The Strength and Civility of Family Values Girds Support for Shawyn Patterson-Howard for Mayor of Mount Vernon

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Bronxville Tribune / Yonkers Tribune / Mount Vernon Tribune / Westchester Tribune Publisher / Editor-at-Large and WHYT Radio’s Westchester On the Level Host Hezi Aris.

SCARSDALE, NY — July 31, 2019 — TuttaBella Ristorante was the venue in Scarsdale, NY. The guests were all accomplished. Each exuded a sense of humility, civility, and community that hearkens to the humbling subtlety over which a most powerful matriachy steered the purpose and direction of those in attendance. It was a gathering of women and men who came together in a restaurant setting that was magnetic, rife with purpose, unabashedly free of contrivance. Civility, honesty, and bonding  was on the menu, it was as if the heavens rained manna from the heavens. Their individual contribution was focused, devoid of contrivances, disconnected from boasts and bluster. It felt like one had come home to one’s mother, even if one’s own mother had passed. She was diminutive in stature, gargantuan in every other respect; she was the glue that commanded attention, but she did not steal the limelight from another, that of Shawyn Patterson-Howard. And all was right with the world. Each person was defined by others in the the dining room. By any measure or definition, they were the elite, not brash elitists. They were comfortable in their own skin and they permitted others to bathe in the warmth and glow of the evening. They all gathered between 6 and 6:30pm, dispersing ever reluctantly after 9:30pm. While the written words speak of each in attendance, I sensed the limelight was focused on only one person, her name is Shawyn Patterson-Howard.

With so many people, from divergent walks of life, one could imagine discord might reign. Yet it did not rear its ugly head, it was tempered by respect of self, and thereby of others.

And so the sensibility of the room bequeathed its acquiescence onto Mount Vernon Mayoral candidate Shawn Patterson-Howard.

Mount Vernon faces many issues, as every community in Westchester County does, as do communities throughout the world. Some communities meander aimlessly incapable of finding solution. Each person brought their own ingredient into the dining room. They were all consumed by the civility and strength of women, too often forgotten or dismissed by men who may not recognize the strength they gained from the mothers and fathers in their lives. That was the contribution Tuesday night, July 30, 2019. I will never forget it.

It was a reminder that good can thrive if we permit it. When we exalt people who respect themselves so that they can and do respect others. All had come together. It was a consummated marriage among diverse people, religions, stations in life, women and men. It was about governance in its most simple and complex, assured that their responsibility, in this case with respect to the City of Mount Vernon was doable. One could feel the comforting, and exhilarating breeze even on the hot and muggy evening that produced no evidence of a comforting breeze. It was however in the minds of each gathered. They were the winds of change that have coalesced their purpose on behalf of Mount Vernonites, and their leader in waiting, Shawyn Patterson-Howard.

This is no fairy tale, this is the reality that looms before everyone that demands benevolence of purpose, and respect of all. 

The takeaway is simple, yet complex. Women are the guiding light. They give life and sustenance in immeasurable doses.

Do you still want to know who attended the repast at TuttaBella Ristorante last night. That’s easy it was your Mom and Dad, in body or in spirit, they were the comforting salve of civility, family, friendship, and direction. Such is the purpose of life worth living. You may or may not know those who attended the dinner last night, they represent you, they are you. It was you who was in attendance. Nothing can be more comforting that sharing a meal among family and friends.


eHeziThe Strength and Civility of Family Values Girds Support for Shawyn Patterson-Howard for Mayor of Mount Vernon

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  1. We’ve been through this honeymoon before. We can be hopeful but the adulation must be tempered with demands of accountability and notice that we won’t accept anything other than integrity and holding close the best interests of Mount Vernon’s citizens.

    Appointments will be the first clue. Will we see experienced professionals with demonstrated leadership? Or, will we see more of the same ol’ patronage and positions handed out based on campaign support?

    Again, let’s be hopeful but with a dose of skepticism.

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