John Bailey, White Plains CitizeNetReporter Michael Edelman, Esq., Political Analyst, and Hezi Aris, Yonkers Tribune Editor-at-Large, on Westchester On the Level – Monday, July 29, 2019 @10am EST

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John Bailey, White Plains CitizeNetReporter ( Publisher / Editor opens the broadcast day at 10am. We speak about the most pertinent concerns that have captivated White Plains  and Westchester County residents. This segment from 10-10:30.

Michael Edelman, Esq., Political Analyst, delves into local, national and international news and analysis from 10:30-11am.

  1. President Trump on Sunday announced that Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats will be replaced on August 1st by Rep. John Radcliffe  (R-TX). President Trump after 2 ½ years continues to dismiss individuals he picked for his cabnet at an alarming rate while many necessary people have yet to be designated to offices of responsibilities. The President is seemingly dissatisfied by his previous appointees? Have those that scrutinize POTUS’ cabinet yet to recognize the qualities he seeks in his appointees?
  2. The Federal Reserve is reassessing its monetary policy strategy, considering whether alternatives to present inflation-targeting framework could be more efficient, exact, and transparent in attaining its objective of price stability and maximum employment, while maintain its independence. Is the catalyst behind reassessment the step-child of Pore.. Trump? Is Trump qualified to make theoretical and empirical deductions and thereby policy. Who is qualified to pursue anticipated remedies to grow the American economy and in what fashion? Whichever direction is chosen, are economists and Wall Street secure in knowing that the Federal Reserve can withstand the challenging Tweets given expression by President Trump?
  3. Was the hearing engaging Special Counsel Robert Mueller anti-climactic? Were both sides of the political divide disappointed? What is the takeaway?
  4. China has engaged a global Belt and Road Initiative that have seenChina stretch its influence in Cambodia it naval bases and airport access in Cambodia, Italy, and Africa, stealthily and cautiously for the last two decades and with greater purpose at present. It reveals that China is a challenger on the world stage to American prowess and China is a south after partner. Is China easier to work with than America? Why? And How so? Is America on the losing side of this equation? Similarly, the F-35 sale to Turkey is languishing by Russia installing S-400 rockets to defend Turkish territory. Is American losing to Russia in Turkey? Has America lost the panache of the past as China and Russia, undermine the U.S. Does America have the ability to maintain relationships that are seemingly falling apart? Is there a remedy or has America found itself impotent to the changing political reality of burgeoning economies that can eclipse the U.S. on differing but persuasive ways? Is there a stop gap measure? Is the U.S. prepared to respond or is the prospect of a credible response unlikely and even if engaged ineffective. Has the world order changed under Trump, because of Trumo, or because of another reason? 
  5. POTUS doubled down on his attacks against Rep. Elma Cummings (D-Md.) saying it’s “sad” that the longtime congressman has done “so little” for the city he represents and accused Democrats of playing “the Race Card.” In a Saturday Tweet, Trump said that “statistically, Baltimore ranks last in almost every major category. Cummings has done nothing but milk Baltimore dry, but the public is getting wise to the bad job that he is doing! Are people of color disenfranchised, marginalized, and still suffering from racism. Does America have a plan? What is it? If none is contemplated is the next decade fraught with gloom and doom? Will the mainland follow in the footsteps of Puerto Rico?

Hezi Aris, Yonkers Tribune Editor-at-Large delves into hyperlocal, city, county, state, national, and international issues with commensurate analysis. This segment from 11am-12Noon. 


eHeziJohn Bailey, White Plains CitizeNetReporter Michael Edelman, Esq., Political Analyst, and Hezi Aris, Yonkers Tribune Editor-at-Large, on Westchester On the Level – Monday, July 29, 2019 @10am EST

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