger, better looking Mount Vernon Tribune  and Yonkers Tribune Editor-at-Large / Westchester On the Level Internet Radio Host Hezi Aris.

NYS Homes & Community Renewal (HCR) Deputy Counsel Chuck Lesnick.

MOUNT VERNON, NY and YONKERS, NY — June 9, 2019 — Chuck Lesnick, Esq., one-time Of Counsel to the firm of Spolzino, Smith, Buss, and Jacobs LLP, presently with New York State Homes & Community Renewal (HCR) with offices at 75 South Broadway, White Plains, NY, and 92-31 Union Hall Street, Jamaica, NY, is stepping down from his responsibilities with a celebratory farewell / good-bye party on June 17, 2019. This becomes pertinent because people with knowledge inform the Mount Vernon Tribune / Yonkers Tribune that Mr. Lesnick will replace Mount Vernon Corporation Counsel Lawrence A. Porcari, Jr., Esq. who will be dismissed from his responsibilities within days. 

Mount Vernon NY Corporation Counsel Lawrence A. Porcari, Jr., Esq.

Mr. Porcari has yet to learn that he will become the sacrificial lamb in the debauched and dysfunctional climate that has consumed the Office of Mayor Richard Thomas’ administration.

Mount Vernon City Hall, upon forcing Mr. Porcari to step down, that is, firing him, will thereby not be responsibility for the legal fees incurred by the City of Mount Vernon on behalf of Mr. Porcari. Which begs the question whether Mayor Thomas played Mr. Porcari for a fool by allegedly cajoling Mr. Porcari to advise legal, quasi-legal, or totally illegal counsel to appease Mayor Thomas so that Mayor Thomas could ascribe his title to that of Mayor and Chief “Warrior” to his moniker.

At issue then is whether Porcari will maintain his silence and loyalty to Mayor Thomas by not informing the Office of New York State Attorney General Leticia James and New York State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli of the complexity of the “he said / she said” comedic / sad Off-Off Broadway, three-part scenario of which parts one and two have already seen the curtain drop.

So Mayor Richard “Warrior” Thomas must now believe that Chuck Lesnick, known to lie about the most superfluous issues, can save, sustain, and deflect scrutiny of Thomas from the able  capacity of the Office of New York State Attorney General Leticia James and New York State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli to uncover the subterfuge that has taken place in Mount Vernon. Wishful thinking by “Warrior” Thomas and “Snake” Lesnick

We move into the climax, but not before a respite from the games, ploys, insinuations, and finger pointing antics of the various antagonists who are responsible to some degree or another for what will be revealed, either before or after the June 25th Primary Election.

Enter the learned legal / eagle Chuck Lesnick, Esq. He has earned the reputation of telling every person what they want to hear; albeit not the truth! Lesnick’s demeanor is that of a snake and a clown. A perfect foil who will be a goldmine of quackery and falsehoods, certain to be lapped up by media hankering to understand. They will not. Lesnick is the smokescreen. Mark these words: “He will fail because he does not know how to win!” Thomas and Lesnick will be exposed by James and DiNapoli. Only then can Mount Vernon turn the page to a chapter infused with purpose, and capable to eclipse the past. 

Like Mighty Mouse, Chuck Lesnick is here to save the day. Lesnick will don the mantle of “champion” only to recognize that he does not possess the qualities demanded to “fix” that which ails Mount Vernon because of Mayor Richard Thomas!

Voters will decide who will be the next Mayor of Mount Vernon. 

The takeaway, despite the anticipated antics by Lesnick, the candidates left standing in Mount Vernonites’ minds will be  Shawyn Patterson-Howard, Clyde Isley, and André Wallace. Present Mayor Thomas has no integrity or cachet left to sustain, much less endure his effort for re-election.


eHeziChuck Lesnick to Succeed Lawrence Porcari as Next Mount Vernon Corporation Council

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  1. Chuck & Buck 😂. Lesnick is of no moment. Now, the Lawrence Porcari development certainly is of the moment. Porcari is a dirt bag who deserves to go to jail. He is getting exactly what he deserves. He’s a known non law abiding crook and he will go to jail. To save his Buck butt, and in order to lower his sentence, he will sing like a canary about the corruption in Yonkers and Mount Vernon. He did A LOT of the dirty work for Spano and Thomas at a price. Every dog has its day and the citizens of Yonkers and Mount Vernon have lots of patience. Power to the Leticia James👊🏼! YOU GO GIRL!

  2. Even if this post is not true, something happened at Cuomo’s office with Chuck. Even if he becomes a lobbyist in the private sector, it will not give him enough visibility to be in every photo op.

  3. Chuck is there for 2 years time; you have to wait to work in the housing field? Like former members of the legislative branch before they can lobby!!!!

  4. The Admiral of Sprain Lake sank with the bees and chickens. Stay in Yonkers..the last thing Mount Vernon needs is this clown.

    1. How do these people continue to get jobs on the taxpayers back? If there was a job opening why wasn’t it open for the most qualified person. That’s our government for you! The incompetence is self fulfilling at local, city, state and federal levels. When will it end???!!!

      1. At this stage of his life Lesnick clearly cannot make a living in the private sector… Lesnick is a creature of the taxpayer’s dime and always has been.

        1. Yeah – better to live on government dime when you inherit it. Like
          AND the best of all
          The wife-beating, coke snorting Burrows.

          1. There are so many others in Yonkers and beyond, the list goes on and on. Disgusted! Is there anyone out there competent and willing to battle the crooked establishment??? . No wonder Trump won!!

    1. Neither assertion in this posting is true. 1. I have been planing to retire from NYS service for a few months now but had been asked to stay on until the end of June until the the end of this Westchester Rent Guidelines Board cycle and the renewal of Rent Regulations. 2. I have not spoken to Mayor Thomas or anyone in his administration about a position in the Corporation Counsel’s Office. 3. I intend to work for in the private sector in Federal Opportunity Zones generally and Property Management specifically in the Bronx and the region. Please retract this story. – Chuck Lesnick

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