Planning and Celebrating the Village of Bronxville’s Past, Present, and Future
By Mayor MARY MARVIN, Esq.

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Mayor Mary C. Marvin, Esq.

BRONXVILLE, NY — July 30, 2019 — As is custom, this is my last column until post Labor Day.

For that reason, I want to update residents on what projects were untaken over the summer months, their status and what will continue into the fall.

Street Paving and Curbing

Paving has been completed on the length of Sagamore Road, all of Parkway Road, both Plateau Circle East and West, Sussex Avenue and portions of Midland Avenue and Orchard Place. Following the installation of a new gas line by Con Edison, North Road and portions of Forest Avenue and Edgewood Lane will be paved by Labor Day.

Parkway Road Parking Lot

With the sale completed, the Village took ownership and the lot now has 70 spaces as a result of the demolition of the abandoned gas station. The walkway to the Metro North platform is completed as well as landscaping.  Charging stations and bike racks are still to be added.  Residents may use lot for dining or visiting in the area post commuter hours.

Lighting Near Metro-North Train Station

New tear drop fixtures have been ordered for area around the West Side Circle and other locations including the crosswalk near Christ Church.  They will be installed by mid-October.

Tennis Court Restoration

The project currently out to bid includes replacement of the hard surface and perimeter fencing for courts four and five and cameras for the surrounding park area.

Traffic Improvements

Signal and sidewalk improvements for the intersection of Pondfield Road at Gramatan Avenue are currently out to bid.

New crosswalks, improved signage and electronic crosswalk system to be installed at the intersection of Kraft Avenue and Meadow Avenue near St. Joseph’s School.

Sanitary Sewer Repairs

Repairs to sections of the sewer line on Tanglewylde Avenue between Park and Midland will take place in August, necessitating some road closures.

Plantings and Parks

Refurbished planters were placed throughout the Business District as a joint project with the Bronxville Beautification Council.

Walkway and lighting design underway for Bacon Woods Park on Kensington Road.

Trees to be planted in downtown area, when weather permits, as a joint project with the Boulder Ledge Garden Club.

The Bronxville Historical Conservancy, partnering with the Village, will soon landscape in the area surrounding the Kennedy Memorial and Giving Garden.

Capital Projects – Library and Public Works

We are currently reviewing bids for upgrades to Library’s HVAC system.

Phase I project to relocate salt storage shed, demolish existing shed, and create a new parking area to begin in the fall.

Railroad Underpass

Village will repair and replace on the limited portion that is Village owned, including new handrails and sidewalk improvements.

Note:  Two bridge repair projects undertaken by Westchester County are currently in progress (Palmer Road Bridge) or slated to begin (Midland Avenue Bridge over Sprain Brook Parkway – Bronx River Parkway) this fall.  We will share start and completion dates as we receive them from the County.

None of the above initiatives would have been possible without the incredible efforts of the Village staff, village volunteers and partnership organizations.

In terms of Village government, I think of Labor Day as the start of a new year so as we close out a chapter, I want to extend enormous thanks to our entire Village team – the Police Department, Department of Public Works, Office Staff, Library Staff, the Green Committee and Giving Garden group and all the members of our volunteer committees including my incredibly dedicated fellow Trustees.

Without the generous partnering with the Bronxville Beautification Council, the Bronxville Historical Conservancy and the Boulder Ledge Garden Club, so many of our initiatives would not have been realized this year.

We live in a highly respectful, caring and supportive community and I am personally honored and humbled to be a part.

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Mary C. Marvin is the mayor of the Village of Bronxville, New York. Share your thoughts by directing email to 

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Mary MarvinPlanning and Celebrating the Village of Bronxville’s Past, Present, and Future
By Mayor MARY MARVIN, Esq.

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  1. I am a resident of Yonkers who often has to go to Bronxville all my doctors are located there. I just love walking around the town and admiring all the beautiful flowers. They are all so well maintained. My compliments to all those involved GREAT job.

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