BLUE TRUTH: Corruption and Nepotism Permeates the Yonkers Police Department

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The Spano Family Tree Hezitorial

The Blue Truth

The Yonkers Police Department (YPD) has an upcoming police academy class scheduled later this week. Protocol demands a swearing-in ceremony which is thereafter followed by applying oneself to taking the course in anticipation of learning the process, graduating, and to follow the women and men who had and still serve and protect life, limb, and property in the City of Yonkers. The women and men who aspire to become Police Officers are a rare breed. A sense of service to the people they are intended to protect is a stretch for many, but these unique individuals are respected for their protecting not only themselves, and their partners, but the general public who they may or may not know. They live by a code of ethics that many would find insurmountable to climb, much less attain. Such is the respect and adulation that many have come to expect and entrust in the women and men who are judged worthy to be permitted to enter the Police Academy. In juxtaposition to yesterday’s standards, Yonkers City Hall has quietly inserted corruption and nepotism into the mix, undermining the laudatory words used to describe the Yonkers Police force by undermining the integrity of the YPD by demanding that their relatives be hired. Sadly, the very people they want to hire have a derogatory and blemished background that they know full well is the antithesis of what society and the legal system would demand and expect from the women and men in Blue. Simply put, no one would employ the relatives other than the City of Hills where so much is not on the level because it is at the behest of Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano.

Mayor Mike Spano is pushing for some of his nephews to be permitted to enter the upcoming Police Academy. Anthony M. Caragine, Jr., is one of those nephews.  If you read onward, you are certain to take the palm of your hand and slap your forehead in incredulity so outrageous is this nephew’s background. Anthony Caragine was fired from multiple employers throughout the past years, including his own family business. That’s right, Anthony Caragine was fired from Spano Fuel. He had to be fired.  He was allegedly caught stealing multiple times. He was also allegedly fired for stealing from Westmore Fuel Company, Inc., D’ambrosio Fuel Service Company, Blackstone Heating Company, and Tarry Fuel Oil Company. But there is more, Anthony Caragine was questioned with respect to  several robberies that took place in Sleepy Hollow, Tarrytown, and Mount Vernon. Lo and behold, can you fathom that his family was able to squash those cases as he was nearing arrest.  

Sources in the know have advised that Anthony Caragine was actually brought in for questioning by Tarrytown Police Detectives a few years back, and he was very close to being arrested. He was accused of stealing money and jewelry from customers’ houses when he worked as a heating service technician for multiple oil companies in lower Westchester, and he was fired from all of them for the same reason, including his own family business. In fact, they were the first to fire him, then Westmore Fuel Company, Inc., D’ambrosio Fuel Service Company, and Tarry Fuel Oil Company. It was those allegations which led to the investigations by Sleepy Hollow PD and Tarrytown PD. Then, Blackstone Heating Company of New Rochelle where he also got into a physical altercation with the owner when confronted about his alleged stealing. 

His uncle, Mayor Mike Spano, has been apparently trying to rush his hiring through before word gets out that he is giving a career criminal a job in the Yonkers Police Department. Yonkers PBA President Det. Keith Olson has also been doing whatever possible to get him hired in order to get a bargaining chip with the 60 hours / 40 hours / 60 hours overtime guarantee every 2 weeks battle that was part of the scenario that challenged Yonkers Police Commissioner Charles Gardner. On top of that, Olson is looking for a “nice” raise and/or a promotion for his sister Kelly Chiarella.

The travesty is the fact that Anthony Caragine is being considered to be hired despite his self-destructive conduct at Mayor Mike Spano’s behest. Mayor Mike Spano has instructed his brother Detective Gerard Spano and others in the applicant investigation unit of the YPD to have allegedly fraudulently filled out his background package and excluded all the information delineated above. Simply put,  by not disclosing his “true” past employment history, the Spano Administration is in fact defrauding the Yonkers Police Department.  Further, and as a corollary by defrauding the YPD, his hiring will open the City of Yonkers to multiple lawsuits from past applicants that got turned away and/or turned down for not disclosing certain facts in their application. On top of that, Anthony Caragine is a known steroid and pill user and abuser and would be a very dangerous police officer. 

So it seems that between the Spano uncles, the bosses and the Yonkers Police Benevolent Association they are individually and collectively trying their best to slip him and two other nephews in without a real background investigation. Let no one forget that Anthony Caragine’s uncle Det. Gerard Spano is in charge of conducting background checks. 

On top of that, Anthony Caragine was able to obtain a gun permit in 2016 even though he was “investigated”. He was able to obtain the gun permit because of his familial connections and because he allegedly omitted information that would have disqualified him ever getting a gun permit. Which speaks to the adage, “It’s not what you know, but who you know!” He is also said to have falsely stated on his gun permit application that he was an “owner” of Vinnie’s Seafood and could thereby get an employment endorsement on his permit. No one was the wiser. He obtained Permit #112856.

Only in the past few days, Yonkers Tribune has been advised by those with knowledge, that PC Gardner refused to sign off on the hiring of the unqualified nephews Mayor Mike Spano and his brothers were trying to push through but resigned rather than deal with the disaster of approving the hiring of a multiple robbery suspect, drug using nephew of Mayor Mike Spano. Even so, Yonkers Police Detective Gerard Spano is scurrying about trying to convince anyone who would listen that his nephew wasn’t really under investigation in multiple cities for robberies he allegedly committed while working for multiple oil companies, including his own family oil business! 

Forcing unqualified Spano relatives such an Anthony Caragine to be employed by the YPD suggests that there are so many Spano relatives already employed by the Yonkers Department of Public Works that the Yonkers Police Department is the next department to be forced to employ the family. 

As a point of information, if you haven’t heard of it yet, news flash, Yonkers Deputy Mayor James Cavanaugh is departing. The position which was promised to and will be given to present DPW Commissioner Thomas Meier. He will soon be addressed as Deputy Mayor Thomas Meier.

As Yonkers Police Chief John Mueller, said to be the designated Police Commissioner to succeed PC Charles Gardner is permitted to do as he pleases with the blessing of Mayor Mike Spano as long as he continues to do the mayor’s dirty work. By this time next week Yonkers taxpayers will like be burdened with Spano relatives who allegedly possess criminal records and are incapable of performing their responsibilities as Police Officers based on Anthony Caragine’s past conduct alone.

I am personally embarrassed to assert that Mayor Mike Spano has been using his office to buy “loyalty” wherever he can. He accomplishes this by employing people, such as Yonkers City Councilwoman Corazón Pineda-Isaac´s sister at the mayor’s office; all intentioned to curry favor with the Hispanic voter. Yonkers City Councilwoman Corazon Pineda-Isaac is vying for Democratic Majority Leader.  Not to be forgotten is that the hirings are all accomplished on the taxpayer’s back.

Then you have present Yonkers City Council Majority Leader Michael Sabatino who decided not to run for re-election knowing he would become the next Director of Constituent Services at a hefty salary.

Rather than getting side-tracked with the recently employed, I will save that for another time. The changing of the guards is shameful because so many hired  have nothing to do with serving the public interest but are instead intended strictly to maintain control to disparate departments one way or another.

When I questioned some Yonkers City Haller’s about Anthony Caragine’s intentioned hiring and two other relatives of the Spano clan, I was told that all the allegations noted were not true. It was in that same conversation that the person advised me that Police Officer Robert McDonough, who was found slouched in his police care unresponsive had been fired. And the person that said so noted he was 99 percent certain. After some more digging, it turned out that was not true. He is still on the force. With no advice as to his whereabouts. He’ll turn up somewhere soon. He needed 3 Narcan canisters to be resuscitated. He was rushed to hospital and then to engage in some sort of detox program managed by the City of Yonkers. There is more on that case but the coverup seems secure at present. We will continue to investigate. In the meanwhile the YPD is trying to create a scenario that McDonough was off-duty when he was found slouched at the 3rd Precinct parking lot. That in itself an outright lie because it could not have transpired because the unit that was assigned that car departed as scheduled for their tour before 8am. The people spreading these lies can’t even get the scenario straight.  

The reality is that Mayor Mike Spano learning what we have delineated herein may have decided to not hire all three nephews, concerned about how the public will perceive this telling. So it seems as though only one or two of the three intended will be hired. The fact that they are not qualified doesn’t seem to matter, only the derogatory image that will befall Mayor Mike Spano’s Administration’s conduct.

Perhaps the Department of Justice will glean more information from police departments in other municipalities in Westchester County to recognize the maligned conduct of the Yonkers Police Department alleged tampering of records to suit their purposes over that of the taxpayer.


eHeziBLUE TRUTH: Corruption and Nepotism Permeates the Yonkers Police Department

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  1. What happened to Mueller being appointed as police chief? Today Chris Sapienza was sworn in to that position. Another double cross by the Spano’s. Can’t wait to see Mueller and the rest of the goons crying in the corner about this one 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    1. John Mueller was sworn in today by mayor Mike Spano in the capacity of Acting Police Chief. Upon going before the Yonkers City Council in the Fall, likely as the first item on their agenda will be the issue of conferring the City Council designating and authorizing Acting Police Commissioner Mueller to YPD Commissioner Mueller. Chris Sapienza is the 1st Deputy chief, 2nd Deputy Chief Timothy Hodges, and 3rd Deputy Chile Joe Monaco. I have not gotten the official notice but I believe the info herein is correct. Good luck to them all! Kindly, Hezi

  2. Grow up loser! They don’t do shit like that ever! They actually give people too many chances in my opinion. Great that you left your name Rich. Too bad these cowards won’t lol

    1. How is JM being sworn in today? Isn’t there a council vote before this takes place ? Hezi wouldn’t the deputy comm take office until a vote is taken on new PC?

  3. Look here Richard you might have a different view if you were targeted by these thugs. You decide which Spano is a bigger thug. Maybe you would think differently if police officers were waiting outside your house to give you tickets or waiting for your family members. So Richard signing your name is good for you but not for people working in the City. Remember Richard the Spanos, especially convict Nick, are running the show and they just installed a very, very troubling Police Commissioner that was part of targeting his colleagues. Now make sure you have your license.

  4. Haters be haten, but reality of it is that most of the dudes commenting on this site have no life as well as no balls. If the few on this site had balls, they can confront the mayor or any of his offspring. They aren’t hard to find, I see them everywhere. The time for hiding behind a computer has to end at some point. I’m a Spano friend! I make no bones about it but if I wasn’t a friend, I would approach them if I disagreed with them on something. You are all cowards and most likely unemployable yourself. I’m sure you haven’t made it too far up the ladder in life or maybe you are a frustrated politician that can’t win an election. Either way. Man the hell up.

    Richard Tremble
    Retired Con – Ed – 35 years
    Yonkers Resident

    1. Good man Ed. Anyone with balls or not, appreciates a person who leaves their name. Agree or disagree you have my respect, sorry I live in a city where I can’t print my name due to the reality of retribution.

      1. Me too! Richard Tremble. I live in the same city but I am an employee and can’t leave my name due to retribution. It’s reality and it sucks! I’m still working unlike you. Good luck in your retirement. God bless the YPD!

        1. Not only is Nick Spano a convict but his brother Mike has no balls and screws the citizens of Yonkers each and every day. Funny how all the relatives of the Spano’s and their crew have scored high on most civil service exam.

    2. Hey Ritchie, do you pick th crumbs off Nikolai Spano. He’s ripped off the taxpayer his entire life.The Spanos are criminals.

    3. I bet your just one of the reasons Con-Ed has non union crews thanks wish it was all non union . Big Thanks A Con-Ed bill payer.

    4. I disagree- many spano family members have been employed by the city. I don’t recall ever seeing an article like this, it shows his character. Or lack of…

      Hezi was this a temporary fix and they will hire him come the next class? Or was he taking off the list permanently

          1. I do not know myself, perhaps a reader can give us guidance. Great question. Thank you! Kindly, Hezi

    5. You are so right Richie. I wish Keith Olson’s friends would’ve put their names to the hit job they performed on the mayors nephew Anthony. Not an arrest or any proof that anything that was alleged ever was done by this man. The Spano’s need to wake up and smell the coffee. Keith Olson, Mueller and the rest of their friends hate the Spano’s. They are using the Spano’s and once the Spano’s are out of power these people will kick them to the curb. It’s amazing these people can run a city of 200k people but not distinguish who is phony and who genuine. It’s pretty sad but hey, welcome to Yonkers.

  5. Just because they are a Spano is why articles like this get written. Every time someone in the Spano family advances in their career or now takes the Yonkers Police Exam, people want to talk negatively about them. If they weren’t part of the Spano family we wouldn’t be hearing about this. How many people have done stuff in their past that they are not proud of? People change in life, instead of bashing someone for things they MAY have done why not be happy for them for changing their ways and trying to be a better person. I am sure most of you commenting on here have. The guy writing the article, the way you bash this family is cruel and disgusting. When did it become okay to verbally bully people. No one knows the truth to any of these incidents he is getting accused of. If you don’t like the way Mayor Spano is running things, get out of Yonkers. He has changed plenty of things in the area for the better. Let’s see how you all would run and handle business as a Mayor or in any position in politics. The Spano family started a long, long time ago in politics and you want to call them stupid or they have low IQs but they made something of themselves. Because I am writing a nice comment does not make me naive like you commented to a previous person, doesn’t make me stupid like you want to call other people. I am here to stick of for people that don’t deserve to be written about in such a manner.

    1. Spano’s are a cancer on Yonkers, sucking the taxpayer dry for years and years, with backroom deals and giving away jobs to all their family and friends on the taxpayers dime. Most of them are totally unqualified and unemployable anywhere else. The time is over for this corrupt dynasty. The investigations and handcuffs are not far away.

    2. So which is it? Did he Rob people or he didn’t? You may want to clarify! One thing you can’t change is a person’s moral compass! If these thefts happened so long ago then why is there a pattern being fired continuously for the same reasons.
      Change happens when a person realizes they did wrong, whats happening now is not change, it’s panic! Because Mr. Caragine was so arrogant as to apply for a job and
      fraudulently avoid putting correct employment information on his application . And then has the nerve to blame it on a Spano Witch hunt! I applaud the mayor’s decision to side with common sense and not give a criminal the job!
      People that realize they made “mistakes” don’t continue to make them

  6. Looks like truth has been delivered! Thanks to the tribunes Investigative article on the hiring of Anthony Caragine seems city Hall did an about face and actually looked into the “allegations”.
    Looks as if Mayor Spano was never told how bad Anthony’s addiction was, and how far back he’s been a burglar. But that thankfully they realized that putting a carreer criminal on the YPD was going a little too far! Thank you Hezi for your accurate and necessary work.

    1. Neither he nor Mueller should be Police Commissioners. One needs to retire the other needs to check himself into the looney house

  7. Apparently Captain Andy Lane fought hard for PC spot, said he earned it with the Maher shooting. But his attempt failed. Was told he’ll be chief.

    1. What a shame he was sandbagged by the Union President. Imagine that – selling out the union members in order to get a chief spot what a class act. All those wine awards really went to his head.

      1. Hodges didn’t stand a chance against the combined front of the sell out union president and JM….his fate was sealed early on rumor has it that the wine tasting union prez is bragging that he could have had the top spot easily but turned it down out of the goodness of his heart. What a fraud that has been perpetrated on this dept

  8. Check Yonkers housing it was given to hezi the same thing there. People who messed up new York city housing being hired and nothing being done. People sleeping with bosses and people being bullied . When there are people stealing time copper and emptying their stuff into dumpster. Talk to the tenants in townhomes.

      1. Normally I would say with all due respect but that’s not going to happen because you obviously have none. First things first I am not a spano or a spano friend but I was raised with treating people the way you want to be treated. YOU are currently battling a defamation lawsuit if I read correctly. Second you publish alleged crimes in which you have absolutely no proof of. Imagine someone attacking you for your fraudulent statements . Oh wait they did but you or your “supporters” never mention that. If you were so sure about these incidents the way you appear to be why not go to a bigger outlet. Instead you hide behind a bullshit blog that no one cares about. Only reason I read this trash is because it popped up me being a Yonkers resident. You tell people to have guys. How about you get some balls and confront this situation like a man

        1. The site just “popped up”? Lol. How about that, if you live in Yonkers the tribune just pops up. You read the site and want to just pick and choose what you like but truth is truth. I too don’t agree with a lot that is written but bet your bottom dollar the Olsonettes won’t collect one dime concerning their “defamation” suit. Those idiots defamed themselves and the paperwork will prove this. The files against the Olsonettes are bigger than the Valachi papers. I am anxiously awaiting their lawsuit to move forward & their big investigation to commence.

          1. Do your homework on the valachi papers. I would love to hear your argument on how it is revelant in any way.

          2. I can’t imagine I will have the time to read about the Valachi papers any time so, I am backlogged as it is. If you can give a sense of what the issue may be, I will do my best to study it. Thanks. Kindly, Hezi

          3. Well you have enough time to “dig up ” and write about ” supposed accusations” that have never been proven. If you’re going to try to ruin someone’s life you should get your facts straight. You brought up valachi and have no clue about it. That’s some really good reporting. You obviously do your homework before printing something and putting your name on it.

  9. If it is true that Gerard Spano does background checks for police applicants, why wasn’t he recused from this investigation? No police department with even a shred of integrity would have allowed an investigator to check his nephew’s background. Police departments all over Westchester quite often request other departments to do these checks, particularly if there is even a whiff of a conflict. The way this family abuses its power and influence gets more disgusting by the day. And wait until after this fixed election is over. We ain’t seen nothin yet.

    1. I don’t know why you all are on here complaining about something we all know is wrong, and will move forward anyway.
      Get on the phone with attorney generals office, call the fbi, picket city hall and demand this promotion be stopped. Retired and good police should be more vocal and pack the mayor’s house. This site has great information, use it and do something, if you want to change the outcome. Get out from behind the keyboard and let the public know. Law suits won’t stop the promotion. The City council’s office will do what the mayor wants. JM has a tarnished history, he should not even be considered for this promotion, especially that their are two others with no controversy.

      1. Based on the probationary list that Hezi just posted, appears the infamous AC did not make the cut. There is one Spano on the list, identified by name only. Who is the other nephew? Did he also make the list? If so, let’s trust both appointments occurred in good faith without the influence of nepotism.

      2. Call the attorney generals office? Seriously? You will reach the head Olsonette investigator in chief himself, Brian Moran. You better be careful who you call and complain to pal! You may wind up on the receiving end of an unlawful investigation. These guys make Comey and the FBI look like choir boys. Your only saving grace is that greed usually leads to mistakes. They will slip up and be dealt with swiftly. They will be out of your hair soon enough.

  10. First off…..You should probably learn Civil Service 101, you slanderous asshole. Anyone who has a clue about government knows that the established lists are public information. And while you’re at it, maybe find a productive hobby that doesn’t involve obsessing over the Spano family. This is “journalism” at its worst – a gossip column frequented by the uninformed. How can any of your accusations be given any weight when you are brazenly reporting false information re: test scores and Civil Service procedures? Zero credibility, get a life

    1. You are obviously a Spano tool! Sense your hostility, what are you ranting about? Sorry, but most in this dialogue are very well informed about government, politics and about the Spano’s! And we know, most certainly, that Mayor Mike has no future outside of his corrupt kingdom of Yonkers with all his serfs and paid-off minions. What exactly is false about test scores and Civil Service procedures? Please enlighten us! Or is this just another Spano tantrum?

      1. Really what is wrong with you? Are you not a happy man? Don’t you not have anything better to do with your time other than verbally abuse people, it seems that you are totally consumed by the SPANO family. OR maybe it’s an addiction!!!! Who gives you the right to call anyone stupid? It’s seems to me that you are nothing but a mean man sitting behind a desk writing a blog that bashes people. Good job!
        Really .. get a life!!!!!

  11. I must be naive because I’m confused by the accusation of nepotism. If this person took a civil service exam, passed and is reachable on the list, where is the wrongdoing by the mayor? Based on the accusations in this posting, it also does not sound like this person has been charged with any crime, especially a felony which I understand would prevent his hiring. Unless legitimate crimes were committed, no one should be passed over based on rumors or sour grapes.

    1. I agree 100%, and since it seems he scored very high and he wasn’t “convicted” of any crimes this should be settled Thursday when they swear in the new officers. Because if there is no truth to thr accusations there is no way the mayor would keep Me Caragine from being hired, because the mayor and his brothers wouldn’t hurt a family member that followed the rules, passed all requirements from being hired. So Thursday will be a revelation of what’s fact and what’s fiction

    2. You must not live in Yonkers OR if you do…you are indeed very sheltered and naive to the goings on in the City of Hills.

      Here’s some history…This Mayor has consistently fostered nepotism since day 1 by rewarding his family, friends and supporters with city jobs. Oh remember just last year, the YFD promotions that he squeaked through…not to mention DPW jobs galore…jobs in administration, jobs for City Council family members to secure allegiance, the list goes on and on.

      If a job is available it should be open to all qualified people to apply and compete and not be a hand-out or reward.

      With respect to YPD, yes the written test is open to all those who qualify by age and residency. In addition to a high score on the written test, one must pass physical and psychological tests as well as pass a comprehensive background /employment check. All components of this process are extremely vital in the employment decision.

      Any red flags that result from a background/employment check should not be “swept under the rug” but thoroughly investigated and based on substance may legitimately disqualify a candidate.

      Policing is a highly stressful profession and only the most qualified individuals should be considered to protect and serve the City. And the process should be completely fair, objective and transparent, based on facts, not rumor, sour grapes, bloodline or connection to others.

      1. I guess you haven’t seen what the city has been hiring lately. I’d take 10 Carrigenes over what the department has hired the last couple of years. The department is headed in a downward spiral from the top on down.

    3. Dear Naive,
      Didn’t Spanos cousin take a test to advance as a fireman? Didn’t they pull him from a test that was going to expire at midnight skipping minorities that NOW have a lawsuit against Yonkers? We could ask Barry but he went radio silent after Spano bribed him with a firehouse and $4 million dollars! See we just have to connect the dots. There are so many nephew stories like the car accident on Central Ave at Christmas a few years back when another nephew that had to call dear old Nicky and Lenny ( he just left a party at his uncle’s house) to come get his drunk ass out of trouble. I could go on and on. The encouraging part that is someone like Anthony that is a juicehead and is the future of the Spanclan. The end of the destiny is inevitable as most of that generation’s IQ is equivalent to a duck! See as they go along they continue to piss off people and this is how articles like this come out!

      1. All valid points but everyone here is assuming that because it’s posted on Hezi’s site that the information is 100% accurate and everyone is so quick to pass judgment based on what could or couldn’t be factual. The majority of the BS fed by the “blue truth” is just that, BS. That group makes the entire department look petty and it is an embarrassment.

        1. And so you’re assuming it’s all BS! It may not be 100% accurate, but as the adage goes “where there is smoke, there is fire”. The allegations cited in Hezi’s editorial didn’t just magically appear out of nowhere. There’s a lot of smoke and mirrors in City Hall. And I agree it’s an embarrassment and disgrace to all Yonkers residents.

        2. We will find out tomorrow. If everything written on the Tribune about Anthony caragine is fake and BS and sour grapes then hezi should post a picture of anthony being sworn in as a probationary police officer, and if he doesnt hezi should do a follow up story on what killed the appointment

          1. Find out what tomorrow? If he gets sworn in as a probationary officer, it does not prove anything. Without answers, it will just raise more suspicion, that the investigation was compromised, incomplete or thwarted! It does not resolve the alleged outstanding character and integrity issues.

            The two sides need full disclosure, given he’s the Mayors nephew, with a questionable past. If he gets sworn in, how is that possible? If he doesn’t get sworn in, did his past catch up with him?

          2. This guy must be a product of the great YPS educational system!! Hail and congrats to the graduation rate of 86%, but less than 50% are qualified for college or working in the real world. Look at SAT scores for Yonkers they are among lowest in the state. Great job Mayor and Dr Q! You are both a disgrace to teachers, parents and most importantly students.

    4. Your absolutely correct in your assessment-the problem is that if it is true that he has been fired/let go from 5 or 6 jobs then we have a serious character flaw-was a psychological exam given?-the odds are that his serious flaws should have been detected-the problem is that the COY cast aside all these “character, integrity and moral shortcomings because of politics-then the COY will come up on the short end of the stick because this person should not be carrying a gun and shield yet this is Yonkers and nobody in governance gives a shit what the taxpayers and residents think.

    5. The issue is character not being accused or charged is irrelevant. Good moral character for the work of any police service is what is relevant. Gerard Spano has probably knocked others off the list to get to any Spano. A schoolyard bully or being repeatedly questioned for burglary is not a good sign. Also where are the glowing references from his former employers?

  12. Shout up , you know it all true just like that Mueller who had the beer festival. Step out from Olson so we can see you. Tell the lying union man to bring his files.

  13. Other news outlets are not covering this because it’s bull shit by a fake journalist. My guess is that a law suit is being prepared. This man is a private citizen and as such has rights. Writing a nonsense story with zero evidence is wrong on many levels and illegal.

    1. Filing a lawsuit against the Tribune would open the door for hezi’s lawyers to subpoena this guy’s records, and to cross examine him and his ex employers under oath! That would open up a whole new investigation into fraud and wrongdoing within the YPD and City Hall

      1. Bring on the lawsuits!!! Then discovery and due process will reveal all the wrongdoings happening in Yonkers, perpetrated by elected officials and appointed power brokers.

  14. This is an extremely poor written and accusatory article. I am willing to bet that you (or your source for that matter) do not know for a fact if Anthony is a “steroid user” and “drug abuser.” Just because someone said it doesn’t make it true. You should reveal your source. Sounds like someone might have an axe to grind. Also, double check the detectives name because it’s wrong.

  15. Everyone is asking what his score was, but has anyone checked on his employment history? Oh never mind, he barely put his address on his apication in order to look “clean”.
    What is the mayor smoking now a days? We don’t want your trash. If these allegations are proven true he should be prosecuted for those crimes he committed, if false please do hire him! But let’s be transparent in the process! Inquiring minds wanna know

    1. Why aren’t the other news outlets such Channel 12, Lohud, Yonkers Rising and the online sites/bloggers such as Yonkers Voice Central, Ru Ross and Brian Harrod doing some basic investigative journalism?

      Based on all the allegations raised by Yonkers Tribune and it’s commentators (most of whom appear to be POs) there is plenty to research.

      Why aren’t they questioning the reason for Gardner’s sudden retirement? The Mayors appointment of Mueller’s given all the lawsuits and allegations? The coverup of Spano’s nephew’s work and criminal past to secure a spot on YPD??

      Inquiring minds in Yonkers, the taxpayers and citizens, deserve to know the truth!

      1. Maybe they did, and they didn’t come up with anything.

        I mean Hezi can’t even confirm Detective Spano’s name never mind the accusations. We’re the companies listed above contacted before there business name was tarnished

        1. Their names have not been tarnished at all! The question is have they done any investigations at all? Or challenged The Tribune?

        2. With this grammar and spelling you must be the nephew that scored 100! Let me guess, you have a great employment history also?

      2. Unfortunately, Ru Ros and sadly Brian Harrod have fallen pray to their egos. Fact: Spano threw them a bone and gave them stories even inviting them to City Hall. He used them as he knew he was gonna to push for another term. Only Hezi saw right through the machine. Do your homework people there are NO MINORITIES in Spanos elite team! Look around and wake up! . That Italian man is as prejudiced as they come. Quezada was hired to shut up a secret lawsuit between some recent players in the run for politics. See a select few had hired Sussman because they found a loophole in the desegregation lawsuit from the 80’s. City Hall was served with the lawsuit but the players were anonymous. Well, said players were : London Reyes and his wife and none other than Karen Beltran. Sure there were a few others but this is enough for now. RuRos is an arrogant individual with connections to Lopez who allegedly stole turkeys from the homeless. It was the Spanos that brought her down. Yet, in her desperation how quickly she forgets. Now we have Tasha Diaz coming on board who was a former homeless woman with many issues. This town is definitely foresaken. You have Satan himself at the helm and those disguised as Angels helping the less fortunate trying everyway possible at a grab for the power the Spanos possess.
        It honestly doesn’t matter if this kid couldn’t stand the pressure of being a Spano! It’s been my experience with this family either they are cocky or troubled. Is that an excuse? No! A permit number and any allegations can be easily traced . Ladies and Gentleman just another day in the neighborhood. Won’t you be our neighbor?

        1. This comment pretty much sums it all up. My question to all is when are we going to say enough is enough and call for a thorough investigation? Where there’s smoke there is fire.

          I have started the process of looking into, investigating and collecting data regarding the Spanos. Factual data too. This city can’t no longer endure any more abuse.

          Hezi thank you for keeping us updated.


          1. I’m making a citizens complaint to NYS AG to request investigation as the abuse in Yonkers is out of control.

        2. Very true comment. Spano doesn’t have any blacks in his circle in leadership positions because he can’t relate to any mature-minded, conscious black person. The only black mind he could manipulate was a 21 year old kid, Shanae, who wasn’t born in this country and who cannot relate to the insidious racism of this country.

    1. You are seriously delusional. Only 10k voters come out to vote for 3way primary race for Mayor and that’s impressive? Turnout was extremely low.

      This Mayor has way too many skeletons in his closet to run for anything outside of Yonkers. Not qualified in anyway to be CE and George Latimer would wipe the floor with him anyway.

  16. Hezi, is there anyway to find out what Corazon Pineda does for George Latimer and her salary? Latimer just raised my taxes to cover her salary.

    1. I do not know what her responsibilities nor her salary at the job she performs for Westchester County Executive Latimer’s Office. Since her boss is Latimer and her responsibility is to represent Yonkers City Council District 2, I find it a conflict of interest. Should there be the need of an IMA between CoY and Westchester County will she vote in deference to Westchester County, her employer or will she refuse herself in Yonkers. From my perspective it stinks. If is all about her and not about public service. Amazing. Kindly, Hezi

  17. To all the comments about said nephews test score;
    So if you get a perfect score it doesn’t matter that you were fired from over 7 businesses? Or that multiple police departments investigated you? No wonder the mayor saw fit to hire him!! Go YPD!! He will fit right in with Keith and his crew

  18. He is how did the mouse Mosiello get the position as head of of dept of emergency services, he has no prior experience he was a jewelry salesman. I know the business was not doing well so papa mouse asked papa Spano to give him a job. More friends and family.

    1. Mosiello was a Yonkers cop in the 90’s but couldn’t handle the stress of the street so he resigned to work with his dad in jewelry business.

  19. This is disgusting, embarrassing, and a disgrace. This article is very true and anyone claiming it is not true, Is on spano payroll. What’s next changing the city name to Spano Ny?
    Everyone is scared or paid off for their silence. All of them should choke on their saliva.

    1. Yonkers has turned into a cesspool of nepotism and corruption, with unqualified people getting jobs and promotions. Now criminal behavior is being swept under the rug? Bring on the Feds and AG for investigation of City Hall and YPD, enough is enough.

  20. Yes, the test scores are public information. Just walk into the Civil Service office on the first floor at city hall and ask to see them. A matter of 100% public record.

    1. When was the last time you were there? They were moved to YPS if I am not mistaken.
      Hezi, can you tell us where we can go to see the lists? Also, I think those books are gone and it is all be computer.
      So, it definitely was insider that gave out his permit number. Now what? Will it be investigated?
      See it’s a matter of time before they all turn on each other. Gardner ran before they could discredit him! Smart man!

  21. You idiots! Every score is available at civil service. Anyone can look at them. It goes by tiers. You can’t hire anyone off the list unless you are in that tier. This entire story is bull shit

    1. Let me get this right, the story is not about how he is being hired although he had a low score, his score has no bearing on what the article is about, last I checked you have to clear a very tough background check to be a cop, and that’s what is being highlighted here, are you saying that if a person scores 100 it’s ok that he’s a known criminal and drug user? He wasn’t good enough to stay employed by his own family but the city should beat the burden of him robbing home owners to feed his drug habit? If that’s the case anyone disqualified for a shady background should sue the city!

      1. No one is saying that! The Spanos are a machine! Now tell me how the hell
        Are we gonna get justice when they own the justice department in yonkers? They ran out Gardner! Who isn’t owned by this family or Lee’s this family would be easier to print! How the hell is this corrupt man running for office again? Seriously, are the Feds paid off too? Where does it stop? Whomever leaked this story must be a cop! How did they get his gun permit number? In addition to calling Hezi why not call the FBI?

  22. The state civil service office grades the tests, not yonkers. If yonkers doesnt provide the information, the state should

  23. The corruption and nepotism of Spano is outrageous and to now infiltrate the YPD is unjust, offensive to public safety, insulting to all Yonkers police officers and the public. These abuses must stop!

      1. I don’t have the exact figure. The scuttlebutt, though I have not yet been able to confirm it is that it was 110%. he got extra credit for succinct penmanship. I wouldn’t expect less. Would you? Kindly, Hezi

          1. If it was a scan-Trion test as you suggest, I don’t doubt it, perhaps the test result is incorrect transcribed on paper as 110% and therefore the 10% for good penmanship will need to be deducted. I hope 100% is a passing grade. Thanks for your input. Kindly, Hezi.

      2. I would like to know his score and the score of the other two relatives! My kid took that test and I will sue if they scored lower than her! This has to stop!

        1. Go to Civil Service to see list (take a photo of it) and if your relation scored higher or even slightly lower get a lawyer and sue because Spano’s nephew should NEVER have qualified despite score due to shady criminal background. You’ll make a bundle in settlement $$$ and bring these despots to justice and ruin. Good luck!

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