Yonkers Early Christmas Cheers – Taxpayers Be Damned Hezitorial

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Wednesday, August 21, 2019 

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The Taxpayer Be Damned Hezitorial

Unbeknownst to Yonkers Taxpayers, Political and Non-Union Personnel Receive Raises

Every Department at Yonkers City Hall Except for Yonkers City Council President Mike Khader’s Office Gains Monetary Benefits

An Unforseen Outcome is Likely to Enamor the Public to Future Challenger Presently Minimized 

The Only Momentum in Yonkers is Nepotism, Illegality, Corruption of the Law, Overtime for Fiends and Family, Yonkers Police Drug Addicts, Harassment, Institutionalized Bias and Animosity Exacerbated Along Divisive Ethnic and/or Cultural Differences  

Bronxville Tribune / Yonkers Tribune / Mount Vernon Tribune / Westchester Tribune Publisher / Editor-at-Large and WHYT Radio’s Westchester On the Level Host Hezi Aris.

YONKERS, NY — August 17, 2019 — The FY2019-2020 Budget presented to New York State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli reveals he was outfoxed by Mayor Mike Spano’s fiscal wizardry. DiNapoli couldn’t find where the money was buried. One has to wonder why.  New York State Governor Andrew M. Cuomo bought into Yonkers dire financial circumstances only to learn upon this reading that he too was had. New York State Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins espoused she would deliver more for Yonkers and with whatever she was able to do for the “City of Hills where nothing is on the level,” she now has more that a dozen eggs on her face for going to bat for Yonkers. Westchester County Executive George Latimer has also worked diligently to assist the City of Yonkers (CoY) wherever possible. He too has been pelted with dozens of raw eggs.  

Yonkers deficient financial circumstance was always blamed on everyone other than Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano. The reality is that at every turn the goalpost kept outstripping the financial capacity of CoY. The taxpayers were consistently fooled by the ever increasing tax burden, as well as the nuisance taxes that continued to sap the city’s capacity, and the fake news emboldened and controlled by the likes of Mayor Mike Spano’s Communications Director Christina Gilmartin who sends out notices that can at best be regarded as puff pieces that speak to nothing of consequence to Yonkersites. 

The third term re-election effort gained cries of needing to sustain the past momentum toward even greater heights of accomplishment. The Yonkers Board of Education test scores were and remain lies. Kids just entering the school system are failing. The Yonkers Police Department would espouse that crime statistics waned in number and severity, yet no proof was every put in writing. Everything said has yet to be validated. Don’t hold your breath. The City of Hills serve the “friends and family network” exclusively, and none other. Nothing should even be expected to change. It has never been and cannot ever be because it is the biggest and most audacious scam ever perpetrated on CoY. Those said to scrutinize the system seem incapable of deciphering that which is presented in writing before them. While accolades are strewn everywhere without integrity of purpose, plaudits are afforded Inspector General Brennan McGrath. He has over the years that he held office exhibited no integrity as the Yonkers City Charter informs he should abide. He has issued barely a report and when he does, it is not divulged to media or anyone else. 

It seems every member of the Yonkers City Council has bought into the subterfuge. Even I thought Mayor Mike Spano would go easy on the sensibilities of the populace. I was wrong. I realize now I was too timid in chastising Yonkers City Hall and the likable Mayor Mike Spano. Perhaps that is the only positive quality Mike Spano possesses. He permits deceit, perjurers, sycophants, and thugs to sustain their derogatory conduct by threat and physical abuse, that were he a leader of integrity, he would demand total cessation. Instead, he permits a city that is decaying by every measure by his permitting and/or instigating the debauchery that undermines Yonkers capacity to earn legitimate praise for any accomplishment. No one knows what they are, because none exists. 

Even my timidity gained responses of falsehoods from so-called “insiders” protecting the quackery that became more and more grand. It was a total lie. Yet in Yonkers, one would be tarred and feathered for breathing a word of such atrocities despite The People’s needs. The only accomplishment upon which Yonkers can hang a hat is that Yonkers City Hall / Yonkers Board of Education is an employment agency that sustains government by paying off sycophants that know nothing more but to submit to orders and demand no matter how deleterious to residents. 

Lest anyone cannot extrapolate that which has undermined the once well-respected City of Yonkers, it is none other than the fact that Yonkers City Hall is the largest employer in the city. Over 5,000 workers. Most reside in Yonkers, while others reside elsewhere. The ones that reside in Yonkers are pertinent to understanding why Yonkers is in the dysfunctional state it finds itself. Even if  30 percent of the 5,000 employees reside elsewhere, that leaves 3,500 Yonkersites with the ability to vote. When one recognizes that Yonkersites are predominately over 50 years of age, are married, and likely on average, to have raised 1 child per family, imagine what that means in any mayoral election. For the sake of round numbers, count each of those 3,500 people and double it. The basis for doing so is that the employee is married and it is logical that the spouse of his/her partner would vote for their partner to hold onto their political appointment. That brings the number to 7,000 voters. Presuming only one child per family, another 3,500 votes, comprised from their adult, voting children, brings the total number of votes that will be earned by a mayor that is adept at throwing the taxpayers money about in order to gain support and re-election to sustain an embellishment of his capacity in office to 10,500 votes. Please note that the 10,500 votes do not even count those that may be friends of the city-employed workers. The 10,500 votes are bought and paid for by the taxpayer. The calculus described will not change unless a larger employer than Yonkers City Hall would challenge the status quo. That is not happening any time soon. MGM Resorts may employ more, but many do not reside in Yonkers. 

There has rarely been an independent voice that explained the issues by revealing the derogatory outcome that would come about if the same course and demeanor would be sustained. One would have thought that Yonkers City Hall needed a third term to keep the momentum moving forward. This perspective was espoused by the Yonkers Chamber of Commerce who suggested that no other leader could forge a better outcome for the City of Yonkers. And they were correct to an extent. No one had ever stepped up to express interest and the required capability to be a credible challenger. Only Mike Spano stood before the people of CoY as a candidate. Some of the other candidates agreed to be false candidates. They were intended to create a sense of legitimacy to which there was no legitimacy whatsoever. Those who espoused interest exhibited failed campaign teams, an incapacity to raise funds, a lack of concepts that might have captivated the voter’s imagination, and a lack of outreach savvy to get their message to the electorate, whether by advertising or by writing letters to the editor, or attending interviews on television and radio. Yonkersites have been weaned on this gruel for so many years they no longer recognize they have been played for suckers, they have learned to stomach the abuse in silence. Even elected officials maintain their silence or extol a timid and deflective response, if at all, to the heretic governance exhibited by the “troubles in river city” situated along the majestic Hudson River.

Lest anyone forget, Yonkers 10 unions each have contracts that have expired. No mention was made of this circumstance in discussion of Mayor Mike Spano’s Proposed  FY2019-2020 Budget prior to being adopted or since approved. 7-8 months from now FY2020-2021 will be studied by a Yonkers City Council membership that will prove themselves just as incapable then as when they approved the present budget earlier this year. That budget was endorsed thereafter as meeting all the standards deemed pertinent by NYS Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli. The “get along to get along” attitude by the Yonkers City Council, except for the one lone “No” cast by Yonkers City Council President Mike Khader speaks to a failed legislative branch of government, and an executive branch who has the means and intent to do what it wants with the taxpayer’s money without a concern to what the taxpayer needs. The Christmas gift bonuses thereby came to Yonkers

Yonkers City Hall has clamped itself shut. They neither celebrate accomplishment or even contend with issues of concern. I recently came to learn that some extremely well to do businesses operating in Yonkers, having learned that there were many high school students who had the interest, work ethic, to engage in sport, particularly with respect to football, did not possess skills, but had the interest, build, and discipline to pursue the sport, that is, if they could gain the tools and knowledge that experts could teach. There are now two teams in Yonkers. The Yonkers Force is a merged football team consisting of Gorton, Roosevelt, YMA, and Yonkers High. The name “Force” is to honor the Yonkers Police Department. The Yonkers Brave is a merged football team consisting of Lincoln, Palisade Prep, Riverside, and Saunders High School. The name Brave is to honor the Yonkers Fire Department. The cost for such a program is $300 per student. Over 100 students had the desire and the attributes to enter such a program,. There was however a hitch, $30,000 plus was not in the budget. Two benevolent businesses stepped up to the plate. They donated the $30,000 plus so that those who were interested could enter the program and possibly gain the grade to make one of the two teams. The donors know who they are. I spoke to one of the business owners. I have been trying to get a response from a second business operation to honor each of the business owners their consideration, and charity. They gave because they respected the students who only needed a leg up to succeed. They dug into their pockets and made it happen.  They paid the freight which the Yonkers Board of Education (YBoE) could not. The YBoE had not considered allocating the $30,000 plus for football. Juxtaposed to their charity which required they dig into their pockets to get it done, Yonkers City Hall has no interest to balance its budget so as to have the capacity to engage in what should be their responsibility. It seems some people are charitable while Yonkers City Hall is miserly with the taxpayer’s money, only interest in winning favor among their sycophants,  extorting the taxpayers so that City Hallers can maintain control at the taxpayer’s expense. 

The Takeaway

The takeaway is a blunder exacted by the Spano Administration. In the almost two years of his tenure as Yonkers City Council President Michael Khader has been effectively neutered by the administration. Khader talked the talk, but his lack of follow through, and inability to adhere to an “independent” demeanor commensurate with the visions Yonkersites had for themselves, eviscerated his integrity. Mayor Mike Spano exacted an evident financial retribution on the staff of the Yonkers City Council.  Mayor Spano undermined his credibility as a leader, as well as undermining those who are or will align themselves with Mayor Spano and those he supports. The Yonkers City Council President’s office did not get a raise in pay as head every other department in CoY. The takeaway is defined as retribution, plain and simple.

President Khader will need to energize his own self-respect and function as a loner until more people recognize Khader’s now coerced and imposed independence is laudatory and the ingredient Yonkers requires to change the inescapable dysfunction exhibited by the Spano Administration.

The Faux Pas

From a tactical perspective alone, Mayor Spano has blundered because he has become blatantly covetous for more that is not his to take, namely the taxpayer’s money. Even this may not break the chokehold the Spano Administration exacts on Yonkersites who have been weaned to accept the financial abuse they are suffering. A prudent leader would have at least waited before stealing the taxpayer’s money to win “loyalty” and “silence” of staff for himself. Mayor Spano has thrown the gauntlet to the ground. Every union will now have a basis to demand more and deservedly so. Yonkers Tribune has learned from people with knowledge that all Yonkers unions have been informed that Yonkers City Hall has not even a penny available to pay for their expiring contracts. The taxpayer will pay and pay and pay, because Mayor Mike Spano only knows how to serve himself, family, and friends, rather than to serve the long-maligned and marginalized residents of Yonkers. New York State has consistently paid its union membership first. It seems Yonkers  City Hall cannot grasp the rationale for that conduct. One must wonder why?

Yonkersites will eventually wake up. I hope I am here to witness that moment of jubilation. Yonkers has desperately cried out for an attainable vision. Mayor Spano evidently does not possess such a vision. He can’t imagine an enlightened pathway into the history books filled with credible accolades, juxtaposed to falsehood, deceit, and lies. That is to his shame. All who know him will be respectful, but few will mean it, that is unless there is a payoff as described herein. Mayor Spano has exacted animosity, jealousy, and conduct unbecoming of a citizenry desirous to rejuvenate the integrity, value, and demeanor to a city with a name once credibly respected.

Steve Sansone………………………………$140,000 to $151,200

Deputy Commissioner of Parks, Recreation & Conservation


Denise Egiziaco……………………………$140,000 to $151,200

Chief of Staff for the Mayor of the City of Yonkers


Jason Baker…………………………………$115,000 to $119,600

Yonkers Director of Sustainability


Akeem Jamal……………………………….$  61,000 to $ 85,000

Mayor Mike Spano’s Communications Director


Justin Caparelli……………………………$  76,000 to $ 80,316

Former Yonkers City Council Majority Leader Wilson Terrero’s relative.


Melissa Goldberg………………………….$  45,000(*) to $ 95,000(**) to $ 98,500(**) (salary increase in last two months time.

Carmen Gomez Goldberg’s daughter-in-law.

The Mayor’s Office of Film & Photography (*) two months ago. Proved deficient. Moved to Yonkers Water Department (**).


Rosa Sudol…………………………………..$ 58,360 to $ 60,694

Joe Spano’s step-daughter.


Robert Voorheis…………………………….$ 80,000 to $ 83,200

Yonkers City Council Majority Leader Michael Sabatino’s husband.

Yonkers Department of Human Resources


Linda Pineda…………………………………$ 45,000 to $ 46,800

Yonkers City Councilwoman Corazón Pineda-Isaac’s sister

Mayor Mike Spano’s aide


Howard Spreckman……………………….$ 108,000 to $117,000

Westchester County Board Legislator Bernice Spreckman´s son.

Yonkers Senior Budget Analyst. Spends 3 hours every day at the gym. De goes home by 5pm.


Steven Tvert………………………………….$ 73,000 to $ 76,000

Communications Director for Yonkers City Council´s Republican Caucus.

# # # # #


Melvina Carter………………………………$129,000 to $134,000

Department of Finance


Maria Tavares………………………………..$138,000to $145,000

Yonkers Public Library Director


Fernando Pinho……………………………..$109,000 to $113,360

Director of Special Projects


Bianca Troche………………………………..$  52,000 to $57,000

Assistant to Mayor Mike Spano


Rami Rabadi………………………………….$112,000 to $125,000

Public Safety Policy Special Assistant to Mayor Mike Spano


Dinorah Torres………………………………$ 49,000 to $$55,862


Lisbet Terrero……………………………….$  53,000 to $57,300

Works at Yonkers City Clerk’s Office. Married to former City Yonkers City Council Democratic Leader Wilson Terrero’s brother.

# # # # #

More names to be posted over the next few days.

It seems that Yonkers is indeed blessed with not only St. Nick, but also by St. Michael, as well! Blessed indeed!!!

* * * * *

If you know something tip me with information that I may be able to verify. Direct your email to: eHezi@hush.com in strictest confidence. Guaranteed. It is my calling card! The only passport I have.

eHeziYonkers Early Christmas Cheers – Taxpayers Be Damned Hezitorial

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  1. Hezi what about Jaime Mcgill SPANO who heads the IDA.

    What is her salary, and what’re her qualifications other then being married to a Spano

    1. Post

      I don’t have the info on her salary. I suspect it is in the $140,000 to $150,000 range.

      ADDENDUM BY HEZI ON MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 2019 … I have learned she is earning $99,000 per annum. — Kindly, Hezi

  2. Meatball khader lies at every turn. I supported him and nothing he said would happen happen. In fact he won’t return the phone call anymore. Sorry for stealing meatball name but I think it fit. He do look like meatball.

  3. meatball khader has made too many enemies on the council. I think Spano is the only one he actually gets along with. Look for corazon to primary him and for the party to rally around her.

    1. If Corazon is the Dems choice for CCP then Yonkers is in worse shape than I ever imagined! She’s completely and utterly inept. God save Yonkers!

      Maybe Khader’s making enemies because he’s trying to do the right thing and the rest of the others are too entrenched in the doing things the wrong way, the good ole boy way! Yonkers needs fundamental and structural change from top to bottom!

  4. If you believe that Spano helped Robertson you are a fool. It was common knowledge to all insiders that Spano was firmly behind Diaz. Obviously, you aren’t in the inside. Maybe you should have been at the democratic victory party two nights ago and listened to who she thanked.

    1. Just like Spano was at Liam's until he realized the numbers and went running out of the back room at the golf course over to Khader! I wouldn't trust a Spano over a broken clock! At least the broken clock is right twice a day!

  5. Hezi, this is the first comment I have ever made on your publication. Actually — publication is a reach this forum is nothing more than a trashy blog.

    You are an unethical biased blogger but I know you find some solace in such a twisted depiction of who you are.

    Typically I would agree anything above 2% is very generous. Although this is not the private sector and every innocent person named in your crossfire are unrepresented employees.

    In addition, many of these people have not seen a salary increase since in office. As the cost of living increase salaries haven’t? There isn’t a union to advocate for them — yet you’re out for blood?

    To set the record straight, Goldberg’s increase is a 4% increase. From 95,000 to 98,500.
    You are taking into account a persons former positions.

    Sansone has never received an increase in 7 years.

    Rabadi has a new position, and is not related to Khader.

    Jamal is now appointed as the Deputy Comms Director – but of course your shameless leak forgot to mention that.

    The list goes on, before you publish rubbish check your sources before someone like me has to call your information out.

    It’s a sad, I guess it’s true, the saying, “those who can’t do teach”. Instead your situation, those who can’t become a credible columnist becomes a spineless, disgusting blogger hiding behind a keyboard. I do hope you find help. God bless.

    1. Post

      Are you suggesting that some of those earning what they earn have been slumming. It doesn’t matter. Your priority to to give salary increases to staff that through the Finance Commission in the last budget discussion prior to approval, the Yonkers City Council membership one an all, as well as the office of the mayor never advised that salary increases were included in the budget. This while there are deficits in many operations that continue unfunded. Call me what you like, I am not offended by your poorly constructed rebuttal. Where is the bias? There is none. You evidently can’t stomach that I report the news. I don’t make it up. You validate all I have said. Perhaps I should thank you for doing my work for me. If I only knew who you were, though I would never need to, you could write this telling for me. So thanks and God Bless to you as well.

      The reality is that if all you say is pertinent, such as no represention as I noted at the outset, and lack of raises for some 7 years, why didn’t you write it sooner, or perhaps those that get paid to tell the public that each of those who received a salary increase indeed deserve it. And allow it to be heard proudly. But no, keep the public unaware. If you believed in what has transpired, if even city hall believed it, they would have made it public. Instead, they chose to outwit the public with their con game. That is the conduct I have exposed and you can’t handle that I see you and right through you. Kindly, Hezi

    2. If these people are making the money they want, let them go find jobs in the real world.
      Verizon just layed off 150 people.
      I’m tired of higher taxes and fees !!
      City government is BLOATED

      1. Agree, city administration is totally bloated with all these fancy titles and 6 figure salaries. Paper pushers for sure, adding no value, other than to employ the family and friend network and bleed the taxpayer.

        Love to see the job descriptions for all positions over 100k in City Hall, because honestly don’t know what all these Commissions, Deputies, Asst Deputies, Directors, etc do???? Way too many layers!!!

        That’s not to say the same waste doesn’t exist in Board of Education, with their layers and layers of administration.

        Waste is abundant and growing in Yonkers. It has to stop!

        Why aren’t positions open to the public and advertised on City website?
        No, they are filled internally with more friends and family.

        This abuse has to end! Taxpayers are not going to take anymore increases as we see no added value at all from taxes!!!

    3. You are an absolute moron. I don’t care about the length of time they went without raises. They WERE HIRED WITH RIDICULOUS SALARIES TO BEGIN WITH. To have an assistant to the mayor (I don’t care about an invented, glorified title) making almost as much as the Comptroller of the State of New York, there is a problem. You are an idiot. Why are you not questioning the bogus checks and balances of the city council, to the mayor, when one sitting councilmember allegedly has a brother hired, another his husband getting a raise, another a sister getting a job etc. etc. etc.

    4. You are obviously in the know and in the administration. Are you the HR Director? Lol! Or maybe you’re one of the Deputies?

      Your rebuttal is weak, at best and your attack of Hezi is weak as well.

      Why not post a list of all City Hall employees with their titles, salaries and job descriptions and last raise, effective date and amount and let the public review?? This info should be in the public domain. After all we the taxpayer are paying for these salaries and raises.

      1. Qualifications, lol!!

        Haven’t you heard qualifications are irrelevant IF you’re connected via the Spano family and friends network!!!

        That’s why these positions are not posted or open to the public as then there would be qualified/experienced candidates competing for the job and that’s just NOT the way it’s done in the City of Yonkers!

        Hiring practices are totally shameful!

  6. Can someone please explain to me exactly what a Public Safety Policy Special Assistant to the Mayor does? Whatever it is, it must be a grueling position to command $125,000 a year salary. Oh wait, I understand now-it’s held by a Rabadi. Another nauseating, politically connected, entitled Yonkers family…

  7. Yonkers operates like it has a $17 million surplus rather than a $17 million deficit – good luck with that kind of fiscal recklessness.

    1. Post

      Thank you for the recognition. Alas, I have a question.Where is the #FakeNews? If your analysis is correct, #HeziIsAPOS would be correct. Sadly for you, your first premise is off the mark, which thereby questions for second definition is appropriately directed at Hezi or a definition of you. Sad but you know its true. The base of sycophants you are speaking to are waning because they DO comprehend the grand scenario. Have a blessed day. You need one.

  8. Spano is doing great. Big Nick sent Z and his family to defeat Liam. Then big nick and z sent vin and frank to defeat Dennis. Dont believe anything else. Spano has not been defeated yet.

      1. Post
  9. Nothing new same ol same ol. When will the feds get them? The citizens of Yonkers must like getting screwed cause they keep putting
    these jerks back in office. But I always say give them enough rope and they WILL HANG THEMSELVES.

  10. Wow great story, the vast majority of names you are posting are unrepresented employees receiving a 4% increase. Do you care when employees covered by CBA’s receive their negotiated increases? May as well post every employee, then. This is not newsworthy. Really scraping the bottom of the barrel here.

    1. First of all the base salaries for most of these positions are inflated to begin with!

      And 4% raises are way above what’s happening in the real world, which is in the range of 2-2.5%. Anything beyond that is completely unreasonable in times of fiscal austerity in Yonkers!

      Raises/ increases such as the below are outrageous and offensive to me as a taxpayer:

      Sansome 7.8%
      Denise 7.8%
      Jamal 39.3%
      Caparelli 5.7
      Goldberg 118.8
      Spreckman 8.3
      Rabadi 11.6

      If anything Yonkers should have instituted a 2% salary ceiling across the board and that would have been very generous! God knows how many other double and triple digit increases have been awarded?

      1. Unions went with contracts that had zero increase for several consecutive years and then a last year increase that didn’t come anyway near close to the annual compounds here for City Hall administration. Now union contracts are up again, what’s the Mayors answer? Sucker punch the taxpayers again!!!!

  11. Can someone tell Khader to stop wasting his time and spend time learning how to practice law. Rubbo is next in line for Mayor!

    1. Rubbo the Preppy as his constituents call him does not stand a chance! He owes his win to the Tubiolo’s! Other than drive around in his truck with a huge poster with his horse teeth the size of a car he did nothing to earn his spot! It was the volunteers and Tubiolo pushing for him! Don’t even start me on how he moves to the neighborhood just so he could run! He and is family is from Seminary Ave and he STILL attends St Johns! Voters are not stupid! He got in and got his brother a job with DPW and raised taxes. Then he was delusional and started telling everyone he never said he would not raise taxes! Please! Go ahead and switch parties as it is the word on the street! Won’t help! Don’t believe me time will tell!

      1. The Tubiolo’s? You have lost your mind. Rubbo was campaigning everyday, knocking on doors and listening to people who wanted an educated, family and businessman to represent them. Someone who bought his home here, raises his family here and invested a lot of money in his business here. Davey still lives in his mommy’s basement.

        1. Reality check: The Tubiolo and McLaughlin teams were all pushing hard for themselves and Rubbo, knocking on doors and putting up signs and billboards all over. David Tubiolo and his volunteers were out in force. Rubbo was rarely seen.

          1. It’s the same Yonkers political machine that will be at work for the election this November. Knocking on doors, fund raising, hanging signs, sending out mailers, making false promises. Nothing will change, just more of the same rip-off for taxpayers. Blah, blah, blah!

        2. Please, the benefit of being in the know is to KNOW you are a Rubbo latchkey. He did not campaign! I agree Davey needs to get out of his parents house and away from his father totally! His father is living vicariously through the kid! Davey is not a imbecile and has put the footwork more than almost any politician in the last ten years! That kid was out day and night knocking on doors and showing up at every event and listening to his seniors before he was even elected! Rubbo can’t shine the kids shoes! Rubbo will have it just as easy losing this time! I hope that empty bar is secretly making a lot of money because he will need it for his next campaign. Merante, those ten people that got you elected can’t wait for election time! Although. If they all don’t stop making deals with the Spanos they are all gonna end up in jail!

    2. sounds like the publisher and khader spent a few days putting this article together.. You’re all adults badgering the Spano name due to weakness and jealousy, Khaders brother spent his last 4 plus years plotting this out. its unfortunate the Spano family treated him well and his hunger for power is the biggest part of this article taking place. City council president and his big time informant brother are on a mission to take over the mayors office. You think they’re going to do right by Yonkers ? johnny shader (Khader) when your brother loses the mayors race you’ll be figuring a way back into the Mayors circle : )

      1. Post

        FYI this publisher has had no conversation with Mike Khader other than a “Hello, how are you?” That’s it. There is no collusion of any kind between him and me. You may not want to accept my telling you what it is. I know, and should you hear or surmise anything whatsoever that strays from what I informed you have herein, you are mistaken. With enough time you will learn the reality. My passport is built on credibility. As it has been pointed out, I report the news, I don’t make it up. Have a blessed day! Kindly, Hezi

          1. Post
        1. Post

          The November 5 General Election will have Mike Spano on the Democratic Party line being challenged by Mario DiGiorgio challenging him as. Republican. DiGiorgio is a false challenger. He is only a stand-in to make it seem as though Mayor Spano has a legitimate challenger which is so absurd it is laughable. DiGiorgio may be dead for all anybody knows. Either that he is hiding; but where? Who cares. It is a fairy tail that some will believe.

          1. That’s why Yonkers has no credibility with Albany! The Spano’s and their large network of family and indebted friends delegitimize the election process. And the Yonkers Dem and Republican chairs need to go. Both are a complete joke and have so many conflicts of interest it’s disgusting!

          2. DiGiorgio will probably get a job in City Hall after he loses to Spano as payback for his false run for Mayor. It’s all a sham, with plenty of back slapping and paybacks to go! Just wish there was someway to make all this corruption common knowledge. If only the average Joe Yonkers taxpayer/voter knew what is going on in City Hall!!!

          3. DiGougio was a very successful shoe salesman. He will definitely win. He is the Al Bundy of the Republican Party. Oh wait he was a Democrat. Why didn’t they run that teenager Brandon Nieder. Maybe because he is in Spano’s pocket with a fake City job. Lorraine Palais bought him that job.

  12. *** ******* ******** Denise Egiziaco deserves 10 times that salary *** ******** with that *** **************** loser. *** ****** *** life. All the ******* will be waiting to meet him ******* to slap him where it hurts. Denise *** *** and find ******** a **** ***. The money *** ***** ****** **** *** ***** **** *** *****. Wake up!

    COMMENT BY HEZI: This message was redacted by me. This may be a message you share on a personal level. In my judgement the language and the message itself is way over all sensibilities. Your issues are well founded and correct, but they are not appropriate, by my estimation in a public forum. I hope you understand. Kindly, Hezi

    1. Why can’t people just be civil? If you have a point or issue to raise, just do so intelligently and respectfully.

      Hezi, waiting for your next blockbuster announcement…inquiring minds want to know!

      1. Post

        There is more to say. I have it in my head. Need time to put it in writing. I appreciate your interest. Thank you. Kindly, Hezi

  13. Very interesting how only certain comments get through. Is there an issue with the serve? Maybe there is a bias? Or maybe — Hezi wants to protect his boy toy Khader from being exposed. Wonder which is the case. Your a class act Hezi, not.

    1. Post

      There has not been one comment that has not been placed online. This is an outrageous statement. It has no merit. What it does every is your disgruntlement over something. Whatever it is, you do not know how to express it, so you lash out at me. Class act? I suggest you do not understand the meaning. If this website offends you, I suggest you go elsewhere. It’s fake news makers such as yourself that mean nothing in the sce]heme of things, such as integrity and honesty. Butt you wouldn’t know it even if it lapped you in the face. I must be doing something right if is moved you to lie, evidently your only defense. Pitiful to say the least. Kindly, Hezi

  14. Khader has a brand new Ford Fusion (thanks to the taxpayers) which he wasn’t happy he wants tom Meier to get him a new one which he got
    Khader gave his staff salary increases last year
    Khader has a corrup Chief of Staff
    Khader has money in his budget allocated for more salaries (which Hezi fails to report)
    Khader voted against a budget which stayed within the tax cap — which had a record high in education
    Khader voter against the increase in water rates since the city buys it from NYC
    Khader will tell you one thing then do another
    Khader kisses the Mayor’s ass just to do what he wants in the end
    Khader is a P.O.S. — if you know, you know

    1. Post

      Since you know so much tell it like it is. What are the correct fact? Typical con artists, the best in th world, reside in Yonkers. Cast aspersions I do not present credible facts of any kind. The allegations herein may be true and yet are not able to be corroborated. The man issue is why have you been silent for so long when there is so much you suggest should hav been said. Are these facts or a you doing the Yonkers shuffle re-writing history after the fact, because nothing you write herein was ever expressed before. If you are right to be angry at anyone, look in the mirror. It is your fault. You said othing when the time to reveal the true was called for. Instead, you let the “lies” ride out. How convenient. You are the characterr that undermines Yonkers ever getting a good name. Kindly, Hezi

    2. Wow POS you call him? he has the more character and is sincere than most who sat in that seat. He took office not realizing the corruption is deeper than we all know. You are one of those people who probably shakes his hand while you hold a knife in the other. What Mike Khader needs to do, is realize he is not going to change anything in Yonkers, as long as this administration is in office. Be a yes man and he will get all the insider support OR He can do what he was he was elected to do, watch the budget and help your constituents. Everything else is not in his hands. The final say is the mayor. City council can’t do nothing or their job because the mayor is involved in every decision. Can’t blame any of the council members… blame the entire city of not voting them out!!! Blame AG for not investigating. the pay raises are not a surprised they will continue to get away with it because the taxpayers allow it.

      1. The taxpayers are not informed of this, the only way we hear about it is from Hezi. Why aren’t these raises announced at City Council meetings or put on the city website? Full disclosure and transparency are a myth in Yonkers.

        1. The numbers were inflated don’t you remember Merante asking why are we appropriating Money that isn’t used or needed yet. Commissioner said so they wouldn’t have to come back later. every dept ask for more money to add employees. That was the reason, so that they can increase the salaries at a later date.
          Did you ever notice council meetings are not replayed at all on cable tv ? they replay a ribbon cutting and flag raising and other nonsense over and over. The administration is far from transparent. You only get to see and hear what they want you to hear.

          1. Post

            i do remember that discoures very well. It was however unclear that i would be used to future salaries. Perhaps that was not known at the time. If that were so, it seems inprudent for the City Council to not collectively demand that part of the budget not be approved. Do you remember how at every turn Finance Commissioner saying on other issues, we need your ok now, but before we move ahead on a funding issue, such as getting a bond, the City Council will be able to make a final decision on whether yes, or no. Addendums can be take place any time of the year. Why fund for items to which there is no need. In this case, whether there was need or not, City Hall had to know why they wanted the funding in place. Once the budget passed, salary increased were disbursed as of July 1st of this year. Yonkers City Hall scammed the taxpayer and new they would. Kindly, Hezi

      2. Then we need to end the strong Mayor concept in Yonkers. Mayor should not be able to buy or influence City Council members. If so, what’s the point of Council members just vote for a dictator Mayor????

  15. Khaders nephew hired. Khaders other nephew just started last week in Dpw. Khaders three other nephews got on as well. Khader allocated money in this budget for staff raises. Whether he used it yet or not shouldn’t make a difference. Khader indeed has a brand new car from the city. It’s a Ford Focus. Just look in his spot. Spano is giving this guy everything! This is the worst kept secret in the city! Spano and khader are very close. Anyone that doesn’t believe that is a fool. Just look at who does his fundraising for him!

  16. Just heard….part time Parks employee Lee Kinanis starting at $40. For what? Guys a total slob and he’s expected to keep our parks clean? More BS

    1. Another high paid part time Parks employee started today by the name of Mike Hochsmoll. Showed up late and parked his giant truck right on the grass like he owned the place…wonder what he is compensating for. This is out of control!!

    2. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If anyone thinks the corruption, nepotism, and patronage is bad now with this bunch of vultures, wait until after this fixed election is over. You ain’t seen nothin yet.

  17. rubbo was a rising star in the GOP but he sold his soul to the spano’s- whether he’s a dem or rep he loses the next election

    1. Yonkers is a disgrace and will never be a thriving prosperous city. Plain and simple it is corrupt. You have unions heads giving annual money to the Mayor’s brothers for yearly summer cheeseburgers and a get out of jail card just in case you beat someone up. You have drug addicts wearing blue uniforms and a bunch of Spanos getting very high grades on Civil Service exams???? You have another Spano doing background checks and wiping out potential good qualified candidates to reach the friends and family network.
      Now you have a bought and paid for acting desperate Police Commissioner who’s created his own reputation by targeting others who he perceives as a threat in his own mind and continues to do so after a Federal Judge give him Qualified Immunity and set forth case law on his actions and who is suing the Yonkers Tribune because his dirty laundry bag got knocked over. This loose cannon who conspires against others is now going to work for Nick Spano deciding which laws will be enforced or not against the friends and families network. Now who gets me lobbying cash? And how much will it cost so I don’t get targeted? Nick ? Lenny? Mike? All fools and zeros and nobodies when they leave Yonkers.

      1. Thanks to Hezi, the Yonkers taxpayer hopefully dodged a bullet with a spano relative who moonlights as a home burglar joining the YPD.

        Are they continuing to follow his employment process??

        1. Post

          Yes, I hear he is on the list for the next probe class in January and another Spano as well. And so it goes. The administration stretches out the time in the hope that no one will be watching or it will be overlooked. City Hall knows its not going to get there, but they keep trying and well keep telling it like it is. Kindly,


          1. Hezi, keep reporting and telling us what’s happening. Don’t let the vested and connected discourage you and they surely can’t disparage you. You are a man of ethics and integrity and you provide the only news vehicle in Yonkers to uncover what’s really going on in the CoY. Thank you!

          2. Post
          3. Thank you for keeping us taxpayers in the know!!

            I hope JM will also have what it takes to refuse the hiring of that family member!

          1. Post
    1. Post

      City Council President’s staff did not get a pay raise. If you know different. Advise their salary and their names. It isn’t so. If I am wrong, I will admit it herein. Kindly, Hezi

  18. I find it interesting that you are complaining about a raise for these people that haven’t had raises in years yet you mention the union contracts!!?!!?! Lmao! So these people that are making 200 – 300k a year deserve a raise in your opinion but no one else? Yellow journalism with a axe to grind.

        1. He voted no on this budget and his office didn’t take a pay raise or should I say they probably weren’t given a raise since he voted against it. Khader probably saw the inflated numbers and knew it was wrong. Who knows no one has the right intentions. Last year the council took a bad vote to save jobs. This year they voted yes to insure they get a pay raise. It’s fucking circus. They get away with it because those that would care don’t know the truth.

  19. Library goofballs seem to always hide in their slime, filled with just as much corruption and nepotism as any other department. Heard there’s been 20k+ settlement payouts, Employee Racism lawsuits, Sexual Harassment cover-ups!

    Business manager Vivian Presdo – $2,500 raise
    Deputy Director Susan Thaler – $4,000 raise
    Director Edward Falcone – $5,000 raise!! $170k to manage a library, LOL!

    1. Post

      Because I am now working since 6am this morning. 18 hours later I am tired. Daly I will attend a wake out of respect for the family. People are important. The salary increases listings can wait. Kindly,


    1. Post
      1. Post
      2. Post
  20. These raises are disgusting and fiscally irresponsible. The Mayor’s Chief of staff makes more than that of NYC Mayor and the compensation is well above average across the state. And the Goldberg salary in the Water Dept is outrageous, no wonder our rates have gone up!!!

    What the heck does the Director of Sustainability do for 120k and senior budget analyst at 117k and Communications Director for Republican Caucus of three!!!! And the Mayor has a Communications Director????

    This is totally shocking and unbelievable!! Waste, corruption, nepotism and redundancy at its finest in Yonkers!

    Why isn’t this publicized by Yonkers Rising? Yonkers taxpayers deserve to know!!!

  21. Breen, Merante , and Rubbo don’t care so long as they get some jam on their bread. Rubbo is switching parties next year. Breen forgot where Yonkers is. Merante never knew where Yonkers was. I hear Breen is giving the seat to his wife Patty when he’s done.

    1. Post
        1. I am Italian and from the Bronx! DO NOT INSULT ITALIANS WITH THESE YONKERS WANNABE’s! The difference is John Gotti was a man of his word Nick and Mike Spano are making deals with politicians to vote a certain way and then not paying off! Those people are pissed and talking! Sooner or later they will talk them all into Federal prison! Slime balls is the word of the day for the Spano family. The leaders of each party are in on it! Justin has no one to blame but himself ! It cost him this time
          To assure his son had no opponent! I will save how in case I need that tidbit in the future!

          1. You’re talking about wannabes? You sound like a wannabe Mafioso. Get back to watching your mob documentaries and glorifying that lifestyle you moron

      1. Post
    2. Just eliminate council members and council President seats and let the mayor hire someone for each district to answer questions and address the issues. It’s a Masquerade show. Let us all face it…. fake positions, high salaries, unqualified hires, appointments to positions that should be voted on, brother of mayor is the clerk , brother of the mayor does that back ground checks for police, brother makes the deals with developers, union pay offs, business and cooperation pay offs. They seem to know what they are doing …. yet FBI AG have done nothing. Why do we have elected officials who have no back bone.

  22. Let’s not forget to mention Hugh Jaenis from the Planning Department…..from $60,000 -> $76,400. Does nothing but sit in a chair all day.

    Absolutely ridiculous. Taxpayers should be furious.

    1. How about the director of emergency services who was given a job because the family jewelry business is tanking. The mouse Lou Mosiello got Fat Mike to give his son a job, no qualifications needed, he also left the YPD because he couldn’t handle the job. Like father like son.

      1. Post
        1. I’m afraid of the news on Wednesday, lol! Good night Hezi. Thanks for shining a light on the dark abyss of Yonkers City Hall.

          1. Post

            I found it… here is the article …

            What Happened to the Ford Explorer Fleet Car Driven by Yonkers Councilwoman Corazón Pineda-Isaacs?
            By HEZI ARIS

            Here is the hyperlink: https://www.yonkerstribune.com/2018/01/what-happened-to-the-ford-explorer-fleet-car-driven-by-yonkers-councilwoman-corazon-pineda-isaacs-by-hezi-aris

            EHEZI 11:30PM • JANUARY 6, 2018 ARCHIVES 64 COMMENTS
            The Automotive Hezitorial Telling

            Corazón Pineda-Isaac (D-2nd District)

            Charicature of a younger, better looking Editor-at-Large / Radio Host Hezi Aris.

            Over two-months ago Yonkers Councilwoman Corazón Pineda-Isaacs (D – District 2) was given the 2014 Ford Explorer that was used by former Yonkers Deputy Mayor Sue Gerry who returned the vehicle to the Office of Department of Public Works Commissioner Thomas Meier upon her gaining employment with the Westchester County Medical Center. Yonkers Tribune first learned of Councilwoman Pineda-Isaacs having use of the Ford Explorer upon being notified by people with knowledge which cars were assigned to whom, but specifically, when we were told the vehicle was involved in an accident. Those who advised us knew little more. Patiently, yet with subtle persistence, we kept up the inquiry.

            We learned the accident was of such enormity that all the airbags in the truck inflated. We have yet to learn if Councilwoman Pineda-Isaacs was the cause of the accident or even if she was driving the vehicle at the time of the accident or if a person in another vehicle was the cause for what transpired months ago.

            It is necessary to note that accidents happen. Sometimes fault can be attributed to one or the other or to even another cause, stressed road infrastructure, a tree falling on a vehicle, among other innumerable reasons. So we cannot place blame on the truck being destroyed on Councilwoman Pineda-Isaacs. There is however gross misconduct by her and others divulged below.

            Dismissing the cause of the incident, one must return to the fact that the Ford Explorer is a Yonkers City Fleet Vehicle. Should it be involved in an accident of any kind, which it was, whether within the boundaries of the City of Yonkers (CoY) or beyond the city border, which was the case when the truck was struck or struck another, a report must be filed with the Department of Public Works. It is thereby unfathomable that more than two-months since the incident, the incident has not been divulged. (Hezi’s Aside Note: This is not the first car that was destroyed while assigned to Councilwoman Pineda-Isaacs!)

            While an incident report is required by law, how come the Yonkers Police Department has not advised of the incident? Since they have not, they have become complicit to this happening and are thereby part of the problem and part of the cover-up. Why? Who is imposing silence on the YPD and why do they?

            The vehicle is an expensive item to which the assigned drivers pay nothing for its upkeep, wear and tear, and even if destroyed in any manner while assigned to them, they pay nothing for its being replaced. It is such benefits that are outrageous especially since CoY has yet to climb out of its many years of financial duress.

            By waiting the two-plus months to reveal this situation that is allowed to skirt the law, we can ask why there has not been an incident report filed? There is no lost vehicle report filed! There is no report divulging the circumstances from DPW Commissioner Meier. There is no advisement where the vehicle is presently! In what garage is it being hidden? By which “insider”, that has long enabled such illegal conduct at the behest of, wink, wink, Yonkers City Hall, is what remains of the “carcass” being hidden?

            Will the upcoming budget connote this incident and rightfully designate its financial burden on the Yonkers taxpayer? Let us not forget that CoY is self-insured. Will the cost of being ticketed for one infraction or another rise again? When?

            So there he have it, Yonkers is unique in how it conducts itself. Mayor Mike Spano’s Office, and those who speak for him, have no knowledge of this or much else. DPW Commissioner Meier has proven he cannot be trusted to abide by his word, or the law, as stipulated by the Yonkers City Charter.

            Yonkers Inspector General Brendan McGrath is too timid to tackle this flagrant disregard of law and protocol no matter if he gets involved, which he most definitely will not.

            And Councilwoman Pineda-Isaacs has proven she does not abide by the law or the Charter, and less so to her responsibilities as a civil servant. A proven sham voted back into office despite the window dressing to seem “otherwise”… the candidacy of Wilson Terrero was a sham toward a make believe political contest. Mr. Terrero’s “spiel” was old and tiring; he failed himself because he learned nothing after a one-time four-year term in only. Ms. Pineda-Isaacs will submit to the powers that be and thereby cannot be trusted even in the world of politics. She has a resume of a lack of accomplishment in the last four years and now has the prospect of soiling herself for another four years in office, thereby hurting the 2nd Council District again.

            When will Yonkers learn that failed individuals cannot be moved up the political food chain? Change will only happen when this sort of “scum” are voted out of office. The law has been maligned by the very people who are meant to hold those who attempt to pervert the law by marginalizing it by their heavy handedness. The long arm of the law is seemingly afraid to extend itself into the muck in CoY.

            Kindly, Hezi
            So, when will the good people of Yonkers, who so want to be left alone to do good for themselves, their neighborhoods, and the City of Yonkers be permitted this luxury? Perhaps Yonkers does not believe it deserves better yet.

            At issue is when will Yonkersites realize they do and when will they cast their vote to make it happen?

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  23. This isn’t good for John Rubbos re-election. Rubbo votes two tax increases in a row and simultaneously his right hand gets a pay raise.

    Let’s see what the voters of district 4 think about this in 2021.

      1. Post
        1. Some of them might even be right….

          -Someone who’s name is on the list but title and salary is incorrect. Let’s not confuse things with the facts.

          1. Post

            All of the names and salaries are correct. Since you evidently exspouse to be in the know, advise the name of the person to whom you refer, their correct salary. If you are correct, I will advise in the article and If I can find this comment agains, as there are no names attached, I will also post herein. From my perspective you are off the wall. However I will check again since I may have written the wrong number, who knows. If you don’t supply the name and correct number, I will recognize your interest to deny, deny, deny, despite the truth written by me. Put up the facts or you have nothing but a con. If you are correct and i made the error, I will let you know. – Kindly, Hezi

      1. He sure did take a back seat. A deal was made for sure. A shadow govt is amongst us and it’s not the Spano’s. The great puppet master, he is. 4 maybe 5 elected positions the shadow govt will control in November.

  24. It’s a shame that no one is standing up for Yonkers Taxpayers!!
    The real disappointment is with Rubbo, Breen and Merante they have become tax and spend liberals !!!

    Sean Fitzpatrick

      1. Post
      2. Rubbo’s a turncoat, only out to continue to suck off the taxpayers for his own benefit. Just like the rest of them.

        Khader is the only one with an ounce of integrity and ethics. Heard he’s the only one without a city car and hasn’t taken Mayor’s bribes. But Mayor stymies him at every chance.

        All the other 6 have cars and Corazon has crashed a few cars (nothing said about that!) and she has a County job too (no conflicts there?!) and all the rest have gotten family and friends jobs. It’s the Yonkers self-appointed entitlement system for politicians!

        1. Post

          I brought it up perhaps a year or more ago but, City Hall couldn’t care less. They didn’t even respond. I posted an article about it. Too late for me even to bother to search for it. Kindly, Hezi

    1. Post
        1. Post

          It wasn’t Gilmartin, it was the former Deputy Mayor, I forgot her name. Perhaps because it is so late.Her name escapes me. Perhaps a ready will remember her name. —- Kindly, Hezi

      1. Post
      1. Denise is having an affair with our Mayor. What a waste! She is a Beautiful girl with a big heart that dotes on her nieces! Smarten up kid!

      1. Someone sounds a little resentful of young man of color who is succeeding at such a young age. Too bad at his age you were probably not doing half of what he does now. #supportouryoungpeople #peopleofcolorinpower

        1. Post

          What young man are you incapable of naming. You would deny him success. Certainly not I. Why so timid. You are anonymous anyway. What’s holding your tongue. Kindly, Hezi

        2. I support people that are qualified with experience and not rewarded by nepotism or family connections! If Positions should go to most qualified irrespective of age and at 22 years old there are surely many more experienced qualified people that could have applied for this position as opposed to granting it to an insider!
          Disgusted citizen and taxpayer.

  25. The citizens of Yonkers never wake up, they keep electing the inept politicans like Mike fat cat Spano. The family and friends will never cease to exist.

    1. What about the union leaders that took a Spano snack, a car and sold out their membership. Hint , the guy alone can block out the sun and usually hangs around a rambling screwball that needs hair tonic. Now that is Generation Yonkers

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