Mount Vernon Mayor André Wallace’s Press Conference -Monday August 12, 2019

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eHeziMount Vernon Mayor André Wallace’s Press Conference -Monday August 12, 2019

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  1. I just witness a real act of courage Mayor Andre Wallace. Be very careful, the politicians involved will stop at nothing to silence you. Robery Astorino had a strong hold on the booted out corrupt Mayor Richard Thomas. Some of those contracts went to J. Ned Mccormick’s, who was Astorino bagman and former IDA Communications Director in Mount Vernon. He helped funnel monies with the help of some sitting Councilmembers. Clearly, what matters to you Mayor Wallace most fundamentally it is not yourself, not your own physical well-being (SAFETY), but the people of Mount Vernon. A BIG WOW!!!! You are a BRAVE MAN who took a moral stand and have a clear sense of purpose. Continue to stand up for truth, justice and for what is right, but PLEASE make certain your family and you have 24hr protection. You are in my prayers, GOD BLESS YOU!

    1. Another lacky singing the praises of a failed architect. Wallace is not honest in his business dealings. Do your research and the lawsuits filed against him. Also, look at who he paid bail money for, a known criminal (Jose Lupon). He has yet to explain that one to the community.

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