Yonkers Council of Administrators (YCA) Endorses Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano

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Yonkers Council of Administrators

YONKERS, NY — June 22, 2019 — The campaign of Democrat for Mayor Mike Spano continues to build momentum as today it announces the endorsement of the Yonkers Council of Administrators.

“We need leaders who have the experience and truly understand the communities they represent,” said YCA President Jane Wermuth. 

“Mike Spano understands we have challenges in public education, but has delivered time and again for the students, educators and administrators of the Yonkers Public Schools. He has been a tireless advocate and voice for our youth and we are proud to endorse him for Mayor of Yonkers.”

The Yonkers Council of Administrators (YCA) is a dedicated group of over 113 school administrators in the City of Yonkers, the 4th largest school district in New York State. Graduation rates since Mayor Mike Spano took office have improved by over 14% – the highest rate of any large city in the State. 

“I am truly honored to receive this support and endorsement from the Yonkers Council of Administrators,” said Mayor Mike Spano. “What our Yonkers Public Schools have achieved these past several years is remarkable, and our school leadership is one of the key reasons why. I could not be more proud of the accomplishments of our 39 schools in the district.”

The YCA endorsement joins the list of high profile endorsements supporting Mike Spano, the 42nd Mayor in the history of Yonkers.

Mike Spano’s campaign and accomplishments have been built on Progress, Principles and Pride:

• Education: School funding is at historic levels and graduation rates are the highest of any large City in New York State.

• Housing: Over $250 million has been dedicated to restoring nearly 2,000 housing units.

• Economic Growth: $3 billion in private investment has been secured, the Yonkers

Waterfront has been revitalized and thousands of jobs have been created.

• Safer Streets: Crime has been reduced by 40% since Mayor Spano took office and the

FBI named Yonkers the safest City of its size in the United States.

• Environment: Yonkers has been at the forefront in Westchester County for green initiatives and all streetlights in Yonkers have been converted to energy efficient LED. 

For more information, visit www.MikeSpano.com 





SOURCE: Akeem Jamal | Campaign Manager | Mike Spano for Mayor

eHeziYonkers Council of Administrators (YCA) Endorses Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano

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  1. Spano will win the primary thanks to those that are bought & bossed by the Spano Machine. I want to thank everyone that support the corruption and the fall of this city. You all sold your soul to the devil and you will pay dearly. I’m
    Glad that karen Beltran was brave enough to take a stance against the corruption.

    1. Post

      When did she say that? the Mayor did not send a press release to that affect. Can anyone corroborate? Thanks? kindly, Hezi.

  2. Ethically, you cannot publicly endorse your employer, but then again in Yonkers there are no ethics. Thank you SpaNO……..

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