BLUE TRUTH: Yonkers Police Commissioner John Mueller Is A Fake

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The Fake News and Falsehood Regarding John Mueller Hezitorial

Yonkers Police Department Delivers Fake News

Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano Repeats the Falsehood 

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The Blue Truth

YONKERS, NY —September 3, 2019 — It was yesterday when Yonkers Police Department Communications Officer Det. Sgt. Dean Politopoulis sent notice to the Yonkers Tribune that a Police Department Promotion Ceremony would be conducted at 10am this morning. It was also to take place at the same time when I engage guests in discussion over the telephone on our Internet based radio broadcast known as Westchester On the Level. I naturally posted the information upon receipt. Interestingly, official notice was given internally by City Hall on August 28, 2019, but the Yonkers Tribune was notified on September 2, 2019. This is all background. Next, the following paragraphs contend with the pertinence of this Hezitorial.

Det. Sgt. Dean Politopoulis, a friend of John Mueller, and Yonkers Police Benevolent Association President Det. Keith Olson, refers to Mueller in the press release as  Yonkers Police Commissioner John Mueller. He is absolutely NOT the Yonkers Police Commissioner; he is however, the designated choice of Mayor Mike Spano for the office of Yonkers Police Commissioner.

At the Yonkers Police Department Promotion Ceremony conducted this morning, the first person to be introduced to the audience was naturally Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano. After a few introductory words, Mayor Mike Spano also referred to Mueller as Yonkers Police Commissioner John Mueller. Mayor Mike Spano knows full well Mueller is NOT the Yonkers Police Commissioner. Mayor Mike Spano knows that Mueller is the Acting Yonkers Police Commissioner.

Having first noticed the error upon receipt of the press release from Det. Sgt. Politopoulos, I called a City Haller to advise of the glaring error so that no one else would look foolish making the same mistake. They concurred it was an error. It is not an oversight of any kind. It is a falsehood that speaks to Mueller only being designated as Mayor Mike Spano’s choice for Police Commissioner. Using the title of Police Commissioner before Mueller’s name is a total fabrication of fact and a total lie and is thereby deceitful. Mueller is presently the Acting Police Commissioner; he has yet to be defined as Yonkers Police Commissioner.

When one recognizes that all communications that are disbursed from the Office of the Acting Police Commissioner are subject to review by Mayor Mike Spano’s Communications Director Christina Gilmartin, one comes to realize this is not a mistake or faux pas, it is an outright falsehood. Defining Mueller’s position as “Police Commissioner” is a falsehood of fact. It is seemingly intended to promote a falsehood about John Mueller which everyone recognizes as quackery, but none have so expressed it; simply too afraid of retribution to give it notice lest they suffer the bite of retribution.

Why is it a fake? Simple. Mayor Mike Spano designated Yonkers Police Chief John Mueller to Acting Police Commissioner. That is in fact the full and maximum extent of Mayor Mike Spano’s capacity. John Mueller will remain the Acting Police Commission until the issue of his employment is brought before the Yonkers City Council. A Yonkers City Council Committee was said by people in the know to have been presented by a mayoral request of a committee to study the issue and advise they mayor if they approve of the mayor’s choice for Police Commissioner or not. This request was made of the Yonkers City Council Committee earlier this evening. The request by the Office of the Mayor was a request for Mueller to be hired at a future date. Before the entire Yonkers City Council is given the opportunity to consent or deny the mayor’s request, the committee responsible to study the employment request must ascertain if the item can be moved before a future City Council meeting or if they will delay the request for additional study.  Further, the City Council Committee must bring the issue before a quorum of the Yonkers City Council to gain a “Yes” or a “No”. The item presented to the committee can he held in committee for as long as 40 or 45 days, but no longer. Either the issue is taken out of committee in a timely manner, no longer than the length of time noted, or Mueller’s position will become permanent, whether the Yonkers City Council votes on the issue or not. By bringing the item out of committee to a future meeting of the Yonkers City Council representatives of the seven members seated are afforded the opportunity to weigh in on the issue over their rationale for why yes, or no. 

The issue of making Mueller the next Yonkers Police Commissioner came to the attention of the Yonkers City Council early this evening. In the past, such items had for years, at least 20 years that I know of by covering Yonkers, to have been noticed by the administration by advising the issue they were presenting to a Yonkers City Council Committee for study. The name of the Committee Chair, and the other members of that committee were always noted. No such notice was divulged for tonight’s meeting, which may in fact cause it to be recognized as having been presented improperly. Then again, because this is Yonkers, no scrutinizing office will insinuate themselves into the issue, not wanting to stir the anger or retribution of City Hall.

Many issues have come to light about John Mueller before and since he was designated Mayor Mike Spano’s choice to succeed former Yonkers Police Commissioner Charles Gardner. They are mostly derogatory. They are the scuttlebutt spoken about by YPD and City Hall. The Yonkers Tribune has heard snippets of what is happening behind the scenes, but alas, we have yet to confirm and validate what we hear. As everyone in Yonkers knows full well, when I learn the facts, our readers will share in what we know, and no will ever know our sources. My lips are sealed.

So when Mayor Mike Spano was speaking about the reduced crime rate in Yonkers having dropped by 40 percent he also mentioned John Mueller as the Yonkers Police Commissioner. But as noted, Mueller has not been ok’d to accede to the Office of Yonkers Police Commissioner. What if some deleterious issues come up before the authorization comes about before the Yonkers City Council can make their decision? What if Mayor Mike Spano comes to realize, even though he should already know that Mueller is burdened with some very ugly and rotten baggage? What if Mayor Mike Spano withdraws Mueller’s name from contention, especially if is is learned that the issues that have been said and written about Mueller and his associates in the past have been known to Mayor Spano? Will Mayor Mike Spano engage in a political ploy to save his face or will he make the right choice and find an alternative to Mueller that is not burdened by such negative baggage? Will Mayor Mike Spano step aside to permit another designee to take the helm who will be nothing but a puppet to do as demanded of him/her? 

If Mueller is denied the position of Yonker Police Commissioner, and someone else is designated to succeed Acting Police Commissioner John Mueller, will Mueller be referred to as former Yonkers Police Commissioner Mueller or as former Acting Police Commissioner Mueller? I suggest it will be the latter.

This Hezitorial is a reminder to Yonkers City Hall to abide by the City Charter and by the State and Federal Constitutions. 

While Yonkersites have had to suffer the authoritarian, undermining, and illegal antics of too many in the Office of Yonkers Mayor, City Hall may be wise to presently abide by the law, follow protocol and standards accepted by “good” and “credible” governance lest the law follow them to their grave whether in office or not. It is well-known that payback is a b*tch.  



eHeziBLUE TRUTH: Yonkers Police Commissioner John Mueller Is A Fake

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    1. Not yet. He will be when he gains majority or unanimous approval by the Yonkers City Couny this Tuesday, September 24th meeting. Perhaps you have noticed the gold-leaf glass window on the door to his office. He jumped the gun, but I know, as everyone else, that he will gain Yonkers City Council acquiescence, (approval). — Kindly, Hezi

      1. Hezi is correct, again. No one on the city Council would ever think to go against the Mayor on this. And they all know about the baggage, shame on them all. Best part, apparently they making it retro active to July?? Hum… for what purpose?

  1. Takes some balls to change your name on the door to “Police Commissioner” of headquarters and all department stationary for all to see when your only in an acting capacity. Pathetic.

  2. He is not qualified to be dog catcher let alone commissioner. His dream to be Yonkers PC B.S. if only he would have gotten past the first interview at any other agency he would have been gone in a second. He is not Yonkers, not even close. Its evident this is about paddling his resume and lining his pockets with our tax dollars as he only sees Yonkers in his rear view mirror on his way to a Pleasantville Strong Rally.

  3. Hezi only in Yonkers where rogue drug using cops are protected by Olson and the Spano’s. Mike Spano how would you like a drug using cop to show up to your emergency? Yonkers still wants to know how a drug using cop is still missing. New Jersey fired their drug using cop the next day. NYPD suspended a female shop-lifter the next day! Yonkers is watching and waiting for swift Justice Mike Spano.

  4. the cops and the fire dept are stealing from the taxpayers….their pensions are based on there last three years salary ..except the younger guys throw overtime to the guys about to retire to enhance their pensions… a cop whose base salary is 80,000…gets 170,000 in his last three years..IT’S LEGALIZED THEFT

  5. Hey Mr. PBA , you think I can get 60 hours of overtime every two weeks just like Mike Mueller? I am not suspected of being a friend of anyone John Mueller thinks had said something about him. I think he may need some counseling. Can someone tell him that he is only acting and that is all he will be known as. Even if he is confirmed. He like Olson will be known as the worst toxic drink the Yonkers Police Department has ever tasted.

  6. We all know that John Mueller should not be the Police Commissioner of ANY Department.Anyone that refuses a transfer order and harasses civilians and or police personnel should not be made plain and simple. We caution other outside agencies and the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office not to fully divulge or compromise any ongoing investigations in Yonkers. As you know their recently was a Yonkers Police Officer who overdosed in full uniform while on duty and he is still gainfully employed. This is just another example of what goes on in Yonkers. The others are tucked away or out sick getting paid. If you do everyone will know what your intentions are. Mueller is not Mike Spano’s pick but Nick, Johnny and Lenny’s pick. Most of all Keith Olson has been carrying John Mueller in his unwashed sweater vest since he told someone he was going to punch him in his face. Oh yes they can pick Mueller but one can assume they won’t get Khader’s vote of Yes. Other police officials and civilians need to be protected from being targeted because they suspect them of speaking out or being what Keith Olson and John Mueller call Blue Truthers.

    1. Why is the no vote only in Khaders hands. What’s wrong with the other Council members? I don’t know if these allegations are true or false, but an independent investigation should be held. Where there is smoke, there is fire. Wake up Council members and do your jobs and make sure that your vote is real and not bought or influenced by others!

  7. First of all don’t put so much cheese in your mouth. You know a heavy lying rat can’t scurry fast. First you and others need to answer for what you have been doing to others since Nick Spano came home from Federal Prison. Are you sure Mike Spano made the call or was Nick or all the cash that the Yonkers Lying PBA Union President Keith Olson gives to date.
    Keith you boys should really be getting ready for your frivolous lawsuits.
    Yonkers is a racist town, under Mueller and Olson you targeted the Khader’s because they were friends of police officers you didn’t like or suspected of putting out your dirty laundry. Hey calling and labeling civilians and Yonkers Officers Blue Truthers is your racism getting out of the box or should we say the Yonkers PBA Office.
    As for that do nothing Mayor Mike Spano, all roads lead to his brothers but they are not Mayor on paper. You can’t run for Justice boys.

    1. Look it sure is strange that after four NYS Judges saw through Olson’s lies, that Olson, John Mueller and Snoop Brian Moran are conspiring again claiming their reputations were tarnished. Everyone knows they tarnished their own reputations. And Mike Khader will never vote for that clown John Mueller. But if you cough up more cash, Nick Spano can do an absentee ballot.

  8. Meatball khader has no balls and would never vote no!! Everyone knows this. All the people that hate on Olson and muller will now see how full of shot and ballless the meatball is when he doesn’t vote no to muller. Congrqtions commissiomwr muller.

  9. Have to say that John Mueller was a zero as a cop and a supervisor. He spent his last eight years backstabbing Gardner and snuggling up to Shelley Mayer and the other ladies just so he could get the post. All his ideas and self-serving visions never panned out. The County people are so happy they didn’t get this zero. Most of the new personnel know that Olson and Mueller walk hand and hand like school chums. Just because the Mayor picked you for the position of Police Commissioner doesn’t mean you were ever Commissioner material. Guessing Nick Spano lobbied hard for you after all those years of PBA and CLSA lobbying cash.

  10. Here’s the facts:

    Mike Spano is the mayor and has named a police commissioner. Whether you like it or not, the police commissioner is John mueller.

    The city council will give its consent.

    Mike Khader will vote for John mueller. Sorry blue truthers, sadly you lose once again.

    1. Here are more facts, Muller is the mayor’s choice. Like it or not it.
      He is being referred to as a the new police commissioner, or new PC will be in attendance everywhere.
      I haven’t read acting police commissioner anywhere. The public already recognizes him as PC. It doesn’t matter what any of you say, unless you call the press and news media, when you show up at city hall like your jobs depend on it. Maybe you will be granted your wish.

      As to the city council they all know that this appointment is not in the best interest of the residents in Yonkers, yet will vote in favor. Cant wait to hear the comments. Another fact 7-0 vote is what the Spano wants to see all the time.
      If Khader votes yes or no it won’t matter, its getting it done, but don’t kid yourself this administration wants 7 yes votes and so does PBA and PC. As long as the council is compromised by the mayor’s influence, He will continue to get what he wants at the expense of tax payers.

  11. Must be pretty quiet in the “news” world. Lmao

    Stop hating on commissioner mueller!

    And Khader can keep his vote, if he has the b*lls to vote no. Which he does not.

  12. It is very telling when you are missing votes from politicians that Nick Spano can’t control. Mike put a choke chain on your boy the Joker. Yonkers PD doesn’t support him or the pie eating fool Keith Olson who sold them out.

  13. The ACTING bought and paid for PC should really thank all the unions for coughing up the years of cash for the spot. Nice to know that the Spano’s like their dinners that Olson claims are business expenses.

  14. Hezi another great Free Speech Article on reporting on Public Government. Yonkers or the Spano club think they could punish people who report on the inner workings of government.

  15. Can’t hide the truth from the court boys. The Joker and his side rockin sockin PBA prez have already begun their targeting games. No worries, the line is getting longer and longer so that it is starting to look like Black Friday Sales.

  16. How pathetic and what a dog a pony show of a person who refuse to transfer, had a beer-fest in the precinct and labeled another Captain racist being put in charge of a police department that had a bunch of drug users. Now any cop can refuse to be tested for drugs right KO. By the way New Jersey fires their cop that overdosed while on duty. What the status of Robert who OD also on duty and while in uniform. Is that fake news too? Guessing he is in good standing union member. Lol

  17. Yeah dude keep peddling a bad fruit like John Mueller. Guess Spano picked him for all the lobbying cash that unions pay his convict brother Nicky “ bags “ Spano. John Mueller is a struggling fake acting PC and his punch drunk fat union friend Keith Olson , I am the victim! Oh I did not do anything. It is all fake news like Neil Vera my good good friend wasn’t fired.

    1. Guess it was fake when Keith Olson attacked Santobello.
      Guess it was fake when Olson sent that zero John Donaghy to steal evidence from Dunwoodie
      Guess it was fake when KO and Moran investigated a CLSA employee and never told ANYONE
      Guess it was fake when you threw the Vice President of the PBA out based on ALL lies and arm twisting
      Guess it was fake when Mueller had his beer bash
      Guess it was fake when you harassed and threaten civilians while that bald headed smiling clown Mueller watched as you targeted civilians with parking tickets
      Guess it was fake news when you called others rats
      Pewww the fakes go on and on. Tell it to Andy who defended these fakes!

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