Yonkers Police Investigate Assault on Park Hill Avenue

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YONKERS, NY — July 9, 2019 —On Monday, July 8th, 2019 at approximately 2:12am, members of the Yonkers Police Department were on active patrol and were alerted to the possibility of a male assault victim in the parking lot of 15 Park Hill Avenue. Officers responded to the location and located a male victim on the ground who was unresponsive and bleeding. Officers quickly provided aid to the victim and requested an ambulance to the scene along with additional resources. The victim was transported to a local hospital and later transferred to a local trauma center where he is currently listed in critical condition.

Officers cordoned off the area and a criminal investigation was initiated. Detectives from the Major Case Squad and the Crime Scene Unit responded to the scene, interviewing subjects and witnesses, reviewing surveillance video, and processing forensic evidence. Preliminary investigation reveals that the victim was involved in an altercation in the parking lot next to 15 Park Hill Avenue where he was physically assaulted by unidentified assailants. Detectives are actively developing information to identify the suspect(s) and effect an arrest.

This is an active and on-going investigation; additional information may be released as it becomes available. No additional information will be released at this time pending investigative progress.

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SOURCE: Sergeant David Fraszka, Yonkers Police Department Communications.


eHeziYonkers Police Investigate Assault on Park Hill Avenue

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  1. Mueller is coming for you Sapienza, he will make a example out of you first and tinny next. I hope Sean don’t think he is untouchable. Motorcycle unit will have an xo, commissioner mueller will see to it. Thanks for the help getting here boys.

  2. KO heading the mayors detail in siu. He is to resign as part of the deal to make mueller commissioner. I have it from a very good source. This was all worked out last night at dinner with mike and John and lennny as well as the mayor.

  3. And the curruption continues….
    On his own Mueller is a non starter, he was not fit for the county when he tried to turn his back on Yonkers only 2 years ago. What makes him fit for yonkers now?
    If this is true Keith he has to thank you for everything.

  4. Take care of who? Mueller and KO, package deal, too bad PBA has never cared about their members only their own power hungry desire for Mueller to be PC one day. Bad day for yonkers!

  5. Word is Mueller is dancing around already approaching everyone in the department already bragging and promising to take care of people.

  6. Not the safest city with bonehead Mueller and KO running things. If this is true it will be a disgrace to the Mayor and this city.

  7. Done deal!!! Just heard from mueller that he met with the mayor last night as well as kO and John mueller is the next commissioner!! You heard it hear first!! John was told last night that he is the next commissioner. Sorry fools! Have fun interviewing tomorrow Timmy! Lmao

  8. I heard mueller who lives out of Yonkers are trying to be pc. He is unfit to be a commissioner and should be committed.

  9. Mueller can do as he pleases as long as he continues to do the mayor’s dirty work. By this time next week we the taxpayers will have to deal with the hiring of criminal and incaplable relatives of the mayor as police officers.

    1. All police recruits MUST be credentialed! Just the facts! I demand it as a taxpayer. Otherwise, AG is getting a call from me with all these allegations that deserve investigation. Where there is smoke, there is fire!

  10. Apparently J unhinged mueller lost his id and badge while being drunk. Anyone hear about this. Not very becoming of you chief.

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