BLUE TRUTH: Yonkers Police Department Issue a Press Release Regarding a New York Police Officer Who Committed Suicide at a Shoreview Drive Address in Yonkers, NY

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The Blue Truth

The Keep It Quiet Hezitorial

YONKERS, NY — August 13, 2019 — Yonkers Police Department (YPD) got a call from a woman at about 3am this morning regarding an unresponsive male at a Shoreview Drive address. The man was located and was deemed deceased upon their arrival at the scene. YPD asserted they would issue no further information other than the death was self-inflicted, and that they were collaborating with the Westchester County Medical Examiner’s Office. 

Bronxville Tribune / Yonkers Tribune / Mount Vernon Tribune / Westchester Tribune Publisher / Editor-at-Large and WHYT Radio’s Westchester On the Level Host Hezi Aris.

It seems that Yonkers Police Department continues to live in the dark ages, unwilling to divulge what they know in a credible manner. It is such conduct that YPD has yet to recognize undermines their integrity and credibility as a department. YPD believes the outreach effort of a Cup of Joe ameliorates all issues and sins. Yonkersites know full well that YPD suffers from drug overdoses, but like suicide in the department, YPD prefers to bury the truth. Yonkers has yet to learn whatever happened to YPD Officer MacDonough. Read the July 25, 2019 lede … BLUE TRUTH: Where’s Yonkers Police Officer Robert McDonough By HEZI ARIS  (

Cover-up is evidently the demeanor one can expect under the leadership of newly appointed Acting Yonkers Police Commissioner John Mueller. YPD chooses to hide and obfuscate telling what is the public’s right to know. This is juxtaposed to the enlightened conduct of the NYPD who would rather contend with concerns such as suicide, drug addiction, substance abuse, among other concerns, than bury their head in the sand as ostriches are ascribed to do; I do not believe ostriches exhibit such behavior. When I visited Oudtshoorn, South Africa, the “ostrich capital of the world”, that behavior was never mentioned. Definitely not Oudtshoorn, RSA, but seemingly so in Yonkers, NY, by none other than Acting Yonkers Police Commissioner John Mueller.

YPD chooses not to mention the now deceased 35-year-old officer Johnny Rios by name. Why? He was a seven-year department veteran assigned to the 50th Precinct, in the Riverdale section of The Bronx, but who had been temporarily assigned to a detail around Yankee Stadium.

He shot himself around 3am in the Yonkers home he shared with his fiancée and her children. The fiancée made the call from the house. It was unclear if the kids were there as well. It was evident he self-inflicted the lethal shot. He left a suicide note informing of his intentioned conduct.

Johnny Rios. Facebook photo.

Johnny Rios will be missed. May his fiancée and her children gain support from family and friends in light of the demons from which he must have suffered.

May He Rest In Peace! He will not be forgotten.


eHeziBLUE TRUTH: Yonkers Police Department Issue a Press Release Regarding a New York Police Officer Who Committed Suicide at a Shoreview Drive Address in Yonkers, NY

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  1. I knew Johnny from when he was a little; boy he grew up on Ludlow. He was a good friend of my daughter. They grew up together. He was a nice person. He will be missed.

    1. May he Rest In Peace. We are sure he was a true professional and very kind person. Unlike the Yonkers PBA President who conspired with his best friends to go after other police personnel and their friends. NYPD doesn’t go to the Spanos for promotions and to sweep misconduct under the rug. Don’t think Patrick Lynch goes after his own.

  2. Nice job on blaming Hodges for the blank police reporting. That is what John Mueller and Keith Olson do best besides lie and target others. This may be hard to understand for liars like so, but when your protected by the Spano’s it’s hard to understand that there is another system of Justice besides whatever is decided over dinners with the Spanos’
    As for Fernandez, he was a drunken dirt bag that ran into a Yonkers Fire Truck and almost killed others. He was a union lackey that Keith Olson used as toilet paper. The real inquiry should be into the attempt to say he was recalled for a crime to get extra cash for his family. Besides after being force back to work losing a bid at getting disability, Keith Olson and his renegade union used him to motion to throw out another union member that spoke out about the inner workings of John Mueller and Olson. So readers of the Yonkers Tribune that is the legacy of an Olson house plant.

    1. You forgot to mention that then the Yonkers Detective Unit could do a fair investigation which the Yonkers PBA President’s best friends ran. Do think anything is credible so long as Keith Olson is around.

  3. You are wrong hezi! This was not a yo let’s police officer! The YPD stayed that he was dead and it was suicide. Ever think that maybe some family doesn’t know yet. Who are you to ask for more information so early on? Knock it off. Rip officer. Hezi, have a heart would you, let’s not forget you did the same thing to brother Frankie Fernandez!!

    1. Post

      I reported what happened with respect to Mr. Hernandez. Yes, I was maligned for it but his surviving family knew what transpired. And in this case, you make it seem as though I did something wrong. It evidently was not wrong after alll. The New York Times, The New York Daily News, and the New York Post all reposted it as did I. All I revealed was corroborated despite the hindrance created by the YPD. Legally, these is no issue in New York City. There seems to be an issue as to the conduct of the City of Yonkers. Look up the law and you ill recognize the aw i on my side. CoY makes believe that YPD has no drug addicts on the force. They make believe that one police officer or another has not assaulted, verbally, and worse physically another officer. Some instances even took place before a Yonkers Mayor, and more than once. But you may prefer it were as you want it to be. They says different. Are you suggesting that the Journal News, News 12 Westchester reported as they should. If so, why would the Times, the Post, and the Daily News print what you believe the Westchester County papers do not. Perhaps it is that the YPD does not divulge all the facts. And whether you recognize it now or at another date, you will come to learn than YPD will eventually be forced to toe the line as other communities do. Same as with respect to McDonough )correction due to spellchecker override error originally=. To this day he is hidden somewhere in YPD to suggest he is not an addict, yet he does not return to his post. He gets paid as a cop, but performs, if he does, as a telephone operator that can be performed by someone else at half the pay. But this is Yonkers. You and others believe you are above the law yet will eventually find out you are not. In time the Department of Justice will choke the grin from your face and you will learn the difference between right and wrong. Read about Donoghy on the Yonkers Tribune and you will learn how a legitimate police department in New Jersey handled a person who was non-responsive to a drug that required him to receive three canisters to revive him so he could be hidden in a hospital setting and thereafter placed in hiding.

  4. Deputy Chief Tim Hodges is the Acting Police Commissioner in PC Mueller’s absence. I guess he’s to blame.

    You guys are such losers. LOL.

    1. Post

      Typical prose, likely from a YPD miscreant. The demeanor was set by Mueller. It was not ever designed or defined by Deputy Chief Hodges. You are the loser who may believe your fake” BS is on target. You are off the wall. I know it and it seems to bother you. Don’t bother wasting your time on my website. Create your own or find solace elsewhere. Perhaps other outlets wil not challenge this attitude of yours. I haven’t heard such crap like this in a long time. It will also be my last response on this issue. Be patient. It time you will come to learn your bias wreaks of wrongdoing, either way you or others who permit this misconduct. I wish you comfort in deceiving yourself by my reporting. Ha ha ha.

  5. Why is this anyone else’s business but the family’s. The Police Department said that is was self inflicted what more do you want? The rest is personal family business, and it seems that is trying to be respected.

    1. Wrong! All news concerning Public Officials is not private and the media has the right to report it to the public. How you perceive it is anyone’s business

      1. I don’t see why a police officer is a public official…plus, isn’t it up to his department…the NYPD…to release information. In Yonkers, he is a private citizen, isn’t he?

        1. Post
  6. When a police officer commits suicide it is incumbant on the commissioner to release the details after the family has been notified

  7. Very tragic but more shocking are the empty words and the intentional withholding of what was already public knowledge. Welcome to Yonkers and be prepared for more of the same.

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