Richard Thomas Must Decide Whether to Resign or Continue to Fight the Legal System

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The Political Dead End Hezitorial

Yonkers Tribune / Mount Vernon Tribune Publisher / Editor-at-Large and WHYT Radio’s Westchester On the Level Host Hezi Aris.

MOUNT VERNON, NY — Prudent prognostication as well as scenarios from sources familiar with the legal system and the travails of present Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas point to either one or a second scenario. The most logical course of action by Mayor Thomas is to resign the office of mayor. The time frame for which he must submit his resignation to the City of Mount Vernon and to the court will need to be expressed no later than Monday, July 8th. It is on July 8th that a jury will be selected. It is unlikely that jury selection will take more than a day or two. But every moment delayed in advising the court of his intent will undermine Thomas’ capacity to gain any compassion from the court. On that basis alone, he must resign. Thomas can only hope that by stepping down from the office of mayor the court will afford him greater leniency.

Without a crystal ball even the Yonkers Tribune / Mount Vernon Tribune cannot foretell future conduct. It does however stand to reason that Thomas’ has only one option, that is, if acceptable to the court, and that is to resign, thereby permitting The People’s business to continue forward, such as the process of resuscitating Memorial Field from its decade-long fallow state to grandeur and purpose not forgotten.

Thomas’ resignation will initiate a chain of events that will unfold and cast people in new roles to which elected officials will rise to a level platform upon which to construct, even resurrect, and eclipse the malcontent and acrimony that has eviscerated Mount Vernon in derogatory degrees. Without Thomas’ and his supporters capacity to hold onto their present political reigns, governance will elevate Mount Vernon City Council President André Wallace for a few months time, specifically no more than December 31, 2019. 

The Mount Vernon Democratic Primary Elections of June 25, 2019, and thereafter certified by the Westchester County Board of Elections with a plurality of 209 votes in favor of Shawyn Patterson-Howard (SPH) informs the November 3, 2019th General Election that she cannot be eclipsed. Mount Vernon’s registered Democrats make up 85 percent of the voting block. Republican, Conservative, Independence, among lesser party registered voters are incapable of eclipsing Democratic Designee Shawyn Paterson-Howard for Mount Vernon Mayor.

A new dawn and demeanor will engage Mount Vernonites with an open, respectful, and transparent demeanor long deficient in some past administrations. While hope can sustain desire for awhile, from day one, SPH will need to challenge herself and her team to deliver. One can only wish her success as the past will soon lay itself to rest. Lest voters believe they have done as much as they can, they must stay involved, engaged, and open to speak truth to power by reaching beyond social media to news media of their choosing to maintain scrutiny over those they have honored with their vote. Mount Vernon cannot afford to be let down again. It is time for Mount Vernon to thrive.

eHeziRichard Thomas Must Decide Whether to Resign or Continue to Fight the Legal System

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  1. Thomas played ball with Rolex Robber Robert Astorino and Republican Chairman Douglas Colety. How much did Thomas or his bagman give to Douglas Colety’s and partners printing companies? According to Albany Times, the most lucrative of the operations is the firm of longtime Westchester Republican Party chairman Douglas Colety, which has been paid more than $14 million by New York campaign committees. That’s not the true number, it is more like $26 Million if you check on his secret partners company.

  2. You are what you eat.

    Hang with people like joe they will bring you down, look his wife doesn’t even want any part of him now

  3. I failed my garbage company, I failed in Florida, I failed in Mississippi and now my marriage is failing, I figured I’d take Thomas down with me

    Joe speizio

    1. He does not work for Thomas. He relinquished his responsibilities as Mount Vernon Inspector General years ago. — Kindly, Hezi

    1. he can still run as mayor of Kingston ……….Jamaica that is ya mon poor folks in Fleetwood so under represented the yonkers clan of demorcratic party will find him a job pass me a spliff wow!!!

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