Letter to Editor: Twin Green New Deal Resolutions

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Letter to the Bronxville Tribune Editor-at-Large

Dear Editor,

BRNXVILLE, NY — June 2, 2019 — Climate change is real and it’s happening! I have a young daughter and I want her to live in a safe planet.

This is why I’m a strong supporter of the Green New Deal as the means to combat it.

Any presidential candidate who wants to be taken seriously on climate and earn the support of young people needs to support Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Markey’s resolution.


George Papacharisis

# # # 

George Papacharisis is a Bronxville, NY resident.


eHeziLetter to Editor: Twin Green New Deal Resolutions

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  1. If you want to get your climate change information and agenda from a bartender, you could’ve just went to Fogartys. Climate change armageddon would be second to the financial armageddon the new green deal would cause. It’s not only ignorant, its troubling. Let me know the next time any of these “climate change warriors” arrives in a hybrid Prius or takes mass transit to some speaking engagement. Let AOC drive to her next event instead of using a private or commercial jet. These people need to practice what they preach. The grandfather of climate change is the biggest hypocrite going. Doesn’t even have one solar panel on his palatial estate.

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