Don’t Give Up On Playing CD’s For Your Baby and Toddler

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OMAHA, NE — August 3, 2019 — Recently my daughter informed me that “No one my age listens to CD’s anymore.”

That wasn’t great news to me since I’m a songwriter with 15 albums including 4 full musicals to my credit, and I don’t want to abruptly quit writing music just because no one my daughter’s age listens to CD’s anymore.

Soooooo, rather than quitting writing music, I found a new market—even younger people—infants and toddlers!

Yes! And since I have recently been blessed with two grandsons, I had a built-in test focus group—except for one problem. My new targeted age demographic isn’t exactly well known for having very long attention—what was I saying again? Oh, yes, spans!

So, I wrote my first album of baby songs and I’m now on a mission to get moms to play music CD’s for their babies and toddlers – anywhere in the house and in their cars.

Since new moms don’t want their babies on their cell phones, nor is it good for them, my mission was to prove to my daughter that playing songs from a CD is beneficial and engaging for babies.

Focus Group #1: I gave my new album to my 6-month old grandson with a little CD player and we put it in his bedroom.  After listening to the music one or two times, he crawled over to the cd player and knew where it was coming from. He didn’t know it was from his Nonna, but he surely loved it!  It was a marvelous moment, one that didn’t come from his momma’s cell phone, which she is constantly hiding from him anyway.

Focus Group #2: I then decided to try the same thing to a slightly older demographic, with my one-year old grandson.  We put the CD player in his playroom. History was repeated. He did the same thing. At first he was so bewildered by the boom box, not knowing why music came forth from that mysterious entity, but now he ‘walks’ over to it immediately, every day when entering his playroom.  And when he’s taking his bath, I sing “Splishy Splashy in the Bathy” to him and he recognizes the song from the ‘archaic’ CD!

As an added bonus, I think my daughter has changed her mind – at least about CD’s for babies!

While ‘Nonna’ may not know everything, I apparently got this one thing right!

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Karen Sokolof Javitch has written 15 albums, co-written 4 musicals including “Princess Diana the Musical. Her shows have been performed in many cities in the United States and she has raised over $350,000 for national and local charities with her original music. Learn more at 


eHeziDon’t Give Up On Playing CD’s For Your Baby and Toddler

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