BLUE TRUTH: The End of an Era Intentioned for Good Eclipsed by Unbridled Authoritarian Control of Yonkers

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The Blue Truth

The Blue Truth Hezitorial

YONKERS, NY — July 13, 2019 — It was learned only a few days ago that Yonkers Police Commissioner (PC) Charles Gardner was to retire within a two week timeframe. The day of his departure is said to be July 24, 2019. PC Gardner has been at the helm of the Yonkers Police Department for eight years, coincidentally appointed by Mayor Mike Spano upon his acceding to office and designating Charles Gardner the Yonkers Police Commissioner. 

PC Gardner’s departure speaks to what has long been conjectured by some, and known by others, that is, at every turn, no matter his ethical, pragmatic, empathic demeanor PC Gardner was undermined from within. PC Gardner was thought by many to conclude his responsibilities by the end of 2019, before Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano was to take the oath of office for a third term. The underlying rationale for pushing PC Gardner out, forcing him to render his retirement with the customary 2-weeks advance notice of his departure suggests this coercive outcome was nothing more than an orchestrated coup d’état. 

It would be credible to suggest that PC Gardner had grown weary of being undermined by the cloak and dagger infighting antics allowed to simmer while Yonkers City Hall maintained its stance of feigning ignorance of what was taking place. Despite the effective conduct of denial by Yonkers City Hallers to the contrary, the likes of Nick, John, and Lenny Spano would individually or collectively overturn legitimate directives given by PC Gardner. They did so upon Yonkers PBA President Detective Keith Olson’s demands when he too frequently  lumbered from the PBA Offices across the walkway bridge to Yonkers City Hall. 

Even the least politically involved have learned that too often those elected to serve the public interest, as well as those designated and even appointed by them to office,  too often do not serve the public interest but serve themselves. Control and outcome is often bound by money, and yes, in Yonkers, money/power is exacted for personal gain in juxtaposition to serve the public interest. Not abiding by Yonkers City Hall’s adage exacts retribution.

It was the cloak and dagger infighting, the daily assault of fake news, the misinformation, and planned subterfuge of all who would undermine the one-time considered intent of those elected to office and those that were meant to serve the public interest. Those are concepts that no longer reside among those who speak of and feign such interests, but lack the interest in carrying them out. Today we have come to realize that lacking a pronouncement of and a commensurate plan to formulate and realize a vision for Yonkers, the vision has evaporated. Worse, it has not been declared. Serving the public interest is a concept that no longer resonates from Yonkers City Hall. The leadership Yonkersites hoped would guide the city to its zenith over time has instead retreated on many fronts eclipsed by City Hall coveting its unbridled control of its domain and all they employ. The professionalism espoused by those in elected office are not independent, they follow orders proclaimed by Mayor Mike Spano, and those who speak in his name instead; such as Nick, John, and Lenny Spano. 

PC Gardner will leave his post as an honest, ethical man, who exuded integrity. He came to work each and every day knowing that others who wore the same uniform and took the same oath did not share his vision or goals. Instead some worked tirelessly to undermine his efforts each and every day. The other supervisors who shared the same vision of the Police Commissioner were targeted by misinformation by the likes of Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson who has fantasied that his best friend, current Yonkers Police Chief John Mueller should have had the top spot.

Yes, Gardner has weathered the storm and has done his best given the internal problems that occurred during his commissionership. He has had to daily deal with interference from the Spano brothers, the Yonkers PBA President and his cohorts, internal lawsuits, civilian lawsuits concerning police corruption, internal and external harassment of police personnel and civilians all allegedly conducted as retaliation, throwing good standing members out of the union, tampering of potential evidence, drug abuse and drug overdoses by police personnel on and off duty, including union job actions, Department of Justice (DoJ) complaints concerning Olson and refusal of police orders. Every step of the way road blocks were thrown at him and others who shared the same vision, but despite all this Gardner resonated with the community and most of the men and women who show up to do their job. 

Perhaps Gardner saw there was a two tier system of “justice” within the Yonkers Police Department. There was also the insult of the PC for earning $30,000 less than the police chiefs, intentioned to embarrass the PC. This issue was to have been corrected. Even Yonkers Finance Commissioner John Liszewski attested that the correction was in the Yonkers FY2019/2020 Budget. It has instead been proven to be “fake” news, while others are not so timid, recognizing an outright lie when they see it missing from the budget.  

Either way it looks as though the overweight union thug has a Spano godfather. The Yonkers Tribune continues to question why PBA Pres. Det. Olson would employ Nick Spano to lobby for the PBA when the PBA had and has a lobbyist hired toward that end based in Albany years before Nick Spano even became a lobbyist. Further, because Nick Spano is Mayor Mike Spano’s older brother there is a conflict of interest were Nick to speak to Mike about Yonkers issues. So why is the PBA paying Empire Strategic Planning, Nick Spano’s lobbying firm, $48,000 per annum, and the CLSA (Captains, Lieutenants, Sergeants Association) paying $24,000 per annum. It seems the PBA lobbying cash is a get out of jail card. Perhaps Gardner woke up like any other “Good Cop” and said enough from the likes of Mike Spano, his brothers, and Keith Olson who have allegedly backstabbed yet another Police Commissioner. It has now come to pass that Olson’s drinking buddy John Mueller will land the job by planned default. 

The game plan put into play by Nick Spano, Mike Spano, Lenny Spano, among others, such as Keith Olson and John Mueller is being rushed toward its conclusion. Not a word from City Hall TV, or other media  except for the lone advisement by Yonkers Voice that Police Chief Mueller will be the next Yonkers Police Commissioner. Herein is the telling of the rest of the story by the Yonkers Tribune.

Yonkers Tribune suggests Mike and Nick Spano “hold your horses”. Should community leaders, business leaders, and the New NAACP President not be permitted to examine who City Hall’s interim pick will be and why? What is the process? It is no secret that the Spano’s have strategically placed their loyalist throughout every unit within the YPD. Is that to seek justice or is that obstruction, perhaps better defined as “injustice”? 

A well respected legal mind advised that “allegations noted in the Yonkers Tribune over the past years noting mental instability, “beer parties” in precincts, bribery, insubordination, and other similar allegations, none of which would be appropriate behavior for anyone, let alone a senior police officer, would all constitute defamation” unless proven. Why not await proof in the pending lawsuits filed individually by Mueller, Olson, and Moran again the Yonkers Tribune before Mueller is elevated to PC. Should not Yonkersites  be permitted to know what is and what is not? What is the rush? 

Rumors are flying that John Mueller may finally get his Olson wish, but refusing any directive from a Police Commissioner is not on any resume for a commissionership. Is that in the best interest of Yonkers or its citizens. Yonkers needs to be transparent about what has been occurring in its Police Department and look for better choices for the future.

As for a very kind professional Police Commissioner like Gardner, we wish him much success and a long and happy retirement, and the joy of being a grandfather. A job well done given the obstruction and lack of justice that have littered and besmirched the City of Yonkers and the Yonkers Police Department.

Keith Olson will be re-assigned to the Investigative Unit and thereby be able to build up a large salary built on overtime  so that he can end up retiring on a pension designed to pay him half of what he earned in his last years on the job. What a sweet deal. Proving once again that Yonkers City Hall is an employment agency after all.

P.S. There is more to come. Stay tuned!.

eHeziBLUE TRUTH: The End of an Era Intentioned for Good Eclipsed by Unbridled Authoritarian Control of Yonkers

Comments 90

  1. Imagine that an ex con like Nick Spano who gets lobbying cash from the Yonkers PBA for almost 8 years makes Keith Olson’s drinking buddy the new PC. I wish I could have watched that interview. Nick, Johnny and Johnny, and Lenny they. want to be PC. No one else had a chance in this corrupt system. Hopefully the DOJ will continue to do their work secretly. Can’t tell the Yonkers Spano PD. They can’t be trusted and that is a fact.

  2. The Spano’s have no allegiance to themselves and certainly not their so called friends. The Feds should start with the Yonkers PBA and the CLSA who have been paying lobbying cash for what? Give backs and 207c benefits that Olson wears on his dirty shirt.

    See how fast the lawsuits start piling up.

  3. John Mueller has been fighting a Federal Lawsuit with his best friend Keith “ I did not threaten anyone nor sell out my own membership” for the past five years. That Federal Lawsuit give them Qualified Immunity which did not clear them of any of the allegations and set a Landmark ruling in New York State.
    Now the same three liars are suing the Yonkers Tribune the Press saying they were slandered. We say not so fast Johnny boy. You dirtbags did every bit of it and more. You just need to read along with the Judge and just ask around and maybe you guys will remember how dirty you were.

    1. Yonkers is expecting Mike Khader to do his job and vote against confirming Mueller and question him as his relationship with others. The job wasn’t even announced nor was a resident really considered. Guess the lobbying cash works. Go figure Fat Mike Spano is the Mayor and Nick Spano the ex convict lobbies for a NYS Police Agency.Then they pick a looney tune for PC who most bosses don’t like and have real concerns about his pass actions.

      1. I don’t think Yonkers expects anything from Mike Khader!

        Maybe he should’ve spoke up when we had 7% tax increase. That’s when Yonkers was expecting something from Mike Khader

  4. Best of Luck Charles Gardner you did an excellent job for this City. Like always the Spano’s stabbed you in the back with Olson’s help. Now the fun begins. You should have transferred that loon and rolled the dice.

    1. I was hoping they would have picked Chief Hodges. He is a professional, above reproach, a man of the community and a Yonkers resident. Why go with someone who the community doesn’t even know and has baggage.
      Just my opinion.

  5. The Traffic Is a hypocrite! Sean you have been sucking up the traffics overtime for at least five years and your yearly salary will surpass that fake PC by the thousands. So your claims about his rationale perplexes all. Guess you must suck sh•• to get off with a nice pension padding post. That is why the CLSA must find real union leaders not Spano Traders and informants like Olson who spreads misinformation day in and day out. No Keith, go find your shoeshine box and meet your looney tune who supported his pet Billy Pataky

    1. Did anyone else hear the muffled screams of agony and despair from the stage at the hiring ceremony this morning? I may be wrong but I thought it came from the fat union man’s chair when he sat down!

  6. The Blue Truthers only tell it one way John Mueller, Keith Olson and Brian Moran. We have your love letters KO. Why did you want to meet certain Police Officers Off Duty and preferably in another Jurisdiction? Do you need to reflect on your notes?
    What about when your bald headed fake PC showed up in Federal Court and brought his perjury crew to threaten Monte? Didn’t work and the real PC knew about that too. Yeah the Tribune damaged you on it’s solid reporting of a bunch of renegade Cops who even threatened and harassed civilians and their families.
    Hope that doesn’t hurt your fake lawsuits fools.

  7. You would not think so when they did assaulted others, tampered with evidence, issued summons to civilians and their family, wrote false reports, I and much more. The insult is that Mike Spano and Nick Spano disgraced the department when Mueller refused a transfer order when it was learned that Mueller held a beer fest in the precinct.

    So now KO can do surveillance with Mueller together. Other agencies should take note now and know the Spano’s will be immune from any wrongdoing.

    Generation Yonkers will soon learn that perjury is abundant in Yonkers and State and Federal laws are selectively enforced when it comes to the unconnected community.

    1. No justice No peace . The Public has a right to know when it concerns them. Keeping drug addicted Police Officers on the Yonkers PD is a matter of public concern.

  8. We have been hearing on this blog about how the feds are coming to yonkers since Amicone was mayor…I am starting to think they aren’t going to show up. And the police in-fighting on this blog is a disgrace.

  9. Wahwahwah. You Olsonette asswipes piss your pants in front of the men you label blue truth. Olsonettes shook to the core. All you fools took your shot and got throat slapped and more. Keep hiding behind being a cop but always remember this; blue truth are cops but men first. Now you pussies can go up to the third floor and crown your king and wash his feet. Just like the PBA lackeys feed rat KO cheese while he screams his favorite battle cry, “Yonkers isn’t safe.” Stupid bastards

    1. The Spano’s are pathetic. They put in a six million dollar screw ball who has no respect as a PC and never will. So the morale is dead and the fat union leader can swallow another famous fat Nick’s Ex- Con Prison burger. Try it and it buys spots.

      You also fked Gardner. Mueller could not shine his shoes.

    2. You’re such a cowardly pussy Tissier. Always were and always will be. And you have buck teeth, a bad bald head and probably shriveled pecker from the roids.

  10. The Yonkers Police Officers should remember the garbage Keith Olson sells them and Mike Spano for promoting a zero like Mueller to the PC
    Wouldn’t you say lobbying cash and new contract give backs sell a spot?

  11. Keith the fat union rat… is that strength in unity like the time you went to Greenburgh with others and beat Rui up in front of his girl? Or do you mean the time at the PBA Christmas Party when you and that nut job Mueller were drunk and you did your famous Pearl Harbor attack on Rob?
    Do yourself a favor stop selling out the membership with lies. By the way stretchy waist, you and the low life Spano’s are in bed with each other. What did you promise them this time? Last time you sold the troops out on 207c. And neither you nor Mumbles have the support of the Yonkers PD. What you should have posted pus head is that you and Mumbles cut another deal to screw the members.

    As for the Spano’s the Yonkers Police Department was here before they got here and they will be here when they leave. So hopefully they will remember all the favors your brothers gave them.

    As for sweet tooth Olson, we think the District Attorney’s Office and the DOJ know what sewer he squeezed out.

    1. I think your mistaken you ass wipe. First John Mueller did throw a beer festival in the precinct because there are witnesses and two Sergeants were disciplined. Second John Mueller dares a Police Detective to fire his weapon into a file cabinet and again that is common knowledge too! Now as for this embarrassing fake new Police flunkie he harassed police personnel as well.

      As for you KO and Snoop Moran well you will have to wait to see what the court receives during discovery. You punching out Mingy is just extra and the DOJ letters or the Khader complaints will be on ice.

      Have a nice time in court you bunch of low lives. Imagine that court action before the nut job even starts. Almost forgot to tell you story tellers that you did tell Gardner a real Commissioner that you had IP addresses and files right? Fools.

    2. The above mentioned names come with integrity and a reputation that the men & women on the job respect. Now I’ll throw out a couple names like I throw out my trash:

      John Mueller- acting head of Olsonette clown family

      KO- rat of the clown family

      Brian Moran, John Donaghy & Lou Venturino- wanna be not so tough guys of the clown family

      Andy Quinn- legal eagle asshole to the clown family

      Eddie Armour- bag man for clown family

      Chiarella- muscle for the clown family probably the biggest balls of the bunch.

      The Olsonette clown family is known around Yonkers for backstabbing Police Commissioners. And another one bites the dust.

      Great job losers, I hope you’re all proud of yourselves.

      PS- I can’t wait to see KO on a traffic post squeezing that fat smelly cheese filled ass into his cheese stained uniform. Best of luck but I see a commercial, I’m falling; I can’t get up.

  12. I can’t wait for “Commissioner Mueller” to win his lawsuit. Hopefully at that time, those behind this bull%^*+ “blue truth” are uncovered and penalized accordingly. The amount of erroneous nonsense spewed here is so embarrassing to not only Hezi who does not do his due diligence investigating and only prints what this morons give him but, also for the department itself as the “blue truth” makes every member of YPD look like nothing but a bunch of whiny babies. It is truly unfortunate. Good job done by all. Bravo.

  13. Yup, Mueller made his announcement to all that he grew some hair overnight because the Spano’s selected him. Now his first public appearance will be defending a frivolous law suit against the Yonkers Tribune who has the right to write about Public concerns and what has occurred in the Yonkers Police Department which obviously the internal harassment will continue. Sort of like when this loser Mueller refused a transfer order with KO’s online petitions.

  14. KO is that like when you mustered up enough courage to attack Mingy from behind while that drunk John Mueller watched? These hints of threats to the uniform officers and supervisors are what got you to pack on the weight and sugar sores. Remember to tell Mumbles to put this down. By the way Pal Hector is still waiting for that message you sent him. Who knows he may even turn his back or agree to walk in the woods. You think your orthopedic shoes are made for walking in the woods? Were you wearing them when you and Moran started to investigate the Captain?

  15. You guys are great!!! Everything the “Blue Truth” touches turns to gold. You try n tear people down but it seems each and every person you have gone after has ascended to a better position. Meanwhile you all stay obsessed in your own misery. Many people will be held accountable now for their disgusting actions.

    1. Disgusting actions like when Olson sucker punched Santobello, and then put perjury to paper in his DOJ response letter. Case closed on you litigious Quinn pirates. Remember boys you couldn’t even throw another union member out. Mueller can’t get along with other agencies, who by the way walked away from him and Olson you can’t be trusted because of your bible of lies. Good luck

    2. Wahwahwah. You Olsonette asswipes piss your pants in front of the men you label blue truth. Olsonettes shook to the core. All you fools took your shot and got throat slapped and more. Keep hiding behind being a cop but always remember this; blue truth are cops but men first. Now you pussies can go up to the third floor and crown your king and wash his feet. Just like the PBA lackeys feed rat KO cheese while he screams his favorite battle cry, “Yonkers isn’t safe.” Stupid bastards

  16. The Yonkers Police will be losing a true professional who was balanced and fair. Enjoy your retirement and let the union rat Olson eat the bug eye bald headed nut job who refused your transfer order. Don’t look back and keep your notes.

  17. The Joker needs to worry about his lying law suit first. The person that pointed out that Captains , Lieutenants and others are going to be targeted and harassed just proved to all the readers that John Mueller and Keith Olson are what most people say, that they are dirty cops. As for others mentioned here well we know that Olson is a sucker puncher who punches holes in walls. We really feel so sorry for a diabetic overweight sick union rat leader. So sorry Olson needs six guys to beat one person up. Johnny no balls Mueller needs to explain why he told someone to fire a shot into his file cabinet while he giggled like a school yard boy.

    1. Keith you really put on the weight since the DVD caught you writing the parking ticket to Khader. Don’t forget to tell the Judge how you threatened Mike Khader while working the voting center in South Yonkers. They call guys like you street thugs that pick the prey that is least resistance.

  18. At least he didn’t go after civilians and other police personnel. Doesn’t matter because he will never do what Olson and John the Joker did. Can’t wait to play the game

    1. Dear Jon the Joker. Please don’t harass real cops when they are attempting to see Commissioner Charles Gardner. Gardner will have the last word and he won’t lie for you John or Keith. Maybe Rui or Castro or Pete can write you a reference.

  19. I don’t think this is a done deal just yet. Timmy as well as two others are still in play as far as I was told by a very close source.

  20. pba Takes in union dues $55 a pay check X 24 pay checks X approximately 485 officers = $640,200 a year from union dues each and every year. Did KO spend all that money to get any additional officers? Not one additional police officer position in 8 years after collecting and spending $5,000,000 + over 8 years. That’s 5 million dollars taken in and spent in 8 years. However he did obtain a free car provided by the city with free gas provided by the city. Ask why , was it out of the goodness of city halls hearts? KO also got JM promoted to chief and apparently commissioner. Was the latter the game plan the past 8 years? What do you think? Also, Interestingly during this time KO sister received an appointed city funded job making over $125,000. Officers drive around in one officer cars while ko his family and friend get all the perks on pba members dime. JM is the million dollar man.

    1. If above is true and JM is the million dollar man, KO is the six million dollar man! So there you have it. The six million dollar man and the million dollar man running the department.

    2. We say it is time for the District Attorney’s Office to do a Forensic Audit of the PBA Funds and the DOJ review all the complaints and Law Suits. Then force Olson and his pen pal Mueller off.

      1. Why would the DA do a thing like that? YPBA and Olsen’s other organization are both campaign supporters of the DA. Tony S is not going to look a gift horse in the mouth, nor investigate one.

    3. John Mueller and Keith Olson are the worst sell outs to the uniform. Olson you lie to all the members about 207c and the Firefighters stood their ground and made no changes, nor do they set up others

  21. So KO is behind the push to make the joker the commish. Then he goes to special investigation to pad his pension before retiring in 4 years. Well, in my opinion he wont be able to collect his pension very long. Someone as large as he is is a high risk for stroke or heart failure.

  22. Why don’t Olson and Mueller start their own crooked PD. This way you punch other cops, threaten to take civilians in the woods, but please take your can of Cutter Backwoods Bug spray with you and Mueller can hold roll call for you and Brian and tell you all about the birds and the bees he saw

  23. The article is on substance again. How could any politician even consider a nut job like Mueller who ask questions about what to do with other people that he labeled Blue Truthers during a so called promotional interview.
    The dirty trio are a disgrace to the Yonkers Police Department and themselves. Make sure John Mueller that you tell the Judge about how you pulled up alongside of another cop with his family and started to laugh uncontrollably while pointing in front of your own blonde. What would the doc say that you called? Loser, now take two aspirins and call that cheese eating lying cop assaulting Keith Olson .

  24. The Spano’s are a despicable clan with no scruples, they have been living off Yonkers taxpayers for years. The friends and family network never ends, hopefully one day the feds will do a thorough investigation and suck these termites up.

  25. A walk down memory lane: Olson and Mueller drove around looking to Khader parking summons, Olson had his trustees give Khader daughter summons in front of St. Mary’s, unauthorized investigations against CLSA members and other police officers, Olson called his other snoop dog Brian Moran to take pictures of another union Vice President’s personal vehicle parked on private property. Searching D.A. Files, Searching police personnel files, taking files, making your own files against other police personnel. Wuuuu that is for openers.

  26. One thing to remember. Keith Olson and John the Joker Mueller broke the rule of law. They have targeted civilians and cops with threats and Olson has NO doubt assaulted and threatened other cops. Why don’t you two disgraced bums apologize to Gardner and all those people you hurt.
    Ahhh, to late! They won’t lie for you in court. Better call your lawyers. Two very dirty liars.

  27. yonkers is the next mt vernon let the spaNo brothers deal with what comes for mikeys future Mayor Spano appoints a guy like mueller with pending lawsuits attacking community people not liked from with in will only fuel the Feds investigation of pay to play Nick is making plenty of cash with the PBA bank book stand by more to come dont panic mueller as pc will be mikeys albatross…..

      1. sorry not john but he is a good friend of mine and if you think the joker will be good for the job yonkers will be the next mt vernon !

  28. He is the million dollar man! That’s how much money the pba spent over 8 years to make JM commissioner. $48,000 in lobbying money per year to the mayors brother. $100k in yearly money including campaign contributions to the mayor and candidates the mayor supported, in addition to dinners, lunches, events, in Manhattan, Westchester, Florida for various family members and associates. Don’t forget $30,000 charitable donation to another mayors brothers employer. JM is Steve Austin the million dollar man. JM just remember when you’re sworn in, know that your position wasn’t earned, it was bought and paid for by your friend KO at the expense of every officer who paid union dues. Take a good look at yourself in the mirror and know that. Remember mayor, JM only has one person to answer to and that’s KO.

  29. Word is PC Gardner refused to sign off on the hiring of the unqualified nephews the mayor and his brother were trying to push thru and resigned rather then deal with the disaster of approving the hiring of a multiple robbery suspect drug user nephew of the mayor, now detective Jerry Spano is running ning around trying to convince everyone the nephew wasn’t really under investigation in multiple cities for robberies he committed while working for multiple oil companies, including his own family oil business! Bad enough we have to deal with all the low life spanos in DPW now the mayor wants to stuff the PD with these people.

    1. Sounds just like some of them. Then again they don’t call Nick Spano the prison mentor for nothing. Yonkers citizens need to get out and vote or run. At least Beltran tried. Yonkers is a dump

  30. Deal is the joker is in as PC and Keith must step down and go to IU and collect a fat pension. Only in the City of Hills

    1. IU don’t want a lying union leader either. Maybe the large union boss can be Mueller’s Uber driver. The Joker just needs to bring rotten cheese for the ride.

  31. Mueller is the mayors pick get over it who else has more lawsuits,I.A.D. complaints, defies transfers,throws the best beer fest? Mueller is the man. Way to go mayor…Yonkers will be the next Mt Vernon

  32. John Mueller and Keith Olson are grimey. Hope the defense lawyers have fun with your lies. Two real live dirtbags that target civilians and cops. Please make me PC Nick I can lie on others for you.

    1. John Mueller refused a transfer and denied he had a beer festival in the precinct. We have the witnesses rope skipping Olson. Please return the personnel files from Itzla and Montero.

      Don’t think a class act like Gardner will lie for you or others.

      1. Great going JM! There’s Two Captains , a few Lieutenants and some Sergeants sweating bullets right now LOL. They’re screwed

  33. This is so bad Gardner was always undermined by olson and the joker to make him now pc is the worse thing the mayor can do. I hope he really considers and picks a guy that has no clouds over his head……

  34. Commissioner Gardner is a genuine class act and will be missed. He was at the helm of the police department and oversaw a historic reduction in crime in the city of Yonkers that benefitted the entire city. We thank you commissioner Gardner and wish you the best in your retirement. The entire city should turn out for your retirement party to say thank you.

    1. Thank Commissioner you have worked hard and long-now sit back and enjoy your life without the stress and strain-once again thank you for a job well done.

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