Westchester County Statement On Closing of Sharing Community’s Drop-In Center for Men

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WHITE PLAINS, NY – June 29, 2019 — The Westchester County Department of Social Services, is committed to providing a vital safety net for those in need of housing during their most vulnerable time. The County has long provided shelter services in Yonkers. While that commitment continues, the Sharing Community’s Mens Drop-in Center, at 1 Hudson Street in Yonkers, will be closing June 30, at 6:30 PM, and the drop in shelter will be moving to a YWCA site at 68 Palisade Avenue, beginning June 30, at 6:30 PM. The YWCA staff will also be available at 1 Hudson Street and Larkin Plaza on June 30, at 6:30 PM, to answer questions and coordinate rides to the new location.

The YWCA will be providing shelter services to men only, along with meals for clients who will be housed there.

The County is committed to making this transition as smooth as possible, but most of all the County is committed to making sure the people of this County are provided with the services they need.


SOURCE: Deputy Communications Director Carolyn Fortino



eHeziWestchester County Statement On Closing of Sharing Community’s Drop-In Center for Men

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  1. Ooooooo someone brought your moms into this? Not cool mike khader or John? You two are only bozos that write things like the above statements. Now didn’t momma teach you boys any better?

    1. I doubt it very much that either Mike or John would be invoking anyone’s mom. They are not disrespectful although people posting here beg to differ. The only reason you attack these two gentlemen is (perhaps) purely out of jealousy of these two successful men. Stop being resentful of Mike Khader’s success. He earned his WIN, he knew what he needed and that was determination. He will get much further, you can count on it. When you insult or criticize someone else, it says more about how you are feeling about yourself than the other person. Sadly, insecurity over ourselves drives much of the disdain for others, and cruelty in the world. Mike and John are not cruel people. EMBRACE instead of HATE, your life would be happier and richer. Giant hugs, if you should need it!

      1. In Yonkers, school or homeless shelter, what the difference? We pump billions of rubles into the system to make criminals.

  2. We should move this shelter to 129 Falmouth Road Scarsdale PO. There are many cars in the driveway for transporting the homeless.

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