Conservative Party Calls on State and Local Governments to Put Their Citizens First

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Government Must End the Unsafe Push for a Sanctuary State

SOMERS, NY — June 8, 2019 — The New York State Conservative Party called upon Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, currently a resident of Westchester County, to eliminate the sanctuary status County Executive George Latimer signed in March of 2018 and to reject any attempt to grant New York Sanctuary State status called for by Senator José Serrano‘s bill creating the “Dignity for Immigrants in New York State Act” (S. 5242).  

NYS Sen. José Serano is Senate Majority Conference Chair represent SD-29 comprising communities of The Bronx, Roosevelt Island, El Barrio, Yorkville, Central Park, and the Upper West Side.

Senator Serrano’s short title of S. 5242 is a misnomer; Immigrants are welcomed in New York State; Ellis Island processed over 14 million of the greatest immigrants including Bob Hope, Albert Einstein, Irving Berlin and even Chef Boyardee. Millions of immigrants have been welcomed with open arms as they assimilated into an American lifestyle; dignity was always theirs because they reciprocated by respecting our laws.

Senate Bill 5242 seeks to grant dignity to those who break our laws. It is ironic that the County Executive of Westchester, a duly elected official who pledged to uphold the US and NYS Constitution and a duly elected State Senator who also pledged to uphold both, have conscientiously and deliberately broken their pledge and seek to grant illegal immigrants the protections granted a citizen. The people who have pledged to uphold our laws are currently disrespecting the lawful citizens they represent when they make the choice to ignore the laws that made America the greatest republic ever and New York the place where millions chose as the place to realize their dreams.

The NYS Conservative Party is not anti-immigrant, most of us are proud descendants of the people who were processed at Ellis Island. We love to hear the stories of our ancestors; and we thank our lucky stars that they risked everything to come to America. We understand why people flock to America and New York, but we also understand and support the laws that have made America and New York the place that is still the beacon of freedom everyone seeks.

It is our US Constitution that makes us this beacon of freedom and we cannot stand by and let our elected officials – those who have publicly professed to uphold the Constitution – be the ones who toss aside the very essence of America/New York.

By establishing sanctuary cities and possibly a sanctuary state, our elected officials who write and pass laws, are essentially signaling that laws are made to be disregarded. Why should we as citizens obey any of the established laws, if elected officials choose to inaugurate local ordinances that defy the US Constitution? We are a nation of laws; and those laws have served us well. We understand that many of the migrants seeking to reestablish themselves in America come from countries that have governments that are severely corrupt with little respect for their citizens or laws.

But, if we continue allowing our government to establish sanctuary cities and states, we are essentially signaling that we no longer support what made America the beacon of freedom that welcomes immigrants with open arms.

The NYS Conservative Party is speaking out for our strong support of the US Constitution that continues to make America the beacon of freedom and welcomes immigrants who come here legally with open arms and to urge an end to sanctuary cities that defy our laws.

SOURCE: Shaun Marie | Conservative Party of New York State | Press Release



eHeziConservative Party Calls on State and Local Governments to Put Their Citizens First

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  1. The Republican Party will NEVER elect a statewide office holder as long as the Conservative Party can cross endorse….It forces any Republican to take positions on abortion, immigration, education, and healthcare that the vast majority of New Yorkers reject…So you can name call all you want but only six states allow cross endorsements and there is a good reason. It emasculates one of the major parties and in the case of New York State the Republican Party is officially dead

    1. Agree big time, but the Demorats only care about the almighty vote, Chuck the shmuck, Andrew the rat and big bird deBlassio are destroying NY.

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