Over $2 Million In Liens Have Been Imposed on Specific Departments of the City of Mount Vernon, NY

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MOUNT VERNON, NY — July 4, 2019 — It was on June 19, 2019 that the Mount Vernon Tribune / Yonkers Tribune reported in the article, “The City of Mount Vernon Faces Lawsuits Valued from $1,750,000 to $2,000,000 for Services Rendered in Defense of Mayor Richard Thomas” would come to pass after the June 25, 2019 Democratic Primary Elections concluded. It seems our assertion came to pass except that the liens now exceeds $2 million in value. Papers were filed that place liens on various Mount Vernon departments over which Mayor Richard Thomas had the capacity to use those specific funds without oversight from Mount Vernon Comptroller Deborah Reynolds. One of the firms divulged in the June 19th article is the Yonkers-based firm of Spolzino, Smith, Buss & Jacobs LLP. Another is the Long Island law firm of Ruskin Moscou Faltischek P.C.

Liens were filed against the Mount Vernon Industrial Agency whose President Chairman is Mayor Richard Thomas. Another  department over which Mayor Richard Thomas presides is the Mount Vernon Board of Water Supply.

Specific departments were targeted by legal powers houses so as to protect their payment due for services rendered, with benevolent respect and acknowledgment to permit the City of Mount Vernon to function while they secure the debt owed them. 

In the May 29, 2019th posting of “Clyde Isley’s Statement on Porcari Indictment and Rich Thomas’ Use of Water Department Funds For Legal Defense” the following issues were addressed: 


“Thomas may have escaped indictment in this investigation by blaming his own Corporation Counsel for offering bad advice. However, it appears that he knowingly sought counsel regarding use of water department funds to pay his legal expenses and seemingly has no problem doing so.

“Among the myriad of legal questions to be answered, one immediate query demands a response: “Mayor Thomas, if indeed true, how in your right mind can you expect your constituents to pay your criminal defense bills?” asked Democratic mayoral candidate Clyde Isley.

“Isley added, “In recent years, Mount Vernon Board of Water Supply customers have been hit with exorbitant rate hikes. It wouldn’t be a surprise to learn that these behind closed doors price increases arrived as the mayor’s legal fees climbed.”

“Thomas’ irresponsible administration of the Board of Water Supply has drained millions in expected department revenue from the city’s general fund and placed an undue and unfair burden on the backs of city taxpayers. Additionally, the Board’s misfeasance in failing to conduct annual financial audits is one reason for the withdrawal of Mount Vernon’s bond rating.”

This breaking news story will be revealed by Friday, July 5, 2019.

Click onto the hyperlink below to learn the connections that were and are still connected to Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas …



eHeziOver $2 Million In Liens Have Been Imposed on Specific Departments of the City of Mount Vernon, NY

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  1. I never comment if I can’t contribute anything positive. I think the truth always comes out. I also think the comment have turn into bullying and as a parent we need to remember kids are cruel and they mimic their parents so keep in mind the Thomas family have kids. I know this from experience. Please remember we are adults and we are defined by our actions. I never met the Thomas family nor do I think his actions are of an innocent man but I can’t believe as a community we have shown malice and disregard to our future, the children, I know when trust is broken and anger consumes us, we become cruel but keep in mind our kids are a reflection of us and we are their idols and heroes. Let’s not lose sight of our behavior by allowing emotions to turn anyone into bullies.

  2. what is the basis for the payment of legal fees out of city monies for the criminal defense of the mayor? please enlighten me….In addition what lawfirm continues to work on a client case building up millions of dollars in legal fees without getting paid as they go? It appears to me that this is nothing more than a scheme to plunder the taxpayers monies….I want to examine those legal bills…by the hour and by the services provided….and if not me then someone with experience in billing practices….because if the lawfirms have submitted outrageously high bills with the expectation that the mayor or any one else in the Mount Vernon government would approve of them without independently auditing them then it looks very much like a scheme to defraud the taxpayers….

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