Westchester County Executive George Latimer Endorses Clyde Isley for Mayor of Mount Vernon

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First Major Endorsement in the Mount Vernon Mayoral Race

MOUNT VERNON, NY – June 10, 2019 — Westchester County Executive George Latimer, the leader who successfully turned county government around, after taking over a disastrous situation left by his predecessor appeared in Mount Vernon, his hometown today. Mr. Latimer came to offer his formal endorsement of Mount Vernon Democratic Party-endorsed mayoral candidate Clyde A. Isley, the proven leader that he knows will guide Mount Vernon out of its present, embarrassing state of dysfunction.  

Westchester County Executive George Latimer (center) standing at the lectern addressing Clyde Isley for Mount Vernon Mayor supporters and media of his endorsement and that of elected officials recognized herein from left to right: former Mount Vernon Mayor Clinton I. Young, Jr. (not seen in this photo), Mount Vernon Council Member Janice Duarte, NYS Assembly Member J. Gary Pretlow, and County Board Legislator Lyndon Williams.

Isley is a retired NYPD Detective Sergeant who also served as Commissioner of the Mount Vernon Police Department. In that capacity, he was lauded by the Federal Bureau of Investigation for helping them to investigate and successfully prosecute corrupt detectives within that department who were robbing drug dealers of cash and drugs. FBI Director Louis Freeh awarded him with the Bureau’s “Director’s Award for Exceptional Public Service.” Just one such award is given annually.

He also served as Dean of Administration and Finance of Hostos Community College, in the Bronx. His tenure there was followed by an appointment by former County Executive Andy Spano to the position of  Deputy Commissioner of Administration and Finance at the Westchester County Department of Corrections.

(L-R): Clyde Isley stands alongside Westchester Count Executive George Latimer who had just endorsed the Mount Vernon Democratic Party designee for Mayor of The City of Mount Vernon.

After sharing some of his history of growing up in the city, Latimer, a Mount Vernon High School alumnus, offered this endorsement of Isley’s mayoral campaign: “Clyde Isley has the mature ability and judgement to make things happen over the next four years. He’s proven himself on the county level as Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Corrections, our second largest Department and a very complicated one. He has that experience and that is the most analogous example to the challenge of being mayor of this city.”

“If we don’t make a stand right now. we’re going to lose this city. It’s going to take excellent management day after day. It’s going to take someone who understands what a tough job this is and is able to get the job done. So, for all these reasons I’m glad to stand behind Clyde Isley. He has the executive experience necessary to do this job well and to make Westchester County a good partner to the City of Mount Vernon and face the challenges ahead.”

“We’re seeing the reason why George Latimer was overwhelmingly elected two years ago as County Executive,” said Clyde A. Isley, the Democratic Party-endorsed candidate for Mayor of Mount Vernon. “Proven leadership and unquestionable integrity along with a collaborative approach to conducting the people’s business are behind the County Executive’s success in turning the County around. It is those same qualities that I will bring to the table for the benefit of our Mount Vernon family. I am thankful and thrilled to receive this endorsement from one of our hometown heroes.” 

Other Democratic officials who also endorsing Isley included: NYS Assembly Member J. Gary Pretlow, County Board Legislator Lyndon Williams, Mount Vernon Council Member Janice Duarte, and former Mount Vernon Mayor Clinton I. Young, Jr. 

Other endorsement quotes:

New York State Assembly Member, J. Gary Pretlow: “Mount Vernon needs new management and a new direction and Clyde is that person. He has the experience, he has the expertise, he has the will, he has the desire. All of these adjectives describe someone who we need now to bring this city to new heights.

“As the Phoenix rose from the ashes, so shall Mount Vernon under the leadership of Clyde Isley.”

Westchester County Board Legislator, Lyndon Williams: “Mount Vernon is at a critical stage. The dysfunction in city government has impeded progress and badly damaged the city’s reputation throughout the state. 

“As Mayor, Clyde Isley will bring stability and reputable leadership to Mount Vernon. He’s a respected candidate whose executive experience will change the negative image our city from one whose leaders are constantly under investigations, indictments and conflicts of interest to a positive picture of a law-abiding community whose citizens want a functional government with honesty and integrity.”

Mount Vernon City Council Member Janice Duarte: “I am here to enthusiastically endorse Mr. Clyde Isley for Mayor of the City of Mount Vernon because of his proven track record to serve with integrity, his professionalism and his ability to rebuild governance needed to stabilize and address the current breakdown in City Hall. He uniquely inspires the confidence that together we can reconnect the people’s needs and wishes with a functional city government.”

Former Mayor Clinton I. Young, Jr.: “Clyde is honest and can immediately restore the integrity and respect City Hall has completely lost. We must no longer permit our great city to remain an embarrassment.”

The Mount Vernon Democratic Party primary election is Tuesday, June 25th. Isley sits at ballot position 7A. 


Clyde Isley is a former Mount Vernon Police Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner of the Westchester County Dept. of Corrections and Dean of Administration and Finance of Hostos Community College. As Police Commissioner, he was awarded the FBI’s Director’s Award for Exceptional Public Service for his work with the bureau in their successful investigation and prosecution of corrupt members of the Mount Vernon Police Department. Visit www.isleyformayor.com to learn more. 

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SOURCE: Hank Miller, Communications Director, Clyde A. Isley for Mayor of Mount Vernon.


eHeziWestchester County Executive George Latimer Endorses Clyde Isley for Mayor of Mount Vernon

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