Supreme Court Justice Lawrence Ecker Asserts No Ambiguity Exists; André Wallace is Mayor of Mount Vernon

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The Supreme Court Decision By Justice Lawrence Ecker Hezitorial

Bronxville Tribune / Yonkers Tribune / Mount Vernon Tribune / Westchester Tribune Publisher / Editor-at-Large and WHYT Radio’s Westchester On the Level Host Hezi Aris.

MOUNT VERNON, NY — August 15, 2019 — The drama was all engulfing. He said this. She said that. The tumultuous drama fomented into a state of subterfuge intended to exhaust Mount Vernonites to the point of utter exhaustion. Alas, Supreme Court Justice Lawrence Ecker made his decision today. He deemed without equivocation or timidity that André Wallace rightfully succeeded former Mayor Richard Thomas in a proper, legal, and binding process. Hon. Ecker was not engulfed in the histrionics and drama espoused by one legal team or another. Justice Ecker saw right past it. He knows the law. He did not permit anyone to besmirch the clarity of the relevant statutes. 

Legal eagle emissaries stood before the Supreme Court Justice  espousing a disheveled outcome that suited only their puppet masters behind the political curtain. Hon. Ecker was comforted and emboldened by law. He heard the advocates that stood before him. Neither individually nor collectively was he swayed by their arguments; they were only intent on undermining due process while he would champion the law on behalf of the public interest.  A refreshing concept indeed. Unfortunately, media undermines the law perhaps by intent by some, but likely by their ignorance of the law, and aided and abetted toward false interpretations by their taskmasters.

In Supreme Court Justice Ecker ambiguity has been expunged from the equation. The time to hunker down and eclipse the past dysfunction with future function is at hand.

Former Mount Vernon Mayor Rich Thomas pleaded guilty to misdemeanors related to 2015 campaign fund misappropriations.  Thomas morphed into a fake champion of the people of Mount Vernon. He said he would fight to protect the citizenry. It was all talk. No action. The only action Thomas took was to stubbornly refuse to step down from office as demanded by Mount Vernon City Charter subsection 25 that called for him relinquish his holding onto the office of mayor. There were no ifs, ands, or buts to be had. Thomas’ admission of guilt offered him no safe haven. 

The Mount Vernon City Charter was succinct. The Mount Vernon City Charter (Sub Section) § 25 delineates the Penalty for violation of duty.

It reads, “Any officer or employee who willfully violates or evades any provision of law, or of this chapter, or by culpable neglect of duty allows any public property to be lost to the City, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and, in addition to the penalties imposed by law, shall on conviction forfeit his office or employment. The Mount Vernon City Charter in its entirety is exact:

Petulant Mount Vernon Mayor Thomas would not submit to the integrity and clarity of the law. He insisted he be permitted to maintain his office until September 30, 2019. The Mount Vernon hierarchy of elected office holders were flummoxed. They did not know how to respond to Thomas’ infantile insolence. There was however one voice that was heard, she is none other than Mount Vernon City Comptroller Deborah Reynolds. She declared she would not continue to pay Thomas’ salary as he was no longer mayor. 

Thomas was undergoing an anxiety meltdown, he couldn’t help but conduct his business like an infant suffering a temper tantrum. Comptroller Reynold would not be swayed. And thank goodness for that. She was and is the saving grace, under appreciated, and given little credit for holding Mount Vernon’s frayed fabric of integrity from unraveling to a point where it could not be salvaged. She deserves a collective “thank you and a brava” from all Mount Vernonites.

Thomas, recognizing he was on the verge of drowning suggested the Mount Vernon City Council pay him $35,000 and his promise to depart the scene. Wallace would not succumb to Thomas’ ploy. Wallace said he would not pay the extortion demanded by Thomas, And that was what it was … an extortion attempt. Lisa Copeland approved payment as did others on the City Council. Copeland advised Thomas was a school chum and therefore deserved to get the $35,000. Copeland was quick to exact the $35,000 cost on the back of the taxpayer. Copeland did not offer to dig into her pocket for the any portion of the $35,000 extortion effort by Thomas. Neither did any other member of the Mount Vernon City Council even offer one penny from their pocket to Thomas. 

When Thomas eventually realized his ploy had failed, he emptied out his office. Lisa Copeland was voted Mount Vernon City Council President and became the de facto next mayor. She regained the keys to Thomas’ office. So it seems school chums have an unbreakable bond. And it also reveals that Thomas and Copeland were in cahoots and that the taxpayer was expected to fork over the $35,000 payoff to Thomas. Copeland has proven that she is not qualified to govern on behalf of the public interested because when push came to shove, she was willing to exact a con game on the taxpayers without ever receiving their permission to do so. 

Interestingly, whether you believe in Wallace as a government official or not, Copeland was trying to undermine Wallace despite he abiding by the Mount Vernon City Charter, and the law, on behalf of the public interest. What was Copeland and the other City Councilmembers attempting to do by voting to pay $35,000 to Thomas?

So the deal had been consummated. Thomas would get the $35,000 in exchange for his resignation, but he did not ever suggest he would sign a notarized a document to that effect. That was so he would leave the option of launching a lawsuit at any time thereafter. Assuming he could ever find legal counsel for such a suit, he is likely to get nowhere. He is known to have searched for employment and no one he has approached will not employ him. His wife has also been turned down

Wallace is now assured to hold onto the Office of Mount Vernon Mayor until the winner of th November 5, 2019 General Election winner is sworn into office on January 1, 2020.

Final Note: Lisa Copeland is simply a Mount Vernon City Councilmember. Janice Duarte is Mount Vernon City Council President. Andre Wallace is Mount Vernon Mayor, Richard Thomas is a zero with no prospects for anything over the horizon any time soon.

eHeziSupreme Court Justice Lawrence Ecker Asserts No Ambiguity Exists; André Wallace is Mayor of Mount Vernon

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