Unofficial Tally of Westchester County Primary Election 2019 Results

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WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY — June 25, 2019 — To always view the latest results, please click the ‘Reload’ or ‘Refresh’ button on your web browser.  Results will be available shortly after 9:00PM, June 25, 2019 and updated approximately every 2 minutes.      

To view the unofficial tally of election results select from the listing below:

Westchester County Elections
includes offices that are not associated with a particular town, village or city. Includes: County Court Judge and County Legislator.

Local Elections
includes offices entirely within a particular town, village or city in Westchester County. Includes: Councilman, County Committee Member, Mayor, Supervisor, Town Clerk, Town Justice, and Town/Village Justice.

The election results contained in this web site are the unofficial tally of election results prepared in accordance with Section 9-126 of the New York State Election Law.

Due to multiple transcriptions of voting machine numbers involved in preparing the unofficial tally, all results are subject to error. Furthermore, in accordance with Section 8-142 of the New York State Election Law, some of the absentee votes may not be available for inclusion in the unofficial tally.

On election night, one or more election districts may not report their results. In addition, some reports may include errors which cannot be resolved election night. Official election results will be compiled and made available by the Westchester County Board of Elections in accordance with Section 9-214 of the New York State Election Law no later than twenty-five (25) days after the election.

eHeziUnofficial Tally of Westchester County Primary Election 2019 Results

Comments 57

  1. Jumbo aka Nicky and Dumbo aka mike Spano should find a new profession because politics isn’t working out for them in 4 years. Dumbo should try to start finding city council candidates that can win.
    Wilson Terrero- 2013 and 2017(I guess one spanking wasn’t enough)
    Matt Orefice- 2017
    Liam McLaughlin- 2017
    Dennis Robertson- 2019
    Spano for Senate-2018(another spanking delivered by Shelly)

    This is too funny- I wonder what next blunder those idiots on the second floor will make.

    1. Looks like Vinny is the common operative in all these races. Congrats to the Spanos for always playing both sides.

    1. Dennis Roberson will be fine. He still has his job ripping off Yonkers treasury. He will pump money out of the casino.

    2. District 3 was a clown fest

      Vinny Z and frank ruined dennis while vinny was playing Dennis acting like he was with him

      nom was a trap that dennis fell for

      Vinny z and frank are celebrating with big egos while Dennis is done smh only in yonkers

    1. Is the 80% the result of the paper ballot tally? Boy did Beltran, her indivisible buddies, and assorted other wannabees and asstorino puppets get squashed. “I’m qualified to be Mayor of the 4th largest city in the state because I’m qualified.” The only thing you are qualified at Karen is not paying your mortgage. After 10 years you are definitely an expert. “#homeowner” LOL!

      1. Michael Spano is Captain Yonkers. He epitomizes everything good in Yonkers. He is physically fit and a master genius. We are lucky to have him. I hope he is mayor forever.

      2. Beltran can now go back to her side kick, the BOAR James Castro Blanco to figure out how to get him to pay her mortgage. How anyone can ever be that pigs concubine is scary. Edith M. Coughlin dump that turd.

  2. There is no issues between Spano and Jereis although bloggers like John Khader try to make problems. A lot of this comments are jokes with little merit. Jereis and Spano are one even though John Khader don’t want that.

    1. Believe your own jokes Vinny and Johnny! Zehy knows what he is doing. He went to jail for your brothers, missed out on important moments with his kids. He will never get that back. Saida was treated poorly. Patience is Z’s strength! He is absolutely playing the game and playing all of you as he should! Handsome Frank Jereis for Mayor!

          1. He wasn’t a mayor at the time. FYI
            Do you mean a job with a consulting firm?

            I don’t think that compares to 200k in bribes to a council member.

            Correct me if I’m wrong 😉

  3. If I were Johnnie and Zeh I would gather their community, show them the vision, train them, and all will see how strong you all can be together. Division is exactly what they want to see. The two of them are brilliant and could be even more powerful, but they need to put egos asides and work together.

  4. zehy could have challenged the Spanos if he wanted to. There were many contenders that went to Zehy. Zehy could have easily produced a candidate against the mayor. The Mayor and his people thought Liam and Dennis had great poll numbers too. Polls do lie- Joe crowley. Zehy from his great relationship with Nick Spano and Vinny Spano chose not to challenge the mayor. Not because the mayor was strong.

    A lot of these comments are being stirred by John Khader.

    1. I don’t believe the mayor ever thought Liam was gonna win-
      you didn’t see any Spano’s other then vinny helping Liam.

  5. Mario DiGorgio will get plowed by Nick Spano. But Nick is funding his campaign to give little Mickey some street cred. I hear he bought him a Cadillac to convince him to run.

  6. Unopposed lol, well it felt like that. Because no opposition. It’s like a team getting blown out 10-0 and saying ummmm we didn’t play hard lmao. Karen ran and tried like hell. Wasn’t in the cards for her. Not in cards for Terrence or Lucy or London either. Go away losers.

    1. No, the reason the Mayor gets weak candidates is because he is so popular and he is that difficult to beat. Face it, people like him.

  7. John khader loves to come on this blog and try to cause problems between the Spano’s and Z. It’s so transparent and laughable. How did supporting Dennis do for you Johnny. Keep up the good work.

    1. why does john limo hate Zehy so much? Is he jealous of the relationships Zehy has with the Spanos? The Spanos know John Limo well enough to know they can never trust him.

  8. Thankfully, Hezi knows all these people are sick and depraved. Bravo to Zehy, the real winner, for playing both sides and beating the Spanos at their game. The real loser is the Third District.

  9. Congratulations to Tasha. To Dennis, the walls have ears, in the future try not to speak I’ll of the mayor. When you think no one is listening, people are around you and report back. He weaved what you sowed. All the best citizen Robertson.

  10. nicky sent Z in to take out liam. then they put dennis up forZ to send his son Frank and for nicky to send in vinny to take out dennis

    dont be fooled

    1. You give Nick and the Spano offsprings too much credit. Mike Khader won on his own terms, and yes Zehy helped tremendously and rightfully so. That is how the Spano’s portray themselves like they helped the winner 🤣 . They are merely conniving people whose downfall is evident. Zehy has their number, he plays their game👊🏼. The real winner here is ZEHY JEREIS not Mike Spano nor Nick Spano nor their offsprings of offsprings.

      1. How is their downfall evident?? Please explain. They changed term limits for him to run again. And he had an overwhelming victory. If Khader or Z felt there was an opportunity, they would’ve ran. Polls don’t lie.

        For the spano haters- at least they’re down to 4 more years

        1. You must be another dumb as a rock Spano. Figure it out. Zehy has all of you where he needs you😂. 4 more years is a good thing for Z! Can’t dumb it down any further for you idiots, GO Z💪🏻!!! Jereis Justice👊

          1. Dumb it down any further. They got the council to change term limits. They won a 3 way primary.

            Being termed out in 4 years is just where Z wants them. Lmao.

            Wow. What he’s powerful!!! Lololololol
            Let’s wait until he’s termed because you can’t beat him.

      2. Wait and see how much worse things are going to get in the 3rd term. Now they really believe they are untouchable. First they filled DPW with as many family and friends as possible, now they are going to force the rest of the offspring into the police Dept. I guess they think if they jam enough unqualified family members in they can finally get some votes so Jerry can take a shot at PBA president, which he earned since he made sure all the nephews that are getting hired didn’t have to do a thoughrough background check! After all is said and done the mayor won’t have to deal with all the lawsuits from previous candidates that got tossed for failing physicals and pshych exams and still got hired. And let’s not forget the one offspring that has been fired from every job he had for stealing and drug abuse, but he will earn his keep by helping the boys steal evidence and drugs, god help Yonkers. BTW this can all be confirmed by Tarrytown, Sleepy Hollow and Mt Vernon PD . They all had this nephew under investigation for multiple robberies. And still they manage to bury that and get him a gun permit.

  11. The entire Jereis family showed skill and perseverance defeating Dennis Robertson- Zehy, Frank, and the entire family can, do, and beat whomever they want.

    1. Praise Allah! Jereis family did it! Frank is a handsome fellow who should be getting paid handsomely for every sacrifice his father made to help out the Spano’s. Saida was not treated so nicely her income was pittance under Mike Spano, but Mike Khader changed it, and did the right thing. Maybe one day, Frank Jereis will be Mayor of Yonkers and that will be justice.

      1. thats a joke the guy is a ex-con still under parole,he got sandy annabi jammed up by controlling her vote.No one with a decent reputation should be dealing with him.

      2. Wrong Zehy is not back, he never left. He was loyal to the core to the Spano’s, did their bidding, and paid the ultimate price by going to jail for Nick and Mike. His wife Saida was treated poorly and so were his children. That’s how the Spano’s roll. Frank suffered and his dad missed out on pivitol times in his life. All that was offered to the kid was a token job. Had his dad gone to jail for me, I would have licked the ground the Jereis’ walked on, and in an instant given him a top paying commisioner job like all unqualified Spano’s. Do not hate, Zehy is no not rebounder or a comeback kid. He left victorious and will continue victorious. Zehy is getting the last laugh. One thing is for sure, the tables have turned, Zehy had the Spano’s right where he wants them. He will know exactly when to hold ’em, and when to fold ’em when the dealin’s done.

        1. He has them right where he wants them??? How is that.

          He was Elected to another 4 year term???
          😂🤣🤣🤣 comical.

  12. LOL, James Castro Blanco’s freebee non-paying welfare loving candidate Beltran got trounced! CONGRATULATIONS MIKE SPANO!

    1. The unapologetic Astorino a–licker JCB? You’re kidding right? Do tell us more about his involvement. I do know that Beltran used to work for him and that he f–ked at least 2 of his subordinates who were/are her coworker friends. Nice boss!

      1. Yes, the A-licker JCB not only licked Astorino but Beltran as well. Do not trust Karen at all. She is worse than Griselda Marco Restrepo, the Black widow, extremely underhanded just like the former boss JCB. She and James Castro Blanco are joined at the hip in more ways anyone cares to imagine. It is so nice to see those two losers getting trounced at the polls. Mike Spano and clan has JCB’s number. Maybe now the welfare queen can start earning her salary and pay her mortgage.

        1. Thanks for the info. I heard from many sources that work for the county that this fat version of Rico Suave got around in the family court bureau. F–king fat b–stard makes Peter Griffin look like Quagmire. Adios muchacho/muchacha! Now go pay your mortgage karen and go apologize to rico’s poor wife!

          1. James Castro Blanco, the stupidest swine attorney who could not get his piglet elected😂. Only thing he was good at was his A-licking power to become Deputy, and getting laid by those who wanted to advance when Rolex Robber was in power. Everyone knows how ineffective and dumb as a tap dancer in a minefield he is. Peter Griffin look alike is too kind for that pig😂.

          2. You are spot on about Jim Fatso Blanco. What a complete POS. As for Beltran, the fact that she thought/thinks that she was “qualified” to run for anything other than dogcatcher (she did apparently catch Fatso), is laughable at best. She can’t even pay a basic bill — her mortgage. Thanks again for sharing the info.

  13. 75% for the spano clan so bye bye Beltran! You and the indivisibles got smoked! Now go pay your mortgage. While you and you ilk may think otherwise, there is nothing “free” – not college, not medical care, not food, and definitely not housing. Somebody else is just paying the rather large bill.

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