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  1. She is being opposed by Richard Sweeney who has been practicing law for 35 years. He has previously served as a Yonkers City Court Judge. Rich is blind and that has never stopped him for a second. He was born & raised in Yonkers, graduated from SUNY Oneonta & Fordham Law School. He is a brilliant and able candidate. No candidate compares to Rich.
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      1. Shes a little too pasty for my tastes. Shanae Williams, now she’s hot. I would crawl through glass to vote for her.

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      Her father Harvey was Jewish, her mother is not which makes her descendant from a Jewish father but not recognized as a Jew under Jewish law. Perhaps it suits her to celebrate her Father’s legacy. Her heritage should have nothing whatsoever to do with her acceding to Yonkers City Judge. She has no opposition and will be the next Yonkers City Judge no matter she is qualified or not. I only hope she will be a good judge and abide by the law when making her rulings. Time will tell. Kindly, Hezi

  2. It’s nice to see Mr. Antone Daoud take a role as a community leader and support one of our own Elena Goldberg. I wish you luck Elena and I hope you serve the Yonkers community with honor and respect. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Daoud for your support and constant guidance towards the Yonkers Democrats. Mr. Daoud you have been a constant supporter and new leader of the Arab Community and looking forward to a solid future with you. You are an honest man and ask for nothing in return. Hope to see a great turnout at your home next week. Gracias!
    Yonkers Hispanic Society

    1. John Khader is not what everyone makes him out to be. Many times he has said unkind things about many because he was fed a bag of BS from the Spano’s who like to undermine his brother Mike. John Khader is not stupid and has the Spano’s number. He really is a caring teddy bear with a heart of gold. I would hug and kiss him anytime, lovingly said. Giant hugs!

      1. “Teddy bear” and “heart of gold” are not terms I would use to describe John Khader.

        Dumbass, morbidly obese, political wannabe, and oaf definitely are.

        Seriously. The guy manages to be dumber than his brother Mike and fatter than Nick Spano and Keith Olson put together. He’s really in a class of his own.

  3. Another example of the pay to play scheme-simply outrageous that someone running for a judgeship has to pander to political hacks hosting a reception -its a shame that your position is up for sale.

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