“Mount Vernon’s Strongest Are Not Pawns In Richard Thomas’ Political Game of Thrones
By Mayoral Candidate CLYDE A. ISLEY

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End the Political Oneupmanship and Treat City Employees and Taxpayers With Respect

Hon. Clyde Isley, the Democratic Party’s endorsed candidate for Mayor of Mount Vernon.

MOUNT VERNON, NY — June 12, 2019 — Once again, Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas is staging political drama in the aftermath of the indictment of his Corporation Counsel, Lawrence Porcari, on multiple felony charges related to misappropriation of city Water Department funds to pay for Thomas’ criminal legal defense.

This episode is eerily similar to one Thomas produced in 2017 when he accused then Comptroller, Maureen Walker, of causing city fuel reserves to run dangerously low due to nonpayment of Sprague Energy fuel bills. However, and much to Thomas’ chagrin, it didn’t take Walker long to produce evidence directly refuting the mayor’s claims and exposing his dishonesty. The most distressing thing about this manufactured crisis wasn’t the embarrassment suffered, but rather the mayor’s use of city employees and department heads to storm the Finance Office in order to garner cheap publicity.

Fast-forward two years and Rich Thomas is up to his old tricks and, once again, drawing the city’s hard-working Department of Public Works employees into the fray. Even after Comptroller Deborah Reynolds provided evidence to dismiss the mayor’s claims of failure to pay fuel bills, it was public works employees who continued to be caught in the middle of the City Hall battlefield with verbal artillery flying back and forth.

“Our city workers simply want to earn a day’s fair wages for a day’s hard work. Yet, in this era of the Thomas administration they continue to be used and disrespected by being forced into the middle of battles that have nothing to do with them. As far as DPW goes, Mount Vernon’s ‘Strongest’ are not pawns in Richard Thomas’ political game of thrones. It is time to treat them with the respect they deserve.

Along with city employees, Mount Vernon’s taxpayers needlessly suffer from disruptions in city services along with an unacceptable amount of embarrassment resulting from Thomas’ efforts to divert attention from his myriad of legal troubles. Let’s not leave it to Attorney General Leticia James’ office to end this sordid tale. Instead, let’s vote him out of office in the June 25th Democratic Primary Election. Vote 7A, Isley for Mayor.


Clyde Isley is a former Mount Vernon Police Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner of the Westchester County Dept. of Corrections and Dean of Administration and Finance of Hostos Community College. As Police Commissioner, he was awarded the FBI’s Director’s Award for Exceptional Public Service for his work with the bureau in their successful investigation and prosecution of corrupt members of the Mount Vernon Police Department. Visit www.isleyformayor.com to learn more. 

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SOURCE: Hank Miller, Communications Director, Clyde A. Isley for Mayor of Mount Vernon.


eHezi“Mount Vernon’s Strongest Are Not Pawns In Richard Thomas’ Political Game of Thrones
By Mayoral Candidate CLYDE A. ISLEY

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  1. Go take a look at what Tom Meier, Yonkers DPW commissioner is doing. He’s another crooked political hack. He’s pulling the same stunt. He turned the Yonkers water tax fund into his own personal slush fund so he could hire more friends, family, and political allies. I can’t believe the Yonkers inspector general isn’t investigating this. Oh wait, that’s right, the IG’s office is an even bigger joke than DPW.

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