City Council Vote on John Mueller for Police Commissioner September 24th

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Hello HRCA Members and Friends,

Acting Police Commissioner John Mueller.

According to the Yonkers City Council, the agenda on Tuesday, September 24th, will include a special resolution.  On that evening, the Yonkers City Council will vote to appoint Deputy Chief of Police and present Acting Police Commissioner John Mueller to the new Police Commissioner of Yonkers.

When we think about the special relationship that HRCA members and residents of the 4th precinct had with then Captain Mueller, we wish him the best on Tuesday as he will then be afforded the opportunity to continue his vision for Yonkers and true community policing, on a City wide scale.

HRCA members and our neighbors are invited to join Acting Police Commissioner Mueller on this very special day, at 7:00 pm in the City Council Chambers on the 4th floor of City Hall at 40 South Broadway.

Come out and join John Mueller and his family and our friends and neighbors to witness this momentous occasion.

Again, remember the past and hope for our future. Come out, witness and celebrate this vote on Tuesday, September 24th at 7:00.




Barbara Smith



The Hudson River Community Association of Northwest Yonkers, Inc.

P.O. Box 866, Yonkers, New York 10702-0866


eHeziCity Council Vote on John Mueller for Police Commissioner September 24th

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  1. Mike Khader, you don’t have the courage to vote no and stand up for the people of Yonkers. More importantly it better not be a silent no. Make our voices heard and tell the people why John mueller does not deserve to be police commissioner.

    Grow a set mike. Man up as they say.


    John Lear

  2. I supported Mike khader from day one and let me tell you that Today will be my last day supporting him if he doesn’t have some choice words for the proposed appointment of the police commissioner. I get it. The guy will be approved, but Mike, you better not only oppose him, you better give a good reason why you are and be vocal. Be the leader we elected. And if you are not then I will work with my democrat neighbors and party members to make sure we have a strong candidate to run against you on your next election. Be the voice we elected you to be.

  3. I stand with the council President. I will be happy as I watch tonight’s meeting and the council president stands his ground on this appointment and tells the people of Yonkers all of the reasons he opposes this appointment. My council President will not be silent. He will show his independence.

    1. That’s a joke, right??? Mikey Khader doesn’t have the courage to oppose John Mueller in public. He’ll probably abstain or vote no and won’t say a word. That’s the coward he is.

      This one term politician will be gone soon.

      Bring back chuck Lesnick

  4. Council President –

    I truly hope you will oppose this appointment. Please be the leader you continuously claim to be. I’m fairly certain you won’t be since that has proven difficult for you. PLEASE OPPOSE MUELLER! If you do, that will prove to me that you can be what you have said, otherwise I will no longer allow myself to be a supporter of yours.

    4th Precinct Resident

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