Happy Fourth of July America

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eHeziHappy Fourth of July America

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  1. Happy 4th. But the real fireworks will begin when it’s uncovered that Mayor Spano and the powers that be within his family and the Police Dept have to explain to the public why a reputed burglary suspect and drug abuse family member was hired as a cop in Yonkers! How many political favors is the mayor giving away to get the PD investigators and the PBA to go along with this? How is this going to go over once word is out and everyone that was turned away files a class action lawsuits? That’s going to be some real fireworks!!! I wonder what kind of work this burglary nephew has done for the family to be rewarded with such a gift, but I guess as long as you lie on your application and you know no one will do real vetting it’s all ok. Now a days you don’t even have to pass the physical to get hired as long as you are a spano, taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for your unemployable family members Mr Spano! What’s next? Let me guess, keith Olson’s sister becomes commissioner of any Dept she wants in Yonkers because Keith pressured everyone in S.I.U. to listen to uncle Mike and Jerry? You can’t make this up! Enjoy the fireworks everyone!

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