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Through My Eyes By Joey Wells is available through and other online and brick and mortar stores.

Born in Texas, I spent my first 7 years playing tee-ball going through head start up to the middle of 2nd grade before my Mom, two brothers and I moved to Nome, North Dakota.

A regular kid by most circumstances, I went fishing, road tripped with Ma at age ten where she said, “Here is the map; guide us wherever”.

I was a honor roll student until the advisory board tried to use me as a money grab by attempting to put me in Special Ed classes. After that, my grades dipped, for I felt what is the point, if I did great, yet still they weren’t accepting me for the student I was.

My mom, brothers, sister and aunts were all big-time athletes, winning trophies which was my dream. My Mom says, “I can’t walk because I was playing football too much in the womb and met my quota of running”.

Striving to be an athlete even though everyone told me, from specialist to friends and family, that I wouldn’t be, as my body had failed me. You could find me in my wheelchair running routes, mentally preparing on a basketball court or throwing the ball all day to perfect my accuracy.

After years and years of hospital stays and surgeries I moved to Los Angeles where my dream of being an athlete came true as I was a founding father of the Glendale RoughRiders Power Soccer team. I spent hours and hours working to make sure I was the top dog and captain when the team had tryouts. Hundred plus degree heat didn’t deter me, I was locked in and 9 years later had won 7 tournament MVP’s, but anxiously awaiting to get what is important, the championship for my guys.

While living in L.A., I became an ambassador for the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) where I did speaking events to raise funds for research. I also became ambassador for the FOREVER WISH FOUNDATION for which I wrote the slogan and the first few runs gave a portion of the proceeds from my first book “THROUGH MY EYES: verse 8.8.08″ that went to help disabled kids overseas get better treatment, and / or move to the USA for surgeries needed to live a more capable life.

While in L.A., I attended Glendale Community College (GCC) where I learned I had the passion for film; as well as time for dating which evolved greatly. I also love Roscoe Chicken and Waffles; it is hands-down my favorite restaurant.

I parlayed my soccer career and GCC credits to Arizona State University (ASU) to study film. I continued to play Power Soccer for Arizona Heat Elite where I was an ambassador for Arizona Disabled Sports and the Joshua Frase Foundation. After my 2nd year at ASU where I had a 3.7 GPA before I got ill which ended my collegiate education, as for 2 and a-half years I was fighting to breathe.  I can only best describe it as choking on my own oxygen. Then ‘poof’ I was good and rollin’ again on a mission to cement my legacy to leave a lasting impact on the world and to take care of my loved ones. In February of 2018 a doctor told me I had basically signed by death warrant, but here I am promoting my new book “MOMMA GAVE BIRTH TO GREATNESS: DOUBLE ALBUM: AN ARTISTIC AUTOBIOGRAPHY” and more.

The ultimate dream I learned isn’t being a sports star or famous or rich, but to have a family of my own and that is the next dream to catch, as well as future projects, perhaps a film. 

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Joey Wells’ compelling story growing up and his life’s journey, achievements, and goals are grand by any definition and   compelling beyond words. His telling is simply humbling. Discovery him on Monday, August 12th, from 11-11:30am when he graces the Westchester On the Level  broadcast. You can tune in “live” or listen “on demand”. The access code is the same no matter when you tune in. Use the following hyperlink to listen to the broadcast … . You can participate by calling the broadcast at 347-205-9201 only during the “live” segment.


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