Another Cop Fired For Doing His Job

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Weir Only Human

Bob Weir is a veteran of 20 years with the New York Police Dept. (NYPD), ten of which were performed in plainclothes undercover 
assignments. Bob began a writing career about 12 years ago and had his first
book published in 1999. He
 also became a syndicated columnist under the title “Weir Only Human.”

Inasmuch as we live in an era that supports the bad guys over the good guys it was inevitable that New York City Police Officer Daniel Pantaleo would end up being fired for doing his job during an arrest situation in which a black man died. It all began on July 17, 2014 during a routine police assignment. About 3:30pm, Eric Garner, a 43 year-old black man was approached by NYC cops as he was standing in front of a beauty supply store on Staten Island. Acting on a complaint, the cops confronted Garner and accused him of selling untaxed cigarettes, a violation of New York State Law. After telling him he was under arrest, Officer Pantaleo tried to handcuff Garner, who was 6’2” and weighed about 400 pounds.

Garner resisted the officers’ attempts to put the manacles on him, slapping their hands away. It was then that Pantaleo placed his arm around Garner’s neck and tried to pull him to the ground. The man was heard saying “I can’t breathe,” but continued to struggle. According to cops on the scene Garner lost consciousness. An ambulance removed him to a hospital, but, he was pronounced dead an hour later. The NYC Medical Examiner found that death resulted from compression of the neck and chest during the physical restraint, adding that asthma, heart disease and obesity were contributing factors. There was no damage to the trachea (windpipe) or the neck bones.

Nevertheless, because NYC has a rule against cops using a chokehold during physical encounters, Pantaleo was put on desk duty and stripped of his service gun and his shield. At a May 2019 hearing for Pantaleo, a medical examiner testified that his use of a prohibited chokehold on Garner “set into motion a lethal sequence” that led to a fatal asthma attack. However, the examiner conceded that even “a bear hug” could have had the same effect as the chokehold, given that Garner weighed 395 pounds, suffered from asthma and diabetes, and had a heart twice the size of a healthy person’s heart. In 2014, a grand jury declined to indict Pantaleo. In addition, after a 5 year federal civil rights investigation, no charges were brought against the officer.

None of that mattered to the race hustlers who are always looking for another opportunity to divide the country and obtain more publicity (and money) for their hateful causes. Something else that didn’t matter was the fact that Garner had been arrested by the NYPD more than thirty times since 1980 on charges such as assault, resisting arrest, grand larceny and selling untaxed cigarettes. In 2007, he filed a complaint in federal court accusing a cop of doing a cavity search on him during an arrest. He told his legal aid lawyers that he intended to take all the cases against him to trial. Why wouldn’t he? Legal Aid lawyers are paid for by the taxpayers, so it wouldn’t cost him a dime. Incidentally, at the time of the incident that led to his death, he was out on bail for selling untaxed cigarettes, driving without a license, marijuana possession, and false impersonation.

How much of the aforementioned has been aired in the mainstream media? According to those who never met a criminal they couldn’t love and embrace, Garner was nothing but a lovable teddy bear, a gentle giant with a heart of gold. Pantaleo, on the other hand, was a savage brute who must have had racism on his mind when he viciously “murdered” a fine, upstanding black man. Well, Al Sharpton and the rest of the race hustlers have had another victory; Pantaleo was fired by NYC Police Commissioner James O’Neill. He said he fired the officer based on a recent recommendation of a department disciplinary judge, adding, it was clear Pantaleo “can no longer effectively serve as a New York City police officer.”

That’s liberal-speak for “There’s been so much controversy over this case that even the Democrat candidates running for President have called for his termination, and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio assured his left wing base that ‘justice’ will be done.” Sadly, Pantaleo is just another sacrificial lamb in the left wing plot to neutralize police and create anarchy on our streets. As a result of incidents like this, how many cops will be more inclined to walk away from violent situations and let the criminals run wild in the streets? During my 20 years as a NYC cop I came across more than my share of tough guys who resisted arrest. When that person is 6’2” and 400 pounds, the cop knows his/her own life is on the line. Do you know how hard it is to put handcuffs on a large man who tells you he’s not going without a fight?

Trust me, when that happens, the cop is about to be fighting for his life. By the way, the cop can’t simply walk away from such defiance. Moreover, he/she knows intuitively that someone who defies police authority is someone who is willing to kill you to avoid arrest. That cop had better be prepared to do whatever it takes to fulfill every cop’s on duty prayer; get back home alive!

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Bob Weir is a veteran of 20 years with the New York Police Dept. (NYPD), ten of which were performed in plainclothes undercover assignments. Bob began a writing career about 16 years ago and had his first book published in 1999. He also became a syndicated columnist under the title “Weir Only Human.”


Bob WeirAnother Cop Fired For Doing His Job

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  1. I have a suggestion:
    Don’t be a lifelong overweight Public assistance scamming law breaking asshole who decides to resist arrest. Plenty of free food at the detention center.

  2. Someone’s criminal history isn’t relevant when they’re illegally restrained. The officer was wrong and that’s it. If you’re put in a chokehold and incidentally die, we’ll be sure to bring up how awful of a writer you were to justify why it happened to you.

  3. what is the basis for the premise of the article that we are in an era where we support the bad guys over the good guys….Weir is a Trump supporter……and Trump is a bad guy. He proves it every day. Today a tea party former congressman Joe Walsh announced a primary challenge to Trump. And although Walsh is a conservative radio commentator who has been typically critically of the “liberals” calling Obama a Muslim and other garbage…today he apologized for engaging in that kind of personal attack. And he took responsibility for allowing someone like Trump to become the president. At the same time he said that he could no longer abide the President because of his coarseness, his lies, his instability, his incompetence and his Narcissism. Walsh will do to Trump in Iowa and New Hamspshire what Pat Buchannan did to George HW Bush..and that is weaken him for the general election. Walsh also by the way said that virtally every elected Republican in DC viewed Trump in the same way knew he was going to lose and wanted him to lose..Other Republicans have to stand up and do the same thing to prevent the further erosion of our democracy and the institutions we have cherished for over 200 years

  4. what was the proximate cause of eric garner’s death…it was the application by Panteleo of an illegal choke hold prohibited by police regulations….How is that doing your job…when your job is too uphold the law and the rules…..Panteleo was a rule breaker Garner was the victim…Let the personal injury suits begin. If Garner was white I doubt most of you would be defending Panteleo
    Moreover if Garner was member of your family you would be running to an attorney to sue for wrongful death….so please stop the bullshit

  5. Garner was overweight; he had diabetes; he would have had an asthma attack even if it were only a bear hug – this is a textbook example of victim blaming in which Weir shifts the blame from the police officer, who broke NYPD rules by using an illegal chokehold, to the victim who was killed as a result of it.

    The bottom line is that an unarmed civilian was killed by a police officer. The police officer was not “just doing his job,” but was in direct violation of the NYPD’s unequivocal ban on anything resembling a chokehold:

    “Members of the New York City Police Department will NOT use chokeholds. A chokehold shall include, but is not limited to, any pressure to the throat or windpipe, which may prevent or hinder breathing or reduce intake of air.”

    From a logical standpoint, Weir’s argument fails. According to his reasoning, an elderly person that is attacked and dies as a result should be blamed for being too old, too weak, and too frail to withstand the attack. How does a victim’s poor health reduce his killer’s culpability? It doesn’t. It’s just shifting the blame from the perpetrator to the victim.

    Weir is a dyed-in-the-wool apologist for police brutality as well as a relic from a time when that kind of police behavior was considered acceptable in order “to get back home alive.” Thankfully, he and his ilk are a dying breed.

  6. We pay the police with our taxes and we let them work in our community. The community should decide whether they keep their jobs. This was the right decision. Now arrest the rest for perjury. They lied and should go to jail.

    1. What do you mean you let the police work in your community-in many cases they are there because your community does not know how to act.

      1. Police work for the public. We are their masters. The remaining cops from that day will also be fired, including the bosses. The public demands it. No pension, no peace.

  7. Gleaned From Your Tough,Professional Experiences Bob,You Once Again Capture
    In Times Of Crisis,Who Do The Threatened Call (Begins With P…Ends With E). Fine Article,Bob.

  8. Gleaned From Your Tough,Professional Experiences Bob,You Once Again Capture
    Truth.God Help Police Officer Pantaleo,And Some Credit To The “Journalist” Who
    In A Weak Moment Pointed Out That This Staten Island “Community”Demanded
    More Attention From The PD Due To The Fact That The Area Had Become A Crime
    Ridden Sewer.In Times Of Crisis,Who Do The Threatened Call (Begins With P…Ends With E). Fine Article,Bob. Tom And Marie.

  9. Excellent article with a lot of information the main stream press intentionally withholds to advance their progressive agenda. A predictable outcome given the foolish and useless Mayor DeBlasio, but a travesty nonetheless. Officer Panteleo should get compliments for doing his job under very difficult circumstances. Kudos to Bob Weir.

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