Acting Yonkers Police Commissioner Mueller and Police Benevolent Association President Det. Olson Maintain Maintain a Pension Padding Chokehold on the Yonkers Police Department with a Wink and a Nod Accommodation by the Spano Brothers

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The Blue Truth

Bronxville Tribune / Yonkers Tribune / Mount Vernon Tribune / Westchester Tribune Publisher / Editor-at-Large and WHYT Radio’s Westchester On the Level Host Hezi Aris.

YONKERS, NY — August 22, 2019 — The recently designated acting Yonkers Police Commissioner John Mueller and his best friend, Yonkers Police Benevolent Association (PBA) President Detective Keith Olson have methodically engaged in overwhelming the Yonkers Police Department hierarchy by throwing down the gauntlet years ago. The process has been long and arduous, albeit seemingly successful. It was as if the stars aligned when then Yonkers Mayor Phil Amicone hired New York City Deputy Police Commissioner Edmund Hartnett to become Yonkers Police Commissioner in 2006. From the onset, P.C. Hartnett came to realize that in order to create a sense of discipline and decorum under his watch, he would need to find accommodation with PBA President Olson and his best friend John Mueller. A deal was struck. Hartnett’s ploy seemed to initially work. It was after all an accommodation built on respect and thereby accommodation to serve the noted parties. In time, Olson in particular, anxious for more power and clout, saw Hartnett as an adversary rather than as a partner in his intention to climb the ladder of influence. Hartnett would find the last years of his time in Yonkers to be grueling. He tendered his resignation and would come to step down on December 31, 2011.

Prior to designating the next Yonkers Police Commissioner, Mayor Mike Spano asked PBA President Olson for the names of five people he would recommend for the job. In response, Olson made a list of five names. The first suggestion was John Mueller. The second suggestion was John Mueller. The Third, fourth and fifth suggestions was John Mueller. So from at minimum since the last days of November and the first days of December 2011, Olson’s vision was for Mueller to become the next Yonkers Police Commissioner.

Despite Olson’s suggestions, Hartnett was succeeded by Yonkers Police Commissioner Charles Gardner in January 2012. Olson and Mueller successfully undermine Hartnett during his tenure and were emboldened to also undermine P.C. Gardner. Time would prove they were proficient in driving P.C. Gardner to also step down, aided and abetted by the Spano brothers, Nick, Lenny, Johnny, and Mike.

P.C. Gardner was challenged and undermined at every turn. Mueller and Olson systematically eviscerated P.C. Gardner’s authority by gaining authority and prowess from Yonkers City Hall. It was mostly Olson, the so-called leader of the “pack” who would walk from the Yonkers Police Benevolent Association Office situated on the ground floor of the Cacace Justice Center to Yonkers City Hall by traversing the Nepperhan Avenue foot bridge. Olson would advise Mayor Mike Spano that he was disgruntled about P.C. Gardner and the mayor and/or the Spano brothers acquiesced to Olson’s bluster. After all, Nick Spano, the former New York State Senator was earning a hefty $48,000 per annum from the Yonkers PBA and another $24,000 per annum from the Captains, Lieutenants, Sergeants Association (CLSA) for Nick Spano to lobby on their respective behalf, despite each organization having a lobbyists that they each long ago hired in Albany. Since the PBA and CLSA first began engaging the services of Nick Spano, neither has gained any benefit for the rank and file of the PBA and/or the CLSA. Both operations are paying out and getting nothing in return. One has to wonder why and what for they are each paying Nick Spano. From my perspective it is nothing. The only beneficiary seems to be Olson who is eating on the PBA dine, traveling to Florida to bather in the sun and pay for their meals and his while there. There must be other benefits, which I will save for another time.

The symbiotic relationship between Olson, Mueller and the Spano brothers reeked of maligned “conflict of interest” behavior. No matter. It suited the Spano brothers’ wallet. The PBA and CLSA wined and dined them on PBA and CLSA union dues to keep the likes of Nick Spano “in the money”! The passive aggressive dance suited them all, except for P.C. Gardner, and the rank and file of the Yonkers Police Department.

The travesty suffered by Yonkers taxpayers came to light, though given expression in a most sheepish fashion during Mayor Mike Spano’s Proposed FY2019-2020 Budget. Every Yonkers department head was called to brief and respond to questions presented to them by the Yonkers City Council Membership. One of those who came before the Yonkers City Council was P.C. Gardner. He spoke to the budget. He informed those in attendance, as well as the viewing public, that in order to curtail costs he had long fought for and would abolish the 60-hours of overtime pay afforded select Police Officers every two weeks, that is, above the standard 40- hours OT per week that would be the catalyst in reducing expenses incurred due to the need for OT assignments. That means some Police Officers working a standard 40-hours a week multiplied by two weeks, equaling 80-hours work and an additional 60 more hours every two weeks in overtime equaled 280-hours for the month. In one month such a police officer will have worked 160 hours for the month plus an extra 120-hours in overtime. Divide 280-hours a month by 4 weeks, and you get a 70-hours work week, divided over 5 days is equivalent to a 14-hour work day. If you divide the 280 hours by a 6-days work week, that is equivalent to over 11.5 hours work per day. This construct is usually afforded insiders, friends of the family, and especially Yonkers PBA board members. They are first afforded overtime (OT), especially if they have informed that they are contemplating retirement.

In order to bring costs down, P.C. Gardner advised he would impose a maximum 40-hours overtime every two weeks. Until that time, the taxpayer had not recognized they had been taken to the cleaners for years. The Yonkers City Council membership said not a word, seemingly accepting the logic of not exceeding 40-hours of maximum overtime every two weeks. Ah, but PBA Pres. Det. Olson was quietly seething with rage. After all, Olson was gaining support from the PBA rank and file by spending the taxpayer’s money to earn support for him by the Yonkers Police Officers rank and file. But the only ones to benefit the 60-hours every two-weeks assignment was to be a member of the Yonkers Police Benevolent Association. It helps, put in a better way, to be an insider, friend of the family network to be offered the 60-hours every two weeks. 

Olson waited for the budget to win approval by the Yonkers City Council. When it passed 6 for with 1 against, Olson was quick to jump into action. He filed a complaint with the Public Employees Relations Board (PERB). About a half-year later, PERB announced the 60-hours OT was permissible. The nuance is often overlooked but most pertinent. Even though 60-hours every two weeks in OT is permitted, the YPD is not is required or demanded to offer so many hours in OT. The travesty to the taxpayer is that the 60-hours OT is most often afforded those who intend to retire within 1 or 2 or 3-years. The OT is most often allocated as Traffic OT, and especially in the detective division where investigation work can be either short or long in duration and impossible to ascertain a timeframe to rationalize the time required to find the necessary information. 

It is almost exclusively the purview of Tier 1, 2 and 3 Level Police Officers that are given these plum assignments. Whatever the lower Tier Level, such as 5 and 6, rarely get any OT. Tier Level 1 and 2 and 3, intent on building out their pension know that whatever OT they accrue will count toward their pension in entirety. What ever the last year, the last two-years, or the last 3-years of time accrues to, every hour is counted toward the pension. After the total hours accrued, by dividing the total sum in half becomes the Police Officer’s pension. It you are in the lower tiers, such as 5, or 6, and you are lucky in getting OT, whatever is earned does not get counted toward your pension, only 15 percent of the OT is counted toward your pension.The lower tier Police Officers may not all get it, their weekly dues to the PBA will not give earn them what the old-timers still have. The reality is the lower Tier Police Officers only benefit for being a PBA member is to enjoy a yearly Christmas Party once a year, and no more. There are no other benefits. They have been conned by the PBA leadership and specifically PBA President Det. Olson even if they believe they will get OT. They hardly ever do. Once the budget gained approval, Olson filed a complaint with  Public Employees Relations Board (PERB).

Almost a half-year after Olson files his complaint with PERB, we learned that PERB ruled it was OK to sustain the 60-hours OT.

Unrecognized by most readers of this Hezitorial is that Olson’s challenge to Gardner is only part of the issue. The other part is Yonkers Police Chief John Mueller’s conduct and action before he was designated Acting Yonkers Police Commissioner. Mueller awaits Yonkers City Council approval of his employment in that capacity. John Mueller as its Police Chief oversaw and allocated Over Time. One of the beneficiaries of pension build out, also known as Pension Padding, was permitted John Mueller’s brother Michael Mueller who is retiring Friday, August 23, 2019th at half his accrued salary. And lest anyone not understand that the payment of the pension is a burden that falls onto the taxpayer, then they will not appreciate that Michael Mueller and others like him that were afforded OT while John Mueller was chief, were afforded and permitted to pension pad. One can say this is the biggest known con game foisted onto the taxpayer with most taxpayers not recognizing the scam they are left to pay. 

The political subterfuge that is permitted to permeate the department has caused many Police Officers to work a 20-year career and opt to retire. The reason, most are tired of the intrigue, back stabbing, and dysfunction that the membership are cognizant.

We’ve learned that PBA Board members and PBA Trustees benefit. The rest can look forward to Christmas parties and cheer. Investigation on behalf of the taxpayer gleaned from payroll records will show higher numbers of retiring Police Officers earning over $200,000 to $300,000 plus, and thereby beget half that as their pension. 

OverTime Report: May 24 to June 6, 2019

OT May 24 to June 6, 2019 List.

Yonkers PBA Vice President Dale A. Hughes – NOTE ABOVE

Yonkers PBA 2nd Vice President John C. Viviano Jr. – SEE ABOVE

Former PBA Detective Trustee Marvin Oakley – SEE ABOVE

Majority of those listed above are members of the  Investigative Services Unit which was commanded by Police Chief and now Acting Police Commissioner John Mueller. 

 # # #

PBA 2nd Vice President Michael V. Mueller (retiring today, August 23, 2019) -SEE BELOW

PBA 2nd Vice President Michael V. Mueller-May 24-June 6, 2019 @ 56hrs.

PBA 2nd Vice President Michael V. Mueller-June 7 onward, 2019 @ 60 hrs.

PBA 2nd Vice President Michael V. Mueller – June 21-29, 2019 @58hrs.

PBA 2nd Vice President Michael V. Mueller -July 5-17, 2019 @60hrs.

The Takeaway

The takeaway is simple, the same “hacks” are choking the taxpayer with debt with no end to this scam likely, especially since the same actors are at play.  


eHeziActing Yonkers Police Commissioner Mueller and Police Benevolent Association President Det. Olson Maintain Maintain a Pension Padding Chokehold on the Yonkers Police Department with a Wink and a Nod Accommodation by the Spano Brothers

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  1. The Yonkers Tribune has reported it right all along. Mueller, Olson and Moran know the drill. They lost in NYS Second Circuit Court of Appeals: Arbitrary and Capricious were the words that were delivered by the (ALL) the Judges Involved
    and in the Southern District U.S. Court of Appeals these three kangaroos got Qualified Immunity which means they just didn’t have to pay but Sussman set forth case law protecting every union Police Officer in NYS from being targeted by dirtbags because their feelings were hurt. After how these three dirtbags plotted and targeted civilians and other police personnel it is amazing how Andrew Quinn could assemble such frivolous lawsuits for Public Figures.

  2. Hezi, it seems that if a commenter says something against someone you like, it’s absurd and the commenter is deranged but if the commenter goes along with your nonsense then it’s ok for you.

    As a reporter that “cares about the truth ” you should look into (thanks, for your suggestion, but I don’t need it)! The public information you speak of has nothing to do with the trial balloons effort you exhibit for me to reveal my sources. You are guessing, you are wrong, and I will not reveal anyone to any authority because if they assisted me in any way, I would have given my word not to ever divulge their name. And I would go to jail rather than betray my word to anyone. You suggest that this one and that one and another are my source. You will never know my sources because I do not share any information other than to those who have broached a topic that they initiated with me. I corroborate nothing. Why are you so bent out of shape, if the sources you are attempting to malign to me are who you claim they are, then how come you Are still guessing? You write, that “second, the fact that the feds were into (you name someone) is another thing you won’t look into because he is your other source. Wrong again.
    Fairness and impartiality is what is lacking from your site. Then why are you reading it. Wake up and talk to real cops and see what they think…. I hae corroborated all I have written. Who are the real cops you speak of? And by the way, the commenter writes, “my allegations about so ad so have been forwarded to the DOJ, the NYS AG, the WCDA and ypd IAD.” “The truth will be come out” the writer of this comment writes. So in the meanwhile you are suggesting that after all these years the allegations against many people n the YPD deserve to be jailed. LOTFLMAO. Did you actually put a stamp of the letters you sent to the DoJ, NYS AG, WCDA, IAD? What’s taking so long? I will let you answer that one. If any of those operations: DoJ, NYSAG, WCDA, YPD IAD, or anybody else finds your allegations correct, and you have yet to gain any validation of your assertions from any of those you mention, suggests you are wrong. How many more years will it take before you are ever proven right? Any one of the departments you mentioned have yet to issue anything derogatory of any of the people you mention.

    Kindly, Hezi

  3. ANOTHER ALLEGATION: (NAME DELETED By HEZI) shot an unarmed person on (The name of the street -expunged by Hezi years ago that was covered up by the PD. The the author say, investigate that hezi. I am shivering in my boots. You allegation is off the mark. You have no proof other than telling a tale years after the anything you speak about took place. AGAN, show me the proof or better yet give it to IAD and Mayor Spano and the Inspector General and WCDA Anthony Scarpino. Run it to NYS AG Leticia James, even the governor. You have nothing but BS. We both know it.

    Next you suggest another P.O., claim the P.O.was investigated by the feds when he was in a particular department in which you now assert civil rights allegations did take place, but you have no proof. Your suggestion that this P.O. traveled to Florida and “fanned the Spanos with palm frawns” and thereby was excused from his malfeasance is an absurdity. If it were not, what held you back from revealing it.

    Show me the proof. I suggest you have absolutely zippo, nada, zilch.


    Send me the proof. Direct email to

  4. Here we go again. The assertion this time, the third in a row, advises that an elected official has been a political hack at city (haul-the person commenting’s spellin) for years. He and his funny looking (relative – a demeaning term unearned expunged by Hezi) and has fleeced the PBA for money for years in exchange for something in kind for no cost to the recipient(s). Next the author writes, “Shame on you funny looking so-aand-so”). He closed by hoping this person will be voted out of office and that the elected office holder suffer financial calamity.

    The writer’s venom is palpable. I believe it i a man who is writing this stuff. No woman would allow all that he asserts took place to happen without making it known what he claims to know but has been silent all these years. His beliefs are eating him up. Medical attention may be ho wisest next move, that is unless he can prove his assertions. Since I doubt he can exonerate any of his allegation, I suggest psychiatric attention my be his best response to his personal delusions.

    On second thought, maybe there are media outlets where this sort of drivel will gain traction. All the best to your ability to quiet your frustration. The best remedy for that is to express the truth, validate it, as I do, and if you can corroborate anything into the future that concerns you, and I can validate, I will write it up. Don’t wait 10 years to relieve your frustration. It is not physically or mentally healthy.

    Direct email to

    I wish you the best. If a shrink is not affordable, open up to your spouse, and / or a good friend.

    Kindly, Hezi

    1. Post
        1. Post

          I did not receive an official notice however I have only recently learned that he has held off for a few days because he may is likely conferring with a media specialist. I expect an official notice sometime thos week. Most likely on Wednesday when most people will have returned from a short albeit long weekend respite with regard to Labor Day. We will find out soon enough. He has been contemplating switching party affiliation for some time so it is in my estimation a 99 percent done deal. Kindly, Hezi

          1. Post

            If it were, I would say so. It is rather someone that arrived from Florida and is likely strategizing to come up with a palatable presentation. We will all be made aware in a few dayls time. I am not timid about naming names and stating facts when it matters. it is definitely not Nick Spano. that is a guarantee. kindly, Hezi

      1. He’s out for the win in 2020 and for his own self enrichment. Don’t be fooled. He’s 2-faced, with no principals, total duplicity! With absolutely no concern or allegiance for all those Republicans that voted for him. Ya’ll be damned! He’s a career politician wannabe be! All he sees is $$$$ for himself.

  5. You may think it is funny, but ALL the white PBA board members and the trustees got fed and fat like their union boss with years of overtime at 60 hours. Det. Davis got targeted by Olson and others because he would not commit perjury on an incident that happened in the 4th Pct. Instead he submitted the truth.
    Maybe Det. Davis will get his day in court against the trio who are suing the Yonkers Tribune for reporting the real truth.

    1. Numbers don’t lie Yonkers. That is what happens when the Spanos turned a blind eye to the inner workings of the Yonkers PBA.

    2. Post

      A person is named by a person that commented which I have trashed (name not divulged by Hezi) who it is asserted perjured themselves regarding an incident with regards to a meeting. It is further asserted that (name withheld) and and another (Name withheld by Hezi). the rant then asserts they all lied in Federal depositions and the author asserts that it is easily proven by talking to the cops that were there. It continues to then state: “Hezi, I know most self respecting cops won’t talk to a bottom feeder like you but you could at least try”

      My response is thank you attempting to re-write history. Is as you claime the issue of perjury is so easily proven, who are these police officers you claim and where is their refutation of the perjury committed. How many years ago did these incidents take place and why is it even relevant today. As you suggest, if I am a bottom feeder, and the inference is that I don’t Rydd to get the facts, perhaps your insinuations are based on an incorrect premise. I have always made inquiry of the YPD. They however collectively denied me access. While you have the audacity of naming people against whom you have no prove of any kind, you suggest those who you accuse of perjury are? How convenient. Even so, worthless. If you have any interest in righting a wrong, do so in a court of law and prove what you claim. I suggest you do not have a clue. More fake news from a person who seemingly would like to re-write history in the Yonkers Tribune. Show me the proof. I suggest with respect, you have nothing. If you have something prove it. I know you have nothing because I did my work. Perjury has permeated many people of many in Yonkers. The ones you assert here have done no such thing. If they did, they would be hung from the City Hall tower and outed many years ago. You are speaking to the wrong party. Speak to someone who is easily offende by your attempt to demean me. You issue is that you resent that most YPD officers do the right thing in their jobs but you are coming to realize it is you who have no proof, as opposed to me, who has proof of everything I have said. As your stomach turns. Thanks for your BS. Kindly, Hezi

  6. Keith is a loser and always be just that. He sold his membership out for a job and a car. Be prepared for more give backs ladies
    Barry is a winner. Keith Olson can only win a Coney Island Hotdog Contest with cheese on it.

    1. Imagine Citizens of Yonkers, acting PC Mueller and Keith Olson in charge of a police department that definitely needs new leadership.

    1. That’s not what Garbo thinks! He remembers the day when Keith Olson use to shake beat up the vending machine in the back of the 4th Pct.
      The sugar union rat had a severe sweet tooth but didn’t want to pay for the candy bars…. Now Mr. Public figure stop crying.

  7. Let’s see Michael Mueller leaves with a nice fat padded pension and Det. Davis was not even given a sip and worked in the Detective Division in his last year. The good old boys even dumped his requests for traffic. 32 years of service and he got zero while as you can see the PBA Vice President was fed overtime until he retired. All under his smiling brother’s command.

  8. Please Mr. Nick Spano can you get me 60 hours of traffic overtime. I can get some cash and you can say you lobby for me personally. I have no more to give. Olson already gave 207c and who knows what’s coming.

  9. Keith Olson is a dirtbag that targeted civilians and their families. The only mayoral position he will get is in his waterfront condo or playing cowboys with the new acting Joker Mueller. and Vera and Pataky will be his deputies.

  10. I am too honest to live in Yonkers. I going to move back to Washington DC. Everybody gets a no show job. Look at Brandon Neider the drag racer. Spano hires him has a favor to Loraine. He’s the technology expert.

  11. Hey only in the Yonkers PD can you punch out others, target civilians, use drugs, tamper with evidence, use potential evidence and overdose on and off duty and you keep your JOB plus get 60 hours of taxpayer unlimited overtime.

  12. What is a fact is that the Former real Police Commissioner wanted to transfer John Mueller for giving away overtime like lollipops.
    Fact is Gardner cut an order to transfer the smiling Spano puppet and then Olson started an online petition to save the refuser. Olson sent out uniform police personnel to stop at various businesses to urge them to write and call City Hall.
    Now any cop in the world will tell you he is no real leader. Just ask the other real Police Captains that were transferred because of him. No difference now as he fed his brother until the end.

    1. Hope Andy Quinn hurry’s with the three amigos law suit. It will be a good read and a long list of people in the know. Andy let Hezi know if your missing any facts.

    2. Only Meatballs are the Spano brothers who took the money bait rather than a real Police Professional. All Khader has to do is say one word, well actually two “ fk NO” . Let’s not forget how John the Joker Mueller watched as his fat union lying President Keith Olson gave Khader’s brothers targeted tickets as well as his family.
      The other threats are already well documented. See something say something Yonkers. Don’t be afraid .

    1. Let’s sum up Joe Reagan’s entire police career= a Keith Olson Lackey, a do nothing cop, a sleepy traffic overtime cop who blood sucked the pension system for years. Thank God he’s gone so someone else can get a shot at traffic overtime. Maybe the other guy will stay awake at 60 hours of overtime every two weeks for three to five years.
      Nice to be a PBA board member and a hamburger flipper.

  13. Let’s see a professional like Gardner leaves suddenly, the Spano brotherhood interview a couple of Police Chiefs and puff the Joker gets it after losing his race to run away to the County. Does anyone think that his best friend Keith Olson annual lobbying cash didn’t help? Hmmm
    Guess the other Chiefs didn’t raise enough cash like the Toughman.

  14. Keith Olson if a run for union rep and spread misinformation to the Tier 5 and 6 personnel can I get on the DD list or into the Traffics Unit? Come on Mr. President you are John Mueller’s best best friend.

  15. Fact Finder: The Spanos promise Chuck a raise and put it into the budget. His Chiefs were making 30 grand more a year.
    Fact Finder: Gardner checked and found that someone took his raise out of the budget. A blind man can see that he was forced to make a decision. A blind man can also see that PBA paying $48.000 to a Spano carry’s weight.
    Yeah propaganda and lies won’t help what everyone else knows. Maybe you boys need to go to the videotape. The truth is a mother not a cheeseburger

  16. No Keith Olson and John Mueller, Hezi’s facts are correct and you should be concerned. Was it fake news when you attacked Rob or threatened the Khader’s and others? Maybe you should read the DOJ letter that the former PC received about what has been brewing since the Spanos gave you a new pair of elastic pants. Only thing fake is your responses.

    Funny how you can’t substantiate anything but denials. Rob must have been sleep walking when you attacked him while Mueller was partying with you at the Christmas Party.

  17. You need too get your facts right before you write fake news..!!! Retired police commissioner Chucky Gardner had over 30 years of service I think it might have even been 40 years of service so no one Forced him out he wanted to retire and enjoy himself I think with all those years of service to Yonkers PD. He deserves it..!!!

    1. Post
    2. Gardner was a true professional and well respected unlike this struggling Acting Commissioner and his shadow boxer Keith Olson. Chuck grew tired of Olson and Mueller undermining his efforts day in and day out.

  18. A number of YPD Captains made $300,000 in their final year and walked away with $200,000 pensions under then PC Gardner and DC Hodges yet not a peep out of you Hezi. You’re such a hypocrite and you continue to get played by your disgruntled sources.

    1. Post

      What you hid from me all these years I now how to get. No one I know is disgruntled. You seem disgruntled because I caught you with your pants down. And so it goes. Kindly, Hezi

    1. You Yonkers cops stealing taxpayer money through various salary- and pension-padding schemes are the troublemakers. You stir the pot and then laugh and laugh all the way back to your homes in Rockland, Duchess, Putnam and Orange counties.

  19. FYI, most of those high rolling earners were from the Detective Division which was under the acting Inspector Jon Mueller. In fact, Mike Mueller went untouched while others were forced into retirement and or forced to use their compensatory time. As for the Yonkers PBA Board and Trustees they went untouched for years. Everyone else was keep to 40 or cut back to zero by the smiling acting Commissioner. Go Yonkers

  20. All of the payroll records will show that almost ( all) past and present PBA board members and trustees got to pension pad for years straight. But all had to pledge their allegiance to the Yonkers Fat guy. You pick which one

  21. Sounds like the existing Yonkers Police Department will soon be known as the Spano brothers Security Firm. Just take the test and don’t worry about a score or your background. Just reach out to any union leader that kicks in to the Spano Lobbying Firm. Who knows you may even get to be acting PC.

  22. Retired Detective Davis just wants to thank that rotten lying PBA President Keith Olson for making sure he was not able to get any of that 60 hours of PBA power privileged overtime. Instead Davis chose to write the truth instead of lies against another cop.
    Does anyone think that an external independent investigation into the Yonkers PD needs to be done?

  23. We will see how spineless Khader is when they vote on that acting screwball John Mueller who dared another cop to fire his weapon into a file cabinet. Of course an ex-con and his brothers want a person like that.

  24. Don’t make this article about cars Sonny. Stay in your lane. Point here is that the Acting PC John Mueller and Keith Olson are door men for the Spanos. Anything and everything goes in Yonkers so please be careful that they don’t start an investigation on you and hide behind that it is a Yonkers Police Matter.

    1. Miles lol who the fuck is counting miles, gas ? At least he actually visits all parts of Yonkers, heard he doesn’t liking walking from district to district. Take away his car and give him a green bike. Given them all bikes.

      1. Yeah Khader travels the district, always with someone photographing him. I just LOVED the tee shirt he wore when he visited LaPinata Bakery – UNDOCUMENTED, UNAFRAID, (I actually forget what the third UN-word was. What a pandering POS.

  25. Yeah three Captains get zero and PBA board members and trustees get cool aid specials. Then the CLSA gets a New President. Hold on to your giveback boys, it wasn’t enough.
    John Mueller and Olson running a Police Department for the Spanos. Now that is a story in itself. I see Olson’s story now from assaulting and threatening cops and civilians to making departmental decisions. Should be a good read for their frivolous lawsuit. Lol

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