Captain Richard Thomas Is Ready to Set Sail from Mount Vernon To An Undisclosed Location

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Mount Vernon’s Love and Sustenance for Its Child Is Unwavering Hezitorial

Bronxville Tribune / Yonkers Tribune / Mount Vernon Tribune / Westchester Tribune Publisher / Editor-at-Large and WHYT Radio’s Westchester On the Level Host Hezi Aris.

MOUNT VERNON, NY – July 30, 2019 — Former Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas is soon to set sail for destinations unknown. What is known is that the vessel he intends to board is not yet worthy to depart dry dock. His timeline is not yet known. He intends to set sail for safe harbors as the darkness of sunset casts a hideout from which he intends to depart for a new beginning. There is an urgency to make the vessel ship shape post haste. Mount Vernon DPW crews are working overtime so the vessel may be readied and thereafter christened with blessings from up high toward safe adventures and harbor. How Thomas thought he would be able to hide the vessel from prying eyes is unfathomable? His temerity and audacity speaks to a sense of undefined imbalance.

At one time he was thought to have the world before his feet yet there is something unsettling about this vessel awaiting to be readied for its departing journey beyond the craggy and treacherous coastline that continues to hide its presence. When does Captain Thomas intend to stealthily depart the familiarity and support Mount Vernon afforded him. Will his fate chug along the polluted causeway to unknown waters? What of his family? Will he depart to ports unknown? Will he be safe? What are his prospects? How did he arrive at such a dark and foreboding place?

He needs a lifeline yet cannot find one. How can he be saved? Despite the well wishes he enjoyed and since squandered, hope for his sanity to resurrect his diminishing prospects is not lost. He must reach out for help. That lifeline will be able to sustain him. He must however make the first feeble step in order to save himself from calamity. It is time for Richard Thomas to face the sour notes that have caused him pain and anguish. An outstretched arm asking for help will be met. Grab that lifeline now. People care for your well-being. All is not lost, no matter how bleak it seems presently, time will heal the wounds and the pain.

A new beginning with promise awaits you.

eHeziCaptain Richard Thomas Is Ready to Set Sail from Mount Vernon To An Undisclosed Location

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  1. Only a fool would have thought Thomas offered promise. He’s “fake it ’til you make it” personified. A thin resume, zero leadership or administrative experience, narcissistic personality disorder, and a predilection for associating with crooks and dirt bags should have been clear to anyone who knows him, even in passing.

  2. I have never seen someone with so much promise f–k things up so badly Richard. You will now reap what you have sown. This is what you get when you take advice from the likes of Spezio and Asstorino. Democrat my a–. You actually left a major stain on the City of Mt. Vernon a remarkable feat considering its past. Good riddance you arrogant POS.

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