Yonkers Police Department Appoints 6 Detectives

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YONKERS, NY — July 19, 2019 —Mayor Mike Spano and Police Commissioner Charles Gardner appointed six detectives yesterday at the Riverside High School auditorium in the presence of family and friends.

The new detectives will be assigned to positions including the Major Case Squad, Crime Scene Unit, and Internal Affairs Division. They will work to enhance police investigations, including felonies and serious crimes, and to supervise detective personnel.

Detective Appointments:

Detective Captain Justin Barbato

Detective Sergeant Hunter Cartagena

Detective Dawn Lebzelter

Detective William Quirk

Detective Specialist Javier Sarmiento

Detective Specialist Stuart Barksdale

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SOURCE: Det. Sgt. Dean Politopoulos | Yonkers Police Commissioner Charles Gardner | Yonkers Police Department Communications


eHeziYonkers Police Department Appoints 6 Detectives

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