Joseph Ruggiero Calls for Immediate Action in Light of El Paso and Dayton Shootings

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After less than 24 hours of sweeping gun violence, candidate for County Executive demands the federal government take real and comprehensive action against gun violence.

Dutchess County Executive Candidate Joseph Ruggiero.

POUGHKEEPSIE, NY — August 4, 2019 — Amid inaction from the federal government, two devastating mass shootings have left many critically wounded and 29 people dead. First in El Paso, Texas then 13 hours later in Dayton, Ohio shots were fired. These two shootings add to the 264 mass shootings in 216 days this year.

“29 dead in less than 24 hours with two mass shootings. This news added to the long chain of horrific shootings in our recent history is too much misery, pain, and suffering. Our nation cannot continue to bear the news of any more killings of innocent Americans living their daily lives. Going to church, the store, movie theaters, schools, concerts, work, night clubs, our people are being murdered in cold blood at the hands of a killer with an assault weapon,” said Joseph Ruggiero. “All of these victims are someone’s children. No matter what the age, no matter what the religion, or ethnicity, this pain is universal.”

The New York Safe Act went into law after the horrific shooting in Sandy Hook. Nationally, politicians offered thoughts and prayers to the families but did nothing. Since then, as politicians continue to sit on their hands on the federal level, they have let 2,189 shootings happen, killing 2,475 people and wounding 9,137.

As our federal government ignores the overwhelming need for mental health services and resources and delays simple measures like mental health evaluations and background checks before the purchase of a firearm, Americans have suffered dire consequences. So far in 2019, 293 people have been killed and 1072 have been left wounded. Newsworthy mass shootings only account for less than 5% of gun death nationwide. In the United States, gun deaths average 36,383 per year.

“Our leaders in Washington have failed us once again to prevent another mass shooting,” said Ruggiero.

“Shame on those politicians who ignore gun violence as a crisis in our daily lives. Shame on those politicians who continue to cut mental health services. Shame on those politicians who stall common-sense reforms.”

Ruggiero continued: “While I send my prayers to the families, I respectfully say prayer is not enough. We need to replace our words and our sentiments with deeds and action. History will judge us for our action or inaction during this critical time. Our generation will be defined in how we respond to this crisis. All Americans need to come together to combat the violence, the hate, that is plaguing this great nation.

Our children need us to take action now.”



eHeziJoseph Ruggiero Calls for Immediate Action in Light of El Paso and Dayton Shootings

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