Exciting Progress in Mount Vernon
By Mount Vernon Mayor ANDRÉ WALLACE

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Mount Vernon, NY Mayor André Wallace.

MOUNT VERNON, NY — August 21, 2019 — Let’s start simple this week:  I am the only Mayor of the City of Mount Vernon.  I will be the Mayor until the end of 2019.  Nobody’s going to be able to change that or challenge it any longer.  This is not my personal feeling.  This was the ruling of Judge Ecker of the Supreme Court of the State of New York last week.  His decision ended five weeks of uncertainty in our City, and I am grateful for the end of that unfortunate chapter in our City’s history.

I understand there was a lot of confusion and misinformation around what was happening exactly, and the details and procedure are complicated.  I won’t go through them in gory detail, but it boils down to this:  when the last mayor pled guilty in his criminal court case, he gave up his position automatically.  Even though he believed he could stay longer, State law required him to leave immediately.  As City Council President when that happened, I was automatically and immediately made the Mayor.  That happened on July 8, 2019.  In early August, the City Council attempted to change their rules and elected a new City Council President, whom they claimed was the new Mayor.  Judge Ecker made it crystal clear that was not the case.  So, it ended just like it started on July 8th, with me as Mount Vernon’s Mayor.  I’m honored, of course, to serve this City as your Mayor.

Even with all of that going on, I continued to work on the People’s behalf and got some projects moving again and started some new ones.  An update of what I’ve been working on is below.


Memorial Field Is Moving Forward

Memorial Field is coming back to life.  The County is ready to begin construction in the Spring.  It will have an 8-lane competition track, grandstands, tennis courts, and, of course, a full-size football field.  The City needs to clean up the dirt that was dumped there over the last decade, and we’ve already implemented a plan to get that done.  This week, we will be opening the bids from prospective vendors and choosing the “lowest responsible bidder” to begin working.  We need to make sure the company we choose has the experience and skill to get the dirt out of there and to do so quickly.  Work will begin in September.  You’ll start to see a lot more activity in and around Memorial Field in the next few months.  It’s taken a decade and a long court case to get here, but we’re moving Memorial Field forward, and we can see the finish line now.

Creating Usable Community Space