Mount Vernon City Court Must Validate the Present Caretaker Government In Anticipation of Final Results Voted Upon In the November 5, 2019th General Election

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The Chain of Command Hezitorial

A functioning demeanor will be in place for a mayor to assume office on January 1, 2020. Likely to cheers and “Amen”

Bronxville Tribune / Yonkers Tribune / Mount Vernon Tribune / Westchester Tribune Publisher / Editor-at-Large and WHYT Radio’s Westchester On the Level Host Hezi Aris.

MOUNT VERNON, NY — July 25, 2019 — A sense of dread, ambivalence and foreboding is smothering Mount Vernon’s collective capacity to strategically plan to extricate itself from many years of past dysfunction including the self-admitted guilt of Richard Thomas exacerbating  a sense of foreboding, uncertainty, and angst over the prospect of losing one’s livelihood by Mount Vernonites.

It was on July 10, 2019 that the Mount Vernon City Council determined that Mayor Richard Thomas, upon admitting to and pleading guilty to misdemeanors and misuse of campaign funds on July 8th. It was all due to  his non-compliance to Article 25 of the Mount Vernon City Charter which required him to relinquish his capacity and station as mayor. Instead of adhering to the guidance set by the Mount Vernon City Charter, Thomas chose to be  dismissive of Article 25, and did not submit to the statute as it was defined. While Thomas was contemplating his next move, Mount Vernonites were suffering an over abundance of anxiety because their fear was exacerbated to a greater extent by media more concerned about viewers, listeners, readers, and click throughs than the hoped for transition from dysfunction to function envisioned by most Mount Vernonites. 

Thomas’ arrogant and dismissive submission to the City Charter was an error that diminished what loyalty and/or capacity he held as “mayor”. He too ratcheted the anxiety level in the city by creating a sense of being mayor when he knew he no longer was mayor. André Wallace was voted the new Mount Vernon Mayor, Janice Duarte was voted the new City Council President. The government of and with Wallace, Duarte, et al, were in charge. The hierarchy was in place, but there were forces clinging to days that had long since expired.

André Wallace must beseech the Mount Vernon City Court to rule over the ouster of Richard Thomas from office based on the guidance described by the City Charter, the elevation of André Wallace to Mayor, Janice Duarte to City Council President, Shawn Harris to Mount Vernon Police Commissioner, among others, so as to delete any ambiguity by city employees and residents of the chain of command until a new mayor is voted for in November 5, 2019, and thereafter sworn to office by January 1, 2020.

Mount Vernon Comptroller Deborah Reynolds is being recognized to have stood her ground for reasons that she recognized were compliant with her responsibilities and thereby she did not make payment to entities to which she did not obtain corroborating evidence / rationale from Mayor Thomas to validate appropriate disbursement of funds to authorized businesses/entities. The admonition, and ridicule she endured were suffered by her not fully explaining her conduct publicly. Then again, she was demonized by Mayor Thomas’ assault on her integrity. She will have the last laugh because she continues to stand for the principles to which she has conformed. Interestingly rumblings whispered by Thomas to a chosen few inform that he is contemplating a run for the office of Mount Vernon Comptroller. Bear with me a moment as I attempt not to hurl in revulsion to the prospect. I may not have hurled, but I did sense an acrid taste in my throat.

Comptroller Reynolds last week paid Thomas a few days salary rather than a full week’s salary. Yonkers Tribune / Mount Vernon Tribune has learned that Mount Vernon Police Chief Richton Ziadie has been informed by newly re-installed Mount Vernon Police Commissioner Shawn Harris to strip Richard Thomas of his mayoral security detail, and remove the two officers posted outside the mayor’s office. 

Should Mount Police Commissioner Harris’ orders not be carried out Yonkers Tribune / Mount Vernon Tribune contemplates Comptroller Reynolds will likely exact a financial penalty from Police Chief Richton Ziadie.

Those that have the foresight and vision for Mount Vernon must serve the Public Interest by serving them and none other, by every measure that is best for the majority of its residents. 


eHeziMount Vernon City Court Must Validate the Present Caretaker Government In Anticipation of Final Results Voted Upon In the November 5, 2019th General Election

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